World’s most comprehensive review of the iPad mini: is the iPad 2, just a little. – Forget about it.

If you still this is not enough, we can tell you a bit more – we are not difficult. Stern rationalists first thoughts when meeting with a new tablet will still be limited to the above. Well, those who are not alien to the emotions, perhaps it will come down to proteina “My preles-s-St!”. And right – charm.

Box iPad mini Retina iPad background

A sense of emotion occurs even when looking at the box — it is unusually small in area and in height. Joy for Barysevich importers in the bag these will fit three times more than the usual boxes full-size iPad. Box is small not only because the tablet is small. But also because pretty lost charger. The power of the new adapter is 5 watts versus 10 iPad 3 and as many as 12 the iPad 4. The same power supply units are equipped with iPhones. The rest of the pack the iPad mini is a normal Apple box gadget in the fact that neither is the typical style.

From appearance the iPad mini too, no revelations to be expected — it’s iPad. Just a little (sorry, again – but today we cannot do without them). Small and light and very thin — 7.3 mm thick and weighs only 306 grams. A set of buttons remain the same, except that “key-swing” is now divided into two parts. Well, in General all the controls are a bit slimmer than full-sized “iPads”.

The display frame is also lost, especially her sides. Due to this, the iPad mini looks more elongated and resembles a 7-inch Android tablets with widescreen displays. However, they are still much already.

Perhaps the most significant change in appearance, except, of course, the dimensions for the back cover. Early black iPad different from the white only the color of the display frame, on the opposite side they were both the same silver. Now the silver color is left only in white version, black got darker hue anodized aluminum caps — such as the iPhone 5.

Problems with peeling plating we for a short time test to see did not, and this is due, it seems, with the fact that iPhone all the faces sharp, and “iPads” — smoothed. Accordingly, fewer places where a thin anodized layer is even thinner on the borders of the parts, and less chance of it in these places to knock over.

The last of the important changes visible outside, on the 30-pin connector now shows a miniature Lightning (about this interface we have a separate review). For owners of the iPhone fifth it could even become an argument in a dispute with a toad a couple of accessories with this connector they probably already have. Right and left of the Lightning port, are the dynamics — they have iPad mini for two than large “iPads” can not boast. In fact, if you believe the guys from iFixit, the “mini” is actually the first Apple device with two real speakers, the rest were dummies.

Eight-inch tablet theoretically should be comfortable to hold with one hand. Hands, of course, everyone is different and iPad mini, of course, to hold much easier than a ten-inch tablets, but still not as convenient as all kinds of 7 inch “vedrody” aspect ratio 16:9 or 16:10. They are really strong already, so don’t have to spread his fingers. However, they weigh about the same, if not more. In landscape orientation iPad mini any inconveniences does not deliver — what in one hand that two. A little more than three hundred grams is almost nothing.

Screen and sound

Display the iPad mini has a very unusual diagonal of 7.85 inches. Existing devices, though how many loved ones on this option, remember is that Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, but he has a screen ratio of 16:10, while the iPad mini is 4:3, so that area display a small “iPad” much more.

The screen resolution inherited from the second generation iPad is 1024×768. There is no “retina” here and does not smell. After today’s smartphones and laptops with a monstrous resolution pixels notice at first sight, though his eyes they still don’t cut. Especially enjoyed same people once the first or second “iPads” – and did not complain, and then the pixel is even smaller. In fact the pixel density is 163 PPI vs 132 PPI of the iPad 2 and 264 of the iPad 3.

Brightness the tablet even surpasses the iPad 3 — 376 CD/m2 330 against the “big brother”. Contrast — about the bash on bash: 655:1 small and 718:1 at the most. That is pretty good, including by tablet standards. Except that the absolute value of the luminosity of the black is still a tall — 0.57 CD/m2, so in a dark room black color seems a little more grey than the “retinoid”.

But with the color gamut of all the not so good: 73.5% of sRGB. When compared to the iPad 3 disadvantages of small display “iPads” visible to the naked eye: the colors are not as juicy, although the overall picture looks still good. Tea, not 50% of sRGB, like some rootless “Chinese.”

As we mentioned, the iPad mini has two speaker. They are quite loud at maximum not wheezing sound by the standards of mobile devices give juicy — such envy and many laptops. However, if you hold the tablet horizontally, then one of the speakers is picked by hand, the sound becomes less intense, and the volume is significantly reduced.

Headphone is not included. So on the free EarPods with the iPad mini you can not hope.


