scientists propose to turn astronauts into cyborgs for long-distance flights

Russian researchers propose to “improve” the astronauts so that they become less susceptible to impacts in space during long journeys — for example, to other planets.

This, as reports the newspaper “Izvestia”, is about cyborgization, that is about creating a kind of hybrid of man and machine. The relevant direction of research is included in the list of prospective contractors that will be engaged in enterprises of the state Corporation Roscosmos and the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO).

The fact that during long-term space travel, the crew will be exposed to many negative factors. This solar radiation, no familiar body of Earth’s magnetic field and gravity, etc. Alas, modern technologies of creation of space vehicles will not solve these problems. Therefore, scientists offer to go the other way — to bring human body to a new level.

“Of course, when we talk about cyborgization, we mean giving an additional protection to human organs from radiation and other effects of outer space. We can talk about the replacement of the most susceptible to degradation, in particular from the radiation of artificial organs,” said Oleg Orlov, head of the Institute of biomedical problems (IBMP) Russian Academy of Sciences.

Of course, talking about sending cyborgs into space too early — to develop appropriate technologies will take many years. But researchers believe that this area has great potential. “It is clear that this technology is not tomorrow but rather the day after tomorrow, but for the future we see here a number of possible areas of work. First, it works to preserve and support the human brain and consciousness. In the foreseeable future we can talk about greater integration of human consciousness into the system of monitoring and control of manned spacecraft,” concluded Mr. Orlov.


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