Came Far Cry New Dawn. Critics write that the series has not changed even the end of the world, and complain about the “donut”

Today, February 15, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One premiere of Far Cry New Dawn (Steam will be available in the evening) is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5. Our review you can read here, and in this post we have collected the most striking quotes from foreign reviews. Critics strongly disagreed: some were impressed by the dynamic gameplay, beautiful environments and a new mode of expeditions, while others were disappointed by the excessive similarity to the previous game, unsolved ideas, weak

plot and Intrusive micropayments. The rating on Metacritic amounted to 73 to 75 out of 100 points.

Employee Gaming Trend Cody Spence (Spence Codi), put the game one of the highest ratings (9/10), praised for its fast gameplay, “the unique and redeeming” characters, various secondary classes and co-op. Downsides were few — transient basic mission and the limitation of distance between partners in cooperative play (this feature was present in Far Cry 5). “Far Cry New Dawn is a terrific addition to the series, especially because it is the first sequel of another game, — he wrote. — The battles feel too steep, but it does not mean that it is impossible to go into battle light. And yet it’s full of quirky characters that will make you laugh in these tough times”.

Reviewer Digital Trends Stephen Pettit (Steven Petite) also noted these positive features shooter of all time search for resources and crafting and the “more interesting version” County hope (Hope County). Separate line in the column “value” has the arms The Saw Launcher is a hybrid of crossbow and saw that the journalist called “the coolest” in the game. The shortcomings, in his view, Far Cry New Dawn other: badly written story and less than in other parts, the number of missions (although the passage of the jobs of the main line it took about 20 hours). In General, the petite recommended game for all fans of the series.

IGN’s Damon Hatfield (Daemon Hatfield) believes that Ubisoft could have done transfigured County hope even better, but, nevertheless, acknowledged that the game is full of “chaotic fun”. He described the game as a budget version of Far Cry (though it costs $40 instead of $60). Among the advantages he identified mode missions and story missions. According to him, a Far Cry New Dawn — “pleasant diversion” that will help shorten the wait for the next big part of the series.

“Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn too similar to it, and recommend it is only those who wants more of the same game, but with less thought — out vision,” wrote an employee TheSixthAxis Gareth Chadwick (Chadwick Gareth). The journalist liked the battles and new abilities, and the game itself he described as “incredibly cute”. On the other hand, many of the features (especially micropayments) seemed superfluous. He also complained about some missing features from Far Cry 5 (for example, to take not one, but two characters support) and bugs.

Microtransactions in the game always in sight. For real money you can buy a kit to upgrade the weapons and new vehicles, and additional skill points. “Donut” will not allow to get unique items — it can be used only to save time — but the fact that the shooter constantly reminds about the possibility, strongly disliked reporters. Fellow Game Informer Jeff Marchiafava (Jeff Marchiafava) called micropayments “antiutopianism of all that can be found on the irradiated wastelands of Far Cry New Dawn”.

“Far Cry New Dawn is not as tough as its predecessor, and its story is no good, but I still had a good time, back in familiar lands, — admitted to journalists God is a Geek Chris white (Chris White). — There is a feeling that something is missing. The game is not like a sequel — more of a big addition. Stumbled on a few bugs that led me to the confusion, I thought that Ubisoft Montreal would cost to do something new, to create a completely different adventure.”

“Far Cry New Dawn is more like endgame Far Cry 5, — said the employee of the Central Windows Asher Madan (Asher Madan). Is more of an epilogue, which cost to include in the main game (maybe in the form of paid additional content). If you want to know what ended the story of the fifth part, you need to play Far Cry New Dawn”.

One of the lowest ratings (6/10) got a shooter from GameSpot employee Edmond Tran (Edmond Tran). Role-playing mechanics he called excessive post-apocalyptic setting, the unrevealed, the plot and characters dull. At the same time he was pleased with the world exploration and character development system, enliven the battle abilities and expeditions, “demonstrating the amazing level design”.

“Many of the features of Far Cry New Dawn a lot of potential, but they have nowhere to turn, they are not disclosed, wrote Tran. — When it comes to post-apocalyptic themes, and RPG-mechanic, and weapons, and transport, and the plot and characters. Play it fun, especially after you get hit, but mostly thanks to a compelling combat system and development model of the character from Far Cry 5. Overall Far Cry New Dawn — a pleasant but unremarkable offshoot that could be something more”.

In the opinion of the reviewer DualShockers that the game got the same rating, Far Cry New Dawn in many ways better than any other part. This applies to the environment, which was the most beautiful and diverse in the series. The critic believes that the shooter, despite its flaws, allows a glimpse into the future of Far Cry. Ubisoft needs to make the story as good as the Wii, and then maybe “we will see the pinnacle of the series in the face of Far Cry 6”.

  • Eurogamer — Recommended;
  • Kotaku — do not use assessment;
  • GameSpace — 9/10;
  • Gaming Trend — 9/10;
  • Attack of the Fanboy — 9/10;
  • PlayStation Universe — 8,5/10;
  • Usgamer — 8/10;
  • Wccftech — 8/10;
  • Windows Central — 8/10;
  • Xbox Achievements — 8/10;
  • Digital Trends — 8/10;
  • Videogamer — 8/10;
  • PlayStation LifeStyle — 8/10;
  • GamesRadar+ is 8/10;
  • Destructoid — 8/10;
  • Hardcore Gamer — 8/10;
  • IGN — 7,5/10;
  • Game Informer — 7/10;
  • TheSixthAxis — 7/10;
  • We Got This Covered — 7/10;
  • God is a Geek — 7/10;
  • PCGamesN — 7/10;
  • Shacknews — 7/10;
  • PC Gamer — 7/10;
  • Metro — 6/10;
  • Screen Rant — 6/10;
  • Twinfinite — 6/10;
  • EGM — 6/10;
  • DualShockers — 6/10;
  • GameSpot — 6/10;
  • Variety — 5/10.


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