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To return to the Affairs of bygone days and write a continuation of the review of Telegram-bot (see the first part at this link), we have induced three of information about.

The first relates to expanding by leaps and bounds audience communication services in Russia, since the locking of the latter in 2018 increased exactly in half — from 15 to 30 million people. A twofold increase in the number of users who were outside the law of the messenger illustrates the efficiency of the Federal

service for supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications, which is the control of the illegal activities of network resources in Runet. We will remind, the decision to restrict access to Telegram across the country, was accepted by the court on the suit of Roscomnadzor after product developers refused to transfer the FSB encryption keys to access the communications of users and the fight against terrorism.

Just a Telegram messenger in the world used by over 400 million people, of which more than 30 million — from Russia

A legislative initiative on the cessation of the persecution of the Telegram made earlier by the State Duma deputies proposed a ban on the blocking of the communication services by which state agencies disseminate official information during emergencies and during periods of increased readiness. The communications Ministry rejected the idea, explaining their refusal by the possible abuse of the developers of such services. The actor dispelled the fears of the officials and stated that the unlock of the messenger can play a positive role in ensuring the national security of the country.

According to the founder of Telegram, the experience of communication services in dozens of countries over the past six years showed that the fight against terrorism and the right to secrecy of personal correspondence do not exclude each other. “I hope that taking into account international practices and specifics of modern technologies will help Russian legislators to combine these two tasks. For its part, will continue to support such initiatives”, — said Pavel Durov. What is this unexpected resignation of Mr. Durov, once the mountain behind their offspring, we can only guess. It is not excluded that the cause was the failure of the blockchain draft Telegram Open Network (TON) that motivated the leadership of the “Telegram” to review plans for the development of the product and different accents.

And finally, on June 18 of this year, Telegram has been officially lifted (though official information on the transmitted encryption keys and not), so you can now expect even more audience growth. Pavel Durov on the news about unlocking reacted again unusually friendly towards the regime, saying “the actions of the authorities are encouraging.”

The Telegram messenger was released in 2013 and is currently available on all popular platforms: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux as well as Android and iOS

Interesting to recall in connection with these events quite interesting the position of the Ministry of digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation, which is responsible for the above mentioned plot. Recently the Minister Maksut Shadaev in the program “Posner” on channel one admitted that Telegram among other messengers appeared — bend fingers! — the most fast, efficient, simple, convenient and cheap way feedback was abroad by the Russians in the period of the pandemic coronavirus and operational information on export flights. “It became clear that our citizens are actively using Telegram” — shared his observation of the Minister, stressing that, despite the resource lock according to the court, the domestic legislation did not forbid the use of the communication service by the Russians. “If the messenger is technically available, citizens can use and in this sense do not bear responsibility”, — assured the head of Minsvyaz the video of the interview which is available for viewing on YouTube at this link.

The Minister for the digital development of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev explained why the Agency uses Telegram (the frame of the program “Posner” on channel one)

Noting finally accomplished the official unlock of the messenger, which really never managed to block, published another selection of boat services that solve the most different problems and significantly extend the functionality of one of the most popular messengers in the world.

Bot Alesha (@aleksobot). Service for converting outgoing text messages into voice format. Supports several speech synthesis engines and the ability to connect a bot to chat with your current buddies.

Voicy (@voicybot). Electronic assistant that solves the inverse problem: converts all voice messages and audio files (.ogg, .flac, .wav, .mp3) received in text. Able to handle huge number of languages and supports two engine speech recognition Wit.ai and Google Speech, which can be controlled in the settings of the bot.

Gmail Bot (@GmailBot). The service, developed by a team Telegram and allows you to use messenger as a Gmail client for the rapid exchange of email messages. A bot is only possible after providing the appropriate permissions in your Google account preferences. Reviews about Gmail Bot on the Internet are positive, but forget about the risks when working with this product is still not worth it.

Bot-accountant (@iloveipbot). Assistant for individual entrepreneurs. Can expect insurance premiums Yip, helps to reduce the tax on the simplified tax system, reminds you of upcoming payments and submission of reports. In the future development promise to realize the integration of the bot with banking systems, add download function of statements and sending of payment orders, preparation and delivery of reports via the Internet.

Bot-reminder (@SkeddyBot). A simple but effective tool for managing alarms in a specified time. Enough to send the bot the message “call the office in 20 minutes”, “take the documents tomorrow at 8 a.m.”, “to test the readiness of the pie every 10 minutes” and the service will notify the user with verified pharmaceutical precision.

YouTube Bot (@youtube). Service that allows you to subscribe your favorite YouTube channels and keep abreast of what is happening in the media Google events.

Classical Music (@music). Bot to listen to classical music. A great find for admirers of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and other prominent composers of the Golden Fund of world music culture.

Bot to check for leaks passwords (@MailSearchBot). Allows you to “break” email-address, username and telephone number to their presence in the database of compromised accounts. If it turns out that one of the passwords was lit in the public domain, it is recommended to take appropriate measures on its replacement.

Constructor bots (@BotFather). Official Telegram service to create bots and their integration with various web services. With it you can create a bot to handle user commands, sending notifications, manage “smart home” and perform various actions.

Radio Archive Bot (@radiobot). Bot that provides access to the archive of programs on various radio stations, both Russian and foreign. Broadcast audio stream format is AAC+. This compression method provides savings and allows you to listen to the radio in networks with low transmission rate.

Bot for developers (@integram_bot). Telegram allows you to integrate with third-party services Trello, Networks, BitBucket, GitHub Webhook used by programmers around the world for hosting IT-projects and their joint development.

Dictionary bot (@dictsbot). Service that provides access to an impressive collection of intelligent and specialized dictionaries for Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. Supported interaction with Wikipedia, and also transfer systems “Yandex” and Google.

Bot to recognize the tracks (@yamelodybot). Service, operating in tandem with “Yandex.Music” and allows you to identify unknown songs. Enough to send the bot a message with a fragment of unknown melodies lasting from 5 to 10 seconds, and the system will automatically determine the title and artist and send the link to listen to the full version of the track.

Traffic fines (@youshtraf_bot). Bot, whose name speaks for itself. Allows to check if there are any fines on the vehicle and driver, to get detailed information about the fines: date, time, place of violation, the article of the offense, photo of cameras, as well as pay for them. Supports work with databases, traffic police, MADI, AMP and “Plato”. Possible automatic monitoring of the fines.

RSS4YOU (@rss4you_bot). Bot that allows you to use Telegram as an RSS reader to work with news sources. Supports various data formats and the possibility of marking news reports, and also incorporates advanced filtration media downloaded from the Network materials.

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