It is obvious that the new model of Galaxy Note is very important – perhaps even more recent Galaxy S8. First, it must lift the bar – but it’s not even the most important. The key point is that Samsung is critical to close the story with the failure of the Galaxy Note 7. Let me remind you, after several cases of spontaneous combustion of a smartphone had to urgently withdraw from the production and recall all over the world. To carry the gadget in aircraft is prohibited to this day. It is even said that Samsung is seriously going to liquidate the Note name — so strong was the damage to the reputation. However, the name of the new phablet have decided not to change – it will be a Galaxy Note 8.

The design and construction

Image Galaxy Note 8 happened to be on the Internet a few weeks before the premiere. The fact that the phablet is very much similar to the Galaxy S8, no surprise. Something like we initially expected. It is evident that the older model sharper edges and larger size of the body. Although the screen size is more just one-tenth of an inch compared to the Galaxy S8+: 6,3″. As compared to the Galaxy Note 7 I must admit that the size of the display has increased significantly in the last model, the diagonal was 5.7 inches.

The display on the sides a little “intrudes” on the edge, and the top and bottom of the frame case is very slim. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be higher and more narrow than the previous model — for this we must thank a new fashion on the aspect ratio of 18:9. It can be assumed that to keep a large gadget would be more convenient. The resolution would be 2160 × 1440 or 3840 × 2960, as stated in some sources. The first option is more likely.

On the leaked images shows the smartphone in two colors — black and gold. Some sources say that will also appear silvery and light-blue shades. And the front panel will be black regardless of the color corps, which has long been typical for many manufacturers, not just Samsung.


The device definitely will have USB Type-C — alternatives for serious Android today there. Well, not Lightning, really. It is interesting that to Note 8 persistently predict the presence of a 3.5 mm audio Jack. Because Samsung has left a 3.5 mm interface into a Galaxy S8, it is logical that it will happen in the new Note. Good news for those who could not accept his absence in the iPhone and new HTC smartphones.


The fingerprint scanner will move to the back cover and will be located near the camera. And it causes some doubt in the Galaxy S8 this option was frankly bad. In Note 7 the fingerprint sensor built into the Home button below the display, but it’s gone now, and the system key interface displayed on the screen.

Rumor has it that Samsung and Apple iPhone 8, wanted to embed the recognition of a fingerprint through the display. According to the latest rumors, both companies failed models of the current year. If the Koreans in the old set the back of the scanner, copertina implemented facial recognition. However, from Apple, many are still waiting for a miracle, and indeed it is a topic for another article.

The scanner iris will remain in place, as well as a slot for cards microSD. The smartphone will be protected from moisture and dust according to IP68 standard, wireless charging is also not going anywhere — here, differences from Galaxy Note 7 there. The only difference in this plan will be the availability of a new module, Bluetooth 5.0, which was in a Galaxy S8/S8+.


Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for different markets will have different hardware. In the U.S. the model will be offered with OCTA-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835, but the rest of the world, the smartphone will run on its own processor Samsung Exynos 8995, again familiar from the Galaxy S8.

RAM will be 6 GB vs 4 GB in Galaxy S8. According to the available space information is inconsistent. C 99% chance we will get the version with 64 GB of memory — this is probably the minimum amount. It also reported on the modifications on 128 and/or 256 GB.

But the battery capacity is not impressive. The Galaxy Note 8 is only 3300 mAh, while the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 7 was used, the bigger battery of 3500 mA·h. Here the Koreans openly blow into the water. Perhaps Samsung uses more advanced algorithms for energy saving, and the difference in the duration of work will not be noticeable. The reason for differences in battery capacity from S8 – stylus eats a significant part of the space in the housing.


Samsung has long resisted, but seem to still succumb to the trend: Note 8 will be the first model with dual camera. Will either be two sensors 12 and 13 of the MP, or both at 12 MP (data differ), panoramic mode, HDR function with automatic detection of faces, smiles and other standard for smartphones of this class of things.

The probability of the emergence of new software features: the “smart zoom”, change the focus after you create a snapshot and advanced night mode. Front camera — 8 MP with aperture of f/1.7 and HDR support. The unit with the main camera, flash and fingerprint scanner would not protrude above the rear cover, if you believe the published images.

Stylus Samsung S Pen and its capabilities

The stylus will continue to hide below. He probably will get new features, but it would be a big issue. In this lies, perhaps, the main intrigue of the upcoming announcement. Recently, Samsung has received a patent that describes a stylus with a built-in microphone, but it is unlikely it will be implemented in Note 8. Most likely this feature will appear only next year. While it is safe to say only that all the functionalities of the stylus will remain in place.

Terms and rates

The probable price is around 1 000 USD, which is a lot even for a smartphone. But there are persistent rumors that the new iPhone 8 will cost less — and it is primarily concerned with Samsung. Note 8 is available in the first place to fight with him. In Russia to this amount, we can safely add another 20%, that is, we can expect the value at 70 000. However, it is important to understand that the main audience of Galaxy Note 8 is for people who need a phablet in the role of assistant with the planning and daily work. It is not intended for freshmen and pokémon catchers, so the high price seems quite natural.

While all looks quite interesting, and I sincerely hope that not all the details have leaked, and Samsung will find something to surprise us on August 23. All have officially confirmed details, we will tell you immediately after the announcement. Do not switch.


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