Video: how a humble publisher has become a national pride — the story of CD Projekt RED’s Geralt voice

In may, CD Projekt will celebrate the twenty-fifth birthday. During this time she has gone from a small publisher, founded by two teenagers, one of the most well-known and respected gaming companies in the world. All the details of the history of the Studio and all of its games great told YouTube channel NoClip, but for those who have no time for six-part documentary film, see the recent five-minute video “the Origins of CD Projekt RED” from PlayStation. A nice bonus is the narrator —

narration reads Doug cockle (Doug Cockle), Geralt of English versions of all three parts of The Witcher.

The family of co-founder and President of CD Projekt RED Marcin Uinskogo (Marcin Iwiński) lived modestly, and in my childhood my parents could not buy him a computer. “In the days of socialism were all equal, because all are equally could not afford anything” — with bitter irony he recalls. His familiarity with video games took place thanks to the kindness of a resident of Greece, who placed the announcement on the exchange of magnetic tapes in the magazine Your Sinclair about games for ZX Spectrum. In a letter to him Marcin openly admitted that their games and politely asked them to send something. So he got his first game Target: Renegade, 1988, which was a rarity for the post-Soviet Poland.

After that, Marcin began to sell pirated games on the Warsaw market, and in 1994, while still a student, along with Adam Kicinski (Adam Kiciński) founded a small publishing company and began to buy licensed games from Western distributors. The company was the first importer of games on CD-ROM in Poland.

The first time CD Projekt have done localization: she translated into Polish quest Ace Ventura and role-playing game Baldur’s Gate. A division of CD Projekt RED appeared in 2002 — from this moment begins the history of the series The Witcher. In creating the first game about Geralt of Rivia, has greatly helped BioWare: RPG prototype so impressed the founders of the company, ray Music (Ray Muzyka) and Greg Seduku (Greg Zeschuk), they are not only granted a license to use their engine, but was allowed to demonstrate the project at its booth at E3 2004.

According to Domashkevich Mateusz (Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz), Director of development Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, recently appointed chief designer of quests Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED secret is the staff — their passion for games and dedication. Manager, public relations Marcin Momot (Marcin Momot) adds that one of the most important tasks of the Studio believes the communication with the fans. The developers listen to all feedback and willing to answer fans ‘ questions — the official Twitter account of the Studio can be called a model for gaming companies.

“CD Projekt RED is not just a game designer, and a reason for national pride,” says voice-over Geralt. Iwinski notes that now Poland is famous not only for “vodka and sausage”, but games. Also thanks to the Studio, the authorities realized that the gaming industry is big business, and the head is proud of this achievement.

Now CD Projekt RED is focused on developing Cyberpunk 2077, the next show which will be held at E3 2019. The Witcher trilogy is completed, but the Studio does not exclude that someday will return to work on the series.


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