How difficult it is to choose a date for the announcement of the flagship smartphone! Some traditionally do this in the days of special exhibitions — MWC, CES or IFA. Others, on the contrary, try to hold your own event to spotlight and public attention were focused only on their product. But for own activities the moment it is necessary to choose so that the background was the most successful – it is worth considering which of the competitors already had shot, and who is still. By the way,

saying that one of the reasons for the explosive nature of some Korean smartphone has become just the rush of having to catch up to the announcement of the next iPhone.

This time the date was on the verge of chose the “Chinese Apple” — Xiaomi, decided to make a presentation the day before the most important event of the year in the world of gadgets — the anniversary of the announcement of the iPhone. What is the logic in this – at least for a day the attention of the expectant “Apple miracle” journalists technology publications and their readers will be drawn to novelty. Yes, and inevitable in this case, the comparison with the flagship Apple yet none of the new smartphone didn’t hurt.

News of “Apple” company, we know only tonight, and now let’s talk about what was prepared by the engineers and marketers Xiaomi and what are your impressions of the novelties presented today. Yes, our readers probably already know that Xiaomi showed at the presentation in Beijing several new devices, and even, most likely, studied their specifications. But we are not going to follow the script of the press conference, which in the best traditions of the presentations of Steve jobs the crowd before the main course some time warmed up, talking about marketing the achievements and not those devices which are more just waiting. We will start with hot and very tasty!

Mi MIX 2

The first generation Mi MIX has become, if not a bombshell, at least a very bold (and difficult from an engineering point of view) move. But how do you call a boat so it will float — the first Mi MIX has positioned the company as a conceptual smartphone and eventually this became.

On the one hand, he really set the trend of smartphone in the year ahead (and in fact earlier this role was played by the iPhone!). At the presentation of Mi MIX 2 quite a lot of time was dedicated to the history of the negotiations with Google, rather harshly counteract the adoption of new screen formats, but in the end forced to update the definition document compatibility (Android Compatibility Definition Document; CDD) to include screens with an aspect ratio greater than 16:9 and the rounded corners of the screen. And here’s the result: 2017 year was the year of smartphones, seeking to get rid of the part (Hello, Samsung!), with aspect ratio close to 2:1.

On the other hand, the representatives of Xiaomi shy away from questions about sales statistics Mi MIX — apparently, the unit remained a concept, not having received recognition in the mass buyer. And all (well, almost all) buns from the application of new concepts gathered other manufacturers. On the field play as a Chinese company, offering rather weak from the point of view of model performance (UMIDIGI Crystal, Zgpax S8, BLUBOO S1), which copy only the main feature Mi MIX, and Samsung, LG and Sony also showed a model with an elongated screen and almost no frame. Well, if you believe the rumors, today we will see another such smartphone.

However, the second time to achieve a similar wow effect is not easy. But I have to say — in my opinion, the designers and engineers at Xiaomi have succeeded. And unlike the firstborn, Mi MIX 2 has all chances to become not only interesting from a technical point of view, but also popular.

Design and display

It seems that Xiaomi guards her secrets much better than Apple, almost all published in the press rumors had incorrect data on the screen of the Mi MIX 2. First of all, the unit received is not AMOLED, and IPS display. Its diagonal is 5.99 inches and a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels. The aspect ratio respectively, 2:1, although the manufacturer followed by other market participants prefer to talk about 18:9. But the fraction of the area of the front panel occupied by the screen in the leak was correct — 93 % vs 91.3% in the first generation. The pixel density has increased from 363 to 403 ppi, it’s considerably closer to the characteristics of the competitors.

The layout of the smartphone remains the same. The front camera is located on the only wide field (by the way, it had declined to 12 %) under the screen on the right. The main speaker is hidden under the display and sound is output through the thin gap between the screen and the top part of the frame body. There is also an ultrasonic proximity sensor. On the right side of the body is placed the power key and volume controls, round the fingerprint scanner found a place under the main camera on the rear panel. But a 3.5 mm headphone Jack is not provided at all — it fell victim to either new trends, whether the requirements of the design.

In this case Mi MIX 2 looks much sleeker its predecessor: it is thinner and narrower, and more rounded edges and corners make the design softer. Rear wall – ceramic, and frame — aluminum, with anodized black matte finish.

Provided and modification of Mi MIX 2 Special Edition, made in a monolithic ceramic package. In the press materials it is reported that the manufacturer of each smartphone requires as much as seven days! Apparently, this explains the markedly higher value (on prices below). And although the monolithic body about a millimeter narrower and shorter than, the practical benefit of this solution is not obvious. The visual difference between a monolithic version from the usual only a very careful user, and even then only at close range and if you know where to look. However, this applies only to the black option, and chose the Mi MIX 2 Special Edition available in white colour. Yes, I think marketers Xiaomi not free to eat your bread — it looks more obviously black.

We have to admit that ceramic case is very soiled — it is mainly refers to the glossy back wall, especially in the case of the black apparatus. But the oleophobic coating on the screen of sufficient quality.

In General, the first impression is Mi MIX 2 was a little less original and recognizable, but looks more expensive and modern. Rounded faces of the housing it is very reminiscent of the iPhone 7, but to confuse these two apparatus is impossible.

Camera and shooting modes

Not fulfilled and predictions about camera rumors predicted that mobile as much as 18-MP camera, dual photo module. In practice it turned out to be more prosaic: the main camera-based sensor Sony IMX386, it has a resolution of 12 MP, large, 1,25-µm pixels and stabilization along four axes.

Selfie camera has a resolution of 5 MP. Due to the fact that the engineers managed to reduce the block the front camera, they were able to make a more narrow bottom frame. I managed to take some pictures in the demo area, but the assessment of the quality of the shot should be postponed until a full review that we will conduct in the near future — the test sample will be in the lab for a few days.

