After 900 hours in Fallout 76 player “grabbed” the banks that have accumulated too much ammo

This week Bethesda Software Fallout conducted in 76 mass “cleansing”: the company blocked players who managed to exploit the vulnerability, allowing to copy objects. Without unfair penalties has not done: a Reddit user Glorf12 said that got banned for suspiciously large number of cartridges, although no deceptive methods are not used. At that time he spent in a survival simulator about 900 hours.

Glorf12 posted a screenshot of a letter from Bethesda, in which he explained his “infraction”. The developers have found his character more than 100 thousand units of “one or more types of rare items” that were received at least 30 days. In particular, he counted more than 140 thousand ultracity powerful cartridges. The company decided that he used the same bug with duplicate and promised to release the lock after the patch that fixes the problem.

Says Glorf12, more than 36 thousand units of ammunition of the same type he had never (because he can’t even count them). However, he noted that over 900 hours of game cartridges he had really accumulated a lot, including the rare ones.

The user assumes that all the matter in the wrong system counting objects: he suggested, the game does not take into account shared between characters of the same user. He used two accounts, transferring unnecessary ammunition to the second character, which developed in parallel. Secondary account Bethesda found 225 thousand ultracity cartridges and a huge number of other types of ammunition, which was actually much less.

The player also said that he had dropped some ammunition to help other gamers. He had collected a lot 5-millimeter rounds, which in a large number fall from super mutants, and was going to carry them forever, because the perk “bandolier” (Bandolier), as he thought, reduced their weight to zero. Glorf12 but soon realized that this mountain of ammunition has weight, and decided to share them with other users. So he did, leaving them in the suitcase on the station Watoga.

Glorf12 believes that his block can be guilty of other users. “I often use two accounts to transfer items between my characters — he wrote. — When people see a character level of 450, which passes the objects to the character of the second level, they immediately have a desire to complain to him. Some even made me comment, when he saw that I pass the object”.

“I appeal to Bethesda — the problem to solve now, he added. — Not in one of the future patches, not in a month. Now. You block the few fair players left in your game”.

Soon, with the player contacted a Junior account Manager on public relations of Bethesda using nick LadyDevann, which has promised that support will sort out his problem. At the time of preparation of this note Glorf12 was still blocked.

Many players are so afraid of incorrect bans, even directly appeal to Bethesda asking them not to punish them when they do controversial actions. For example, this month did a user group, which happened to be in the secret hideout (one of many under development).


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