2019 MWC: first impressions of Mi 9 and other new products Xiaomi

Annually in the framework of the exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) many companies present their new products and this year among them for the first time was the company Xiaomi. Interestingly, last year, Xiaomi made its first own stand at MWC, and this was decided and the presentation. Apparently, the Chinese company wants to “taste” the exhibition gradually.

Perhaps that is why Xiaomi decided to do without high-profile announcements this year, but some new items still in Barcelona

brought. To begin with, was presented the first Xiaomi smartphone with support of networks 5G — Mi Mix 3 5G. Actually, this is the only truly new Xiaomi smartphone at MWC 2019.

Then there was an international announcement of the new flagship Mi 9, Xiaomi recently unveiled in his native China. And in the end were shown smart light bulb LED Smart Bulb Mi. About these new products we will cover in more detail below, paying most attention to the new flagship.

Xiaomi Mi 9

So, what is the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 9? In short, it is one of the most currently available smartphones at the top-end single-chip platform Snapdragon 855, which is also able to offer a high-quality camera and attractive appearance.

Appearance and display

And now more. Like many modern flagships, the new Mi 9 are made on a metal frame, which both sides of the closed glass panel. There are several color options: black (Piano Black), blue (Ocean Blue), and violet (Lavender Violet). The last two have a special structure, due to which back cover shimmers different colors depending on the angle and lighting. The black version also looks very attractive, although somewhat boring.

The back panel Mi 9 covers damage-resistant curved Gorilla glass 5. The lack of the fingerprint scanner on the back (he moved under the display) benefited from the appearance of the smartphone. Now there is only a triple back rear camera with flash, Yes the Xiaomi logo with obligatory marks of certification. Note that will also be available version Mi 9 Explorer Edition, which the back panel is made partially transparent, and opens the view to the “inside” smartphone.

Rear panel smoothly into the rather narrow side faces, which are made of metal. On the right side there are volume buttons and lock button. On the left is a tray for SIM-cards, as well as a button to call the “Google Assistant”. Visible only from above the IR interface to control home electronics and the microphone hole. On the bottom edge houses the USB Type-C and speaker hole. 3.5 mm headphone connector here.

The new flagship Xiaomi got big, 6,39-inch AMOLED-display with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels. The aspect ratio is 19.5:9. The screen has very high brightness, so in the sun to enjoy the novelty should be comfortable. As expected OLED display, the picture Mi 9 juicy and contrast, but no frills. In General, the eye it looks very nice. A more detailed testing of the display will have already the review.

The screen is framed by a fairly thin frame, the lower of which is somewhat wider than the others. At the top of the display there is a small U-shaped cutout for the front camera. To place anything else next to the “frontalka” did not work, so on any 3D face recognition speech here does not go. But the fingerprint scanner is located under the display, which is very convenient. Protects the screen Gorilla glass 6, which is positioned as the most durable glass in the world of smartphones at the moment.

Hardware component

As mentioned above, based Xiaomi Mi 9 is the flagship single-chip platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. This 7-nm chipset built into the CPU cores Kryo 485, which are divided into three clusters. First, the most productive, includes a single core with a clock frequency of 2.84 GHz, and the second, slightly less powerful, offers three cores with a frequency of 2.42 GHz, and the third, with four cores and 1.8 GHz, is considered energy efficient. For work with graphics is responsible for the graphics Adreno processor 640.

In Barcelona Xiaomi has announced two versions of Mi 9. Both have 6 GB of RAM and different built-in memory — 64 or 128 GB. Note that in China, the manufacturer also introduced a version with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The aforementioned Mi 9 Explorer Edition will be offered from 256 GB internal and 12 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Also Xiaomi will release a more affordable version of its flagship called Mi 9 SE. She will receive a 10-nm platform 712 Snapdragon processor with eight cores Kryo 360, two of which operate with a frequency of 2.2 GHz, and six others — 1.7 GHz. As the GPU here is Adreno 616. The RAM is 6 GB, and for data storage will be provided 64 or 128 GB memory. At the same time it is worth noting that Mi 9 SE has a smaller display, which is 5.97 inches. But everything else, including camera, is the same as 9 Mi.

Xiaomi Mi and Mi 9 SE 9

For Autonomous operation meets Mi 9 battery 3300 mAh, while the younger 9 Mi SE received the battery, 3070 mAh. Not too much, but the day is active use should be enough. Supported fast charging, and both wired and wireless. In the first case, provided power to 27 watts, while the second — up to 20 W (for wireless charging is very good).


The main camera is one of the key features of Mi 9. Here for the first time Xiaomi has implemented a system of three modules. Chief among them built on a new 48-Megapixel image sensor Sony IMX586 and equipped with optics with a maximum aperture of f/1,75. Note that in the standard mode, the phone shrinks the photo to a resolution of 12 MP, when shooting using cords of four pixels as one. For full resolution a special switch in the camera app.

However, a big difference on photo, you won’t notice. Anyway, I had this impression after meeting with the smartphone camera as part of the exhibition stand. The camera software does its job well, and 12-Megapixel pictures are clear and vivid. Resolution 48 Megapixel also get high quality photos. But at the approach of the difference in the photo is not very noticeable, though theoretically at a higher resolution close to the picture should be better.