Examples of shooting

Configuration and prices

And that’s what the rumors were true, it’s the fact that Mi MIX 2 built on the platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. But, frankly, to predict this was easy — this system-on-chip is used in almost all flagship smartphones of 2017. Recall that Snapdragon processor 835 is a eight processor cores Mi MIX 2 they operate on the standard frequency: four at 2.45 GHz and four at 1.9 GHz.

The RAM is 6 GB, high-speed DDR4. And the capacity can be 64, 128 or 256 GB. Modification of the Special Edition features a large amount of RAM — as much as 8 GB, but the flash drive is only 128 GB.

Another mistake predictors about the battery. It is not surprising that, after Mi MIX first generation battery with 4400 mAh, the second version is predicted to have at least the same capacity battery. But the explosive nature of one of the Korean smartphone has changed the views of manufacturers — and as a result Mi MIX 2 equipped with a battery of 3400 mA·h However, and is made of 10-nm technology Snapdragon 835 surely is less gusto than previous versions of the Qualcomm platform, so that such batteries with a proper optimization should be sufficient. Test — will tell.

Don’t regret that you’re not Chinese, but this is one such case. Of course talking about prices: in the native Xiaomi market value Mi MIX 2 starts at 3 299 yuan (can safely multiply by 9 to get the amount at the exchange rate in rubles) for the Junior modification of the 6+64. Older “conventional” model with a configuration of 6+256 will cost 3,999 yuan, but the Special Edition is more expensive by more than 40 % — 4 699 yuan. Unfortunately, the prices for the Russian market yet unknown, but you can be sure that a simple multiplication by 9 will not do here. Will not try to predict, wait for information from the company — that Mi MIX 2 will be available in Russia, announced officially.

Philippe Starck modestly called designers and engineers Xiaomi best in the world

Mi Note 3

Surprisingly, although all were waiting for the announcement Mi MIX 2, the main event of last Monday the presentation really could be the Note 3. After all, in the Trinity of the “just leader” Mi6, “luxury flagship” Mi MIX 2 and “leader for photo enthusiasts” Note 3 it is the latter which offers the most interesting and modern technical solutions.

But it’s certainly not about the hardware here, except for cameras, of which below, everything is pretty standard. The smartphone is equipped with 5.5-inch display, built on the platform Snapdragon 660 (Kryo four cores, clocked at 2.2 GHz, and four 1.8 GHz) and is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and flash storage capacity of 64 or 128 GB. The battery capacity is 3500 mAh. the Device is available in black or blue (the most expensive modification that is only in a configuration of 6+128) colors, with glass panels and aluminum frame.

Like Mi6, this smartphone is equipped with two 12-Megapixel cameras for double optical zoom and is equipped with four-axis image stabilizer. A main feature of the model is the front camera with an impressive resolution of 16 megapixels and software, working with this camera.

First, a system of improving a selfie and a photo, based, according to representatives of the company on artificial intelligence (probably so called machine learning. — approx. ed.). The presentation was demonstrated quite usual technique of blurring the background and retouching. However, it is argued that depending on the subject uses different settings and algorithms. In particular, upon detection of the photo’s used a completely different approach to the finalization of the image than in the situation with model-woman. However, looking at a photo of a young man, the chosen advertising company Note 3, it is possible to doubt…

But jokes aside — my own selfie taken in demo zone, was really quite good.

Secondly, the extra resolution allowed the engineers to implement the technology that enables to combine the signal c of the adjacent pixels to create virtual pixels with greater effective sensitivity and less noise. Representatives of the company claim about the sensitivity corresponding to the large, 2-micron sensors.

The third software technology in Note 3, — facial recognition to unlock the smartphone, literally just by looking at him. Here it should be mentioned that the device does not monitor the space in front of him constantly and to activate recognition and authentication of the user is required to press the power button. I wonder how well this system works in low light? However, the usual fingerprint scanner in Note 3 is also present.

The cost of the Note 3 starts from 2 499 yuan and the most expensive version with blue hull will cost 2999 yuan.

Examples of shooting

Example of selfie

Mi Notebook Pro

It is worth to mention that while we have no information whether this product will be sold in Russia. His younger brother, presented last year, Mi Notebook Air, officially, our market has not delivered. That, however, does not prevent enthusiasts to order it in the Chinese online stores, to install the European version of Windows and get so good, in General, iron at quite interesting price.

Now the model range of portable computers Xiaomi has added to the older model — 15.6-inch Mi Pro Noteebook. This laptop, as you can guess by the name, must compete with the Macbook Pro, and during the presentation representatives of the company are not simply trying to disguise it, but rather built on direct opposition to his entire announcement.

The laptop is equipped with the latest Quad-core Core i7 CPU, amount of RAM can reach 16 GB solid state drive capacity — up to 1 TB. The screen resolution is 1920 × 1080 and for forming the images on the screen corresponds to the graphics adapter NVIDIA GeForce MX150.

The advantages of the model is called symmetric cooling system with two fans and radiators, connected by heat pipe. This design provides uniform distribution of heat and eliminates the usual case for many compact models the situation spot heating of the surface.

According to representatives of Xiaomi, Mi Noteebook Pro offers user a 19 % greater the size of the keyboard space than the main competitor, which allowed us to place full size arrow and function keys row. Fingerprint sensor integrated in the touch panel.

The set of ports I / o rich, it is traditional for the Windows models. In stock and two USB Type-C and full-size USB 3.0, there is a memory card adapter, and an HDMI port and a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. The price of the novelty begins with a mark 5 599 yuan a configuration with Core i5 and 8 GB RAM.


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