Theoretically, the iPad mini, and iPad 4, is of two types: with and without LTE. Almost the version with LTE in stores has not yet been received, but because in the first day of sales, customers had to choose from iPad mini Wi-Fi, differing only in the color and amount of memory: 16 to 64 GB — as big.

From LTE version to Russian buyers, too, nothing good should not wait. Model A1454 works with LTE Band 4 and 17, version A1455 – Band 1, 3, 5, 13 and 25. Everything as the iPhone 5 — and just as useless in Russia with our Band 7 and Band 38.

The processor in the iPad mini moved straight from the iPad 2 (more precisely, from the iPad 2.4, because it is made on 32-nm process technology) is the familiar dual-core chip Apple A5 running at 1 GHz. About the schedule so far nothing definite can not say, but suspect, that everything remains as it was: PowerVR SGX543MP2 on the same frequency. RAM — 512 MB. In General, the hardware of the iPad 2 when porting and compression changes practically has not undergone. That is not surprising: the display resolution is changed, the apps are the same as those for the iPhone – so should be enough old iron. It and enough.

The results of the performance tests are predictable — the tablet was very fast. However, iPhone 5 still lags behind. It’s funny that Geekbench identifies the device as an iPad 2.5. Not bad for it: the game fly, the sites also opened without delay — the owners of iPad 2 or iPhone 4s, updated to iOS 6.0, you can observe roughly the same.

The battery in the iPad mini is small, its capacity, according to Apple, is 16.3 W*h (4400 mAh, 3.7 V). However, in the picture of the disassembled tablet made by iFixit, shows a little bit other data: 4440 mAh and a 3.72 V, which gives 16,5 W*h. the Difference does not matter: in any case, this is very far from the monstrous battery capacity iPad 3. However, the consumption of the baby are significantly lower what Apple claims for it all the same 10 hours of continuous operation. We have, unfortunately, not had time to check the survivability of the device (Yes, again these Apple tests-on-working-day), but it looks like Apple is cheating. And is not peculiar to making empty promises the guys from Cupertino.


Cameras in the iPad mini two: front with a resolution of 1 MP and primary 5 MP, with the diaphragm number F/2.4. For a long time we thought that cameras in tablets are not necessary at all — except that Skype chat, but more and more often people meet, shoot with iPad landscapes, portraits and even still life. In relation to image quality “mini” nothing to write home about – megapixel camera behaves worse than the iPad 3. It seems that differs not only optics, but the modules themselves — into thin iPad mini module from a chubby “retinopatia” could not climb. By tablet standards frames work still good, but a bar of soap “iPad mini” is no substitute — it’s not the fifth iPhone.

Front camera normal — about the quality of such images difficult to judge, but the iPhone 5, with its advanced matrichnoi they just came out better.

It is noteworthy that the shooting of panoramas, and HDR mode, “iPads” are not provided. Apparently, Apple is also believe to remove on the way still not worth it.

About software much to tell is iOS 6.0 without any changes with those times when we encountered her the last time.


Apple iPad mini is interesting primarily for those who wanted “iPad”, but (sorry, again) are small. Ten-inch models, the majority of owners are gathering dust somewhere next to the bed, and trehlitrovuyu iPad mini you can throw in your bag and not feel that she has become a little harder. Accordingly, the iPad mini is the tablet for mobile people who need it. And to keep little gadget is much better.

In features it is exactly the same iPad 2 — same hardware, same screen resolution, very familiar with iOS, better camera. After the Retina display of the grain is a little noticeable, but not so much that it was critical. And that’s basically the only thing you can complain if you do not raise the age-old demagoguery about the advantages and disadvantages of iOS. Other serious disadvantages of iPad mini is.

Good compact tablets can be counted on the fingers of one foot, and iPad mini is one of them. Hard to say, as his fate in the native American market – there has long been in the course of a good 7-inch tablets for $200. We are all easier and more fun: real alternatives until only a couple – a nice ASUS/Google Nexus 7 for 9 990 rubles, and somewhat less pleasant, but more diverse Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 8 000 and above.

It all depends on whether you throw it a certain amount of evergreen to get the most suitable tablet with diagonal less than 8 inches. Why not the fit? Because there is still Galaxy Tab 7.7, but it is a thousand to three more. But which one is better — can be a long and heated argument, opening another branch of Holy wars Android vs iOS. What suggest you to do in the comments.

Thank you the store provided for testing iPad mini.


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