Photo: on boxes with Metro Exodus for PC Steam logo just stuck

The story associated with the departure of Metro Exodus from Steam continues. Recall: Deep Silver (or rather, parent company Koch Media), which owns the rights to the brand, at the last moment decided to take the Metro Exodus for PC from the digital shelves of Steam in favor of a one-year exclusive deal with Epic Games Store.

This angered many of the players, and comments were made by Valve on the Steam product page, 4A Games and Deep Silver, the author of “the Underground” Dmitry

Glukhovsky, THQ Nordic (owners of Koch Media), head of Epic Games Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) and others. Perhaps if this step had not been taken at the last minute (after the start taking pre-orders on Steam), such angry reactions would not follow.

Anyway, there was another testimony that the contract with Deep Silver, Epic Games was signed really late posted pictures of the cardboard packaging of the game. Instead of the usual mention of Epic Games Store on the back side, it is on top of the Steam logo pasted relevant information (and it is allegedly made in the collector’s version). However, perhaps this is practised is not at all the boxes. Let’s hope that the scandal will draw conclusions and they will not be repeated in the industry.

By the way, according carried out in our lab tests, 32 graphics card, 4A Games decided to release Metro Exodus for PC to its knees even the most powerful gaming system. Even without ray tracing to play in 4K resolution with maximum picture quality can not every PC owner.

However, the game itself was good. Our reviews Denis Shchennikov was pleased with the post-apocalyptic Thriller, putting a 9.5 score out of 10 putting as disadvantages except on the silent Artyom, who is not particularly fit into a living environment, and frequent revival of some monsters. Complaints about the silent protagonist are heard most frequently and among the claims of other journalists to play along with the abundance of bugs in the PC version.


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