We all remember what ended the story with the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Excellent in all respects, the apparatus which has been highly acclaimed and warmly received by the fans fell victim to the heartless laws of physics. Due to too dense arrangement of elements inside the body he was susceptible to overheating and spontaneous combustion. The first batch of the devices recalled and tried to fix the situation, but in the end it all ended with the complete withdrawal Note7. For those who loves the Galaxy Note series for the big screen in the spring was released, the Galaxy S8+ luxury with a 6.2-inch display, but those who could not live without the brand of the pen, had to wait for the second coming. And so on August 23 we finally revealed the new Galaxy Note – a device without the old problems and new possibilities.

DJ Koh, head of Samsung Mobile

Official portrait Samsung Galaxy Note8

Despite the fact that many details about Galaxy Note8 was known before the announcement, the official presentation in new York was held on a large scale. We happened to be in the heart of the action and get acquainted with the novelty closer. Not to say that the new flagship is radically different from what we saw last year, but at the same time, he stands out not only against the competing iPhone 7 Plus, but even on the background of the Galaxy S8.


Galaxy Note8 is more expensive than the Galaxy S8, but in the product line of Samsung it is not over S8, and next to him. This device from the same family but with different positioning. If S8 and S8+, is the absolute mainstream, the Note8 is designed for a narrower audience.

First of all it geeks and enthusiasts who are prone to perfectionism consumer, then corporate users and all those who somehow need a stylus to work as well as a passionate mobile photographers, integratory and other bloggers. In fact, the main camera Galaxy Note 8 deserves close attention. But more on that later, but for now should take a look at the specifications compared to the Galaxy Note7.

Design and display

New Galaxy Note is a little similar to the model of the previous generation, it is much closer to the Galaxy S8. The novelty of the same curved screen, the same sleek design, and tactile sensation when you work with it virtually the same. The smartphone will be available in black, gray, blue and gold color. Most interesting, in my opinion, looks blue – the Samsung picked up a nice shade. But there is one small problem – the entire body is glossy and the fingerprints clearly visible on any body, even on gold. So enjoy the pristine beauty Note8, you will not last long.

Both the front and rear panel is completely closed by tempered glass Gorilla glass 5, the frame of the body is metal and painted in one color. But the front of all models of black – I think it is because on the screen there are too many sensors (scanner iris, front camera, proximity sensor), and on a light background, it would look extremely unattractive.

Galaxy Note8 screen has the same resolution and aspect ratio, as with the recent Galaxy S8+: n+ and 18.5:9, respectively, and the diagonal slightly more than 6.3 inches. To the naked eye the difference of 0.1 inch to notice virtually impossible, and the technology Super AMOLED hardly needs any introduction. But I also noted that the display Note8 default works in a mode 2220 × 1080 pixels, and higher resolution you need to enable in the settings manually.

Samsung still refuses a 3.5 mm audio Jack, the device is still protected from dust and moisture standard IP68, and pencil case for the S Pen stylus remains on the lower end of the body. But the location of the fingerprint scanner like Galaxy Note7 – new model he moved to the back bar as the front for him is simply no space left. But if the Galaxy S8 finger and then hit the camera lens, Note8 with the full order – the camera itself has a different form, and the fingerprint sensor is a little more offset to the side relative to the center.

Camera and shooting modes

Camera – one of the main achievements Galaxy Note8. First, it is the first Samsung smartphone with dual camera. And secondly, it is clear that the company was carefully watching what competitors offer, and tried very hard to avoid known bugs. Logic here is the same as the iPhone 7 Plus.

One camera is wide-angle (equivalent focal length 26 mm F1,7), the second is more long (52 mm, F2,4), switching between them provides a two-fold optical zoom. The same resolution – 12 MP, plus both cameras have optical image stabilization. The iPhone 7 Plus stabilizer only works at the wide-angle camera, and pressing the zoom button does not always lead to physical switch to the second module. In low light conditions we get the two-time digital zoom – this is evident in the quality of the picture, and according to EXIF. Apple has gone to this step consciously, to avoid blurred pictures. I understand this logic – the majority has no idea how it all works, and sees no difference, but in Galaxy Note8 has a more honest approach.

