Intel is working on a foldable smartphone-tablet

Rumors of a Surface Phone sounded a few years, but for quite a long time on this account, heard nothing. Looks like Microsoft, together with the folding of the mobile platform Windows 10 Mobile refused from the idea of such a flagship smartphone under its own brand. But maybe we will see something similar from partners of the software giant?

At the very least, became aware of the patent of Intel, describes a foldable smartphone, able to turn into a tablet and has a quite attractive

design of the three components. The patent was announced back in mid-2017 and describes a device, consisting almost entirely of edge-to-edge screen. In the folded state will be relatively plump smartphone due to the presence of two bends.

The hybrid device provides the supplied digital pen that gently is inserted into a hole on the bend. The camera, of course, integrated into the display. Thanks given to the visualizations of ideas from resource LetsGoDigital, you can see the curved smartphone from Intel in a visual form.

Last year there were rumors that Microsoft is working on concept folding pocket tablet under the code name Andromeda. The software developments of this idea can be used in a real product built around Intel’s patent, if it ever gets to the mass market.

By the way, Intel is really experimenting with new formats of devices: for example, at Computex 2018, it showed a concept netbook Intel Tiger Rapids with two screens.


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