The second of the three cameras built 12-MP sensor Samsung S5K3M5 and equipped with a telephoto lens, which allows you to implement double optical zoom without loss of quality. And the third camera is built on a 16-Megapixel image sensor and has a wide-angle lens with angle of view of 117 degrees. Here, there is one very interesting feature: support for Macro mode with the ability to shoot from a distance of 4 cm.

No zoom | double zoom

Unfortunately, the ability of the smartphone to shoot in the dark is problematic to assess in the framework of the exhibition. So let’s leave this topic for the full review. Personally I would like to say that at first glance, Xiaomi finally got to make a really good camera. It shoots better than the cameras in previous models. Photos are bright and juicy. But again, this is just first impressions after a brief experience with the smartphone.

Of course, Xiaomi as part of its presentation, don’t forget to mention that, according to the DxOMark smartphone Mi 9 better filming videos at the moment — the novelty has received 99 points. Whether this assessment is fair, we learn the full-scale testing. And yet only a note that the new Xiaomi supports shooting videos format up to 4K@60FPS, and also has the ability to record in slow motion with a frequency of 960 fps.

The front camera is no different than something outstanding. Here we have used 20-Megapixel sensor and a lens with an aperture of f/2,2. Note support for shooting with extended dynamic range (HDR), which should have a positive impact on the quality of your selfie.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix 5G

As mentioned in the beginning, the first step in the framework of the presentation was presented Xiaomi smartphone Mi Mix 3 5G. In fact, it’s the same Mix Mi 3, which we recently viewed, but the novelty of last year’s Snapdragon 845 replaced the actual Snapdragon 855, and also added 5G modem Snapdragon X50. From the point of view of design and other technical specifications change no.

Xiaomi in its presentation to demonstrate the capabilities of 5G made a video call through the network of the fifth generation. This demonstration was very controversial, as during the call was the noticeable very noticeable delay and the picture quality is not outstanding. Most likely, this is due to errors and omissions when setting up equipment. Still the technology is fairly new, and experience with it not so much. I hope that the following demonstration all of this is correct.

Despite the more powerful processor, as well as the support 5G, new 5G Mix Mi 3 was slightly more expensive than the original model. The official price in Europe will be 599 euros. The “normal” Mi Mix 3, for comparison, is sold at 499 euros. In General, this difference can be considered quite justified, especially as it is one of the first smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation. Xiaomi has promised to start selling the new Mi 3 Mix 5G in may of this year. But whether there will be by the time the public network 5G? On this account we will discuss in a future material on MWC 2019.

Mi LED Smart Bulb

But, of course, a “major” announcement from Xiaomi at MWC 2019 became smart light bulb LED Smart Bulb Mi. Seriously, the whole device in the household is very useful. Using the Mi Home app in your smartphone you can control the color, color temperature and brightness of the bulbs, as well as to set various operation modes and, of course, turn on/off the light. There is support for “Google Assistant” and Amazon’s Alexa.

As for the specifications, they are as follows: the E27 (thick) power 10 watts (equivalent to 60-watt incandescent), color temperature range from 1700 to 6500 K, support Wi-Fi 802.11 n 2.4 GHz. The manufacturer declares the resource 12 500 cycles on/off or up to 25 000 hours of operation.

Note that Xiaomi is now actively trying to develop in the direction of smart homes and other home automation. So brand light Mi LED Smart Bulb that can be controlled all at the same time through a smartphone app, fit the concept of the company in this direction.

Like many Xiaomi products, the new product is cheaper than its counterparts from other manufacturers. In Europe the official price of the Mi LED Smart Bulb amounted to 19.90 euros.


Well, the presentation itself Xiaomi great enthusiasm of the audience did not cause. Everyone was expecting something really new and interesting, since it was not certainly known that the Chinese company has prepared for MWC. However, we have what we have: not really a new smartphone with 5G, the re-announcement of the flagship and a light bulb, where would we be without it.

However, at the booth of the Chinese company in the framework of the exhibition itself was crowded. The first flagship Mi 9 was presented only in China, and many people wanted to look at the new your eyes and appreciate what we are offering, Xiaomi this year.

I personally liked the new Xiaomi, especially the flagship Mi 9. Of course, Mi Mix 3 5G, too, is an interesting device, but agree — where are we and where networks of the fifth generation? It is still very “young” technology, but I am glad that Xiaomi is not far behind from other manufacturers, because in the framework of the MWC 2019 was presented really a lot of smartphones and devices with 5G.

Returning to the flagship, I would like to say that at first glance he seems like a very good device. Xiaomi has finally made a smartphone with a really good camera. Of course, a more detailed analysis can reveal some nuances, but on first impression, she’s very good. Otherwise, the new also excellent: attractive appearance, top filling, and all at a very nice price.

In Europe the official price of Xiaomi Mi 9 start at 449 euros. So now it turns out that Xiaomi is able to take not only the ratio “price — performance”, but also the appearance and, most importantly, really cool camera.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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