Review mouse Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC: game crisis

New game pad Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC is a modified Logitech G102, released a few years ago and loved by many as a low cost, and ease of construction. It turned out that for a comfortable game does not always require aggressive hull shape and the most perfect in the world of optical sensor. The most important thing is how well the mouse fits in the hand and how precisely it responds to motion and user commands. No wonder the keyboard and mouse are the most conservative input devices, which

really can improve is that the quality and reliability of the switches and sensors. Well, the hull shape and design is all secondary. In developing the model Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC the manufacturer has tried to keep all the advantages of the Logitech G102, adding RGB backlight palette of 16.8 million colors.


Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC
Interface Wired USB
Resolution, dpi 200-8 000
The polling rate of the USB port, Hz 1000
The number of buttons 6
Features RGB-backlight
Logitech G HUB
Supported OS Windows 7 and above
Mac OS 10.10 and above
Chrome OS
Dimensions, mm 117 × 62 × 38
Weight (mouse only, without cable), g 85
Official manufacturer’s guarantee, months. 24
Estimated price*, RUB 2 290

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC based on optical sensor of its own production Logitech. Its maximum resolution is 8000 dpi, which is enough for most gaming tasks. Besides, do not forget that before us is a game pad for two thousand rubles — at this price this sensor looks almost a gift.

The speed of response from Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC is a standard value in 1 MS. Under the mouse buttons are OMRON switches, and the scroll wheel works on the basis of a mechanical encoder. In General, new product design is nothing revolutionary, but it was expected. Most importantly in this case – the time-tested technologies and components.

The package


Packaging and delivery package mouse Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC

The mouse comes in a compact cardboard box with a minimum of accessories. The kit includes:

  • the printed manual to get started;
  • branded sticker.



Appearance mouse Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC

Externally, the novelty looks exactly the same as the model-predecessor, Logitech G102. The most important feature in this case is a classic symmetrical form: the office resembles mouse models of yesteryear. The case and buttons are made of touch plastic with a rough texture. And on the side surfaces of the roughness are more pronounced than at the top. No fingerprints on such material remains. Dust it is also not particularly drawn to, and very easy to clean.


Appearance mouse Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC

The same RGB-backlight, which distinguishes the mouse from the predecessor is implemented as a glowing rim on the case and brand logo. Design elements a bit, but they blend harmoniously with a classic appearance. The user can also choose mouse in black or white. Us on the test got the second option.


Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC: front view and rear view

The mouse is suitable for almost any grip. However, if you prefer a larger device with a Playground for the little finger, then the Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC is not for you. Here, as in other compact analogues or the little finger should be touching the fairly wide side surface of the body, or it will touch the table. By the way, we’re talking about the right hand. Despite the symmetrical shape, the new model has two additional keys located on the left side. They are designed to be pressed by the thumb, which in a relaxed position lying beneath the buttons. Space for him is enough. The rest is a symmetrical mouse would be left-handers.

Main mouse buttons have a slightly concave shape. The bend is barely noticeable, but it feels good — it does not allow the fingers to slide beyond the edge or closer to the center. The scroll wheel has a large width and a raised tread to prevent slippage. Turn it discrete, with soft clicks. Near the wheel is an additional button, by default, changing the resolution of an optical sensor.

The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC has a relatively long element of protection against kinking of the wire. He highly raised above the surface of the Mat or table, which ensures comfortable work with rapid mouse movements in a horizontal plane. Six-foot cord soft, but synthetic braid like some other game models, it does not.


Side view and bottom view

With regard to the bottom surface of the case, everything is well thought out also. The mouse relies on four basic fluoropolymer legs and one Central ring that is glued around the optical sensor. It remains to note that the mouse is perfectly balanced, and weighs 85 g will be comfortable for most players.

Opportunities FOR


The app interface is Logitech G HUB

The Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC ready to work directly out of the box. In principle, even the RGB of the backlight can not be set as default it works in the neutral mode – slowly shimmering in different colors from the edges to the Central part. But, like other game controllers Logitech, new fully reveals its full potential only with proprietary software Logitech G HUB.


Logitech G HUB: General mouse settings

The app is localized and has a very pleasant and intuitive interface. All six of the available mouse buttons can be reprogrammed to suit your needs. It is possible to set macros and the command and, if necessary, disable the button. The sensitivity of the optical sensor can be infinitely adjusted in the range from 200 to 8000 dpi. For quick switching with the button on the case can fit any four values from the provided range. The mouse has a memory module, and therefore any customized profile can be saved directly into it. In this case, if you connect the mouse to someone else’s PC, you do not need to install the setup tool.


Logitech G HUB: settings RGB backlight


Special attention is paid to the application of the illumination device. The user may select one of the preset effects, including animation, and to adjust the backlight on the three key points of their own, asking the more impressed by him. When configuring animation effects is selected, not only the brightness, but also its rate of change. And of course, the manufacturer didn’t forget about the ability to fully turn off the backlight if you need it.


Shape – a thing individual. Someone like large models with complex geometries, some people prefer a compact and simple device. In this case, we are dealing with a classic shape, more universal and suitable to a larger number of players. The oval base of the case allows for ideal positioning of the brush, well, bent where required, surface, and placed in the right places buttons elaborate form, provide comfort work with Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC. Anyway, me with my medium size brush was comfortable to use this mouse all day. No discomfort and even fatigue she did not cause.


Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC: examples of light

The novelty has demonstrated very accurate performance throughout the range of permissions of the sensor. Instant acceleration and move the cursor to Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC are not challenging. When the mouse is over the pad is enough to raise it to a height of slightly more than 1 mm below the sensor stopped working. It is very convenient in many situations. The mouse works perfectly on