Natural innovation – a special portrait mode that is called Live Focus. And he essentially combines what we saw in the iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei P10. The photo is taken on two cameras simultaneously, and further it is possible not only to change the degree of blur of the background, but switch the picture with a wide angle camera without blur, but with a wider overview. The result looks quite decent, but I wouldn’t say that the iPhone 7 Plus turns worse. However, at this stage, from far-reaching conclusions should refrain – look at a picture of yourself.

After the presentation I managed to take some photos on Galaxy Note8, but the conditions were not the most suitable – it was indoors with poor lighting.

Was and official examples, but I wouldn’t trust them a hundred percent, because most of the images are completely absent EXIF data, so we cannot be sure that they made it on Note8.

Front facing camera, apparently, has not changed compared to the Galaxy S8: a resolution of 8 megapixels, aperture F1,7, is autofocus. The angle corresponds to about 22 mm in full frame terms.

Plus the fact that in addition to selfies in the frame you can fit and environment. And minus a strong geometric distortion when shooting portrait close-UPS. In General, we will compare the camera of Galaxy Note8 and other smartphones as soon as we receive a test sample.

New features S Pen

Stylus S Pen is practically no different from the one that came with the Galaxy Note7. They say that the diameter of the tip was less and now it is 0.7 mm, but visually it is completely invisible. And sensitivity to touch increased – now the pen recognizes the 4096 levels, which should significantly affect the comfort and quality of drawing. However, I am increasingly convinced that the Galaxy Note more suitable for fast sketching than for fine arts.

Among the new features of the pen you can mark enhanced translation. If you select text and translate using Google it was possible before, but now the system is able to convert currency, and even translates the values – for example, C Aim to Fahrenheit, feet and inches in centimeters and millimeters. As the source of data remains Google.

Another nice feature – the ability to create animated messages. Something similar happened in the Apple Watch, but there it was possible to send only made and only to owners of iOS devices, but here the animation is converted to GIF-ku and easily routed in any convenient way – at least in the Telegram, even in WhatsApp.

The stylus, incidentally, protected from moisture and can work even under water, but it is rather marketing trick than something really necessary.

Platform and performance

The presentation was attended by model Note8 for the American market, built on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835. But Samsung traditionally uses two platforms – in Russia and in Europe, the Galaxy Note 8 will be available with Exynos 8895, which contains an eight-core CPU (4 × 2.3 GHz + 4 × 1.7 GHz) and a graphics accelerator Mali-G71.

RAM will default to 6 GB, but the volume of the firmware of the drive may vary – 64, 128 or 256 GB. However, it is not quite clear – whether we have a choice, or Samsung in its sole discretion will split these models across regions. But in any case the memory can be expanded with microSD cards up to 256 GB.

While it was possible to scan only the processor test Geekbench 4, which gave the expected Snapdragon 835 result. However, during testing, the casing is noticeably warming up, which was not noticeable in the Galaxy S8. From past experience we can say that the Exynos 8895 gives comparable results performance, but I still wait to test a final unit.

Operating system and interface

At the time of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 will be running Android 7.1.1, but until the end of autumn, the smartphone should receive the update to Android 8.0 Oreo. Everything else looks the same as on the Galaxy S8 with the exception of two points.

First: on the line with three standard interface buttons appeared a faint point – it allows you to remove the panel from the screen and thereby increase its usable area. However, when you tap at the bottom of the panel appears again, but is superimposed over the current image in a translucent mode.

Second: a smartphone allows you to simultaneously use two applications, each of which occupies half of the screen. At the presentation it was said that thus it is possible to use a smartphone in the car without interrupting navigation to control music playback, but this is only an isolated example. No one bothers to simultaneously hold open the application for reading books and notes, or browser, and contacts. However, the apps themselves need to support this feature, Samsung has promised that these will be very much. Well, let’s see.

When and how much?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should go on sale 15 September and sales will begin simultaneously in most countries, including Russia. Cost smartphone will be a lot – 69 990 rubles (almost 1 200 dollars at the current exchange rate), making it the most expensive smartphone on the market at the moment. All sorts of fashion DIY from dragon leather and pure emerald we do not take into account. Accepting pre-orders Samsung will open a few days ago, and the first customers will get even branded docking station Samsung DeX. She was introduced in the spring, during the announcement of the Galaxy S8, but its active promotion will begin with the release of the Note8. Well, I will tell you about it in the review Note8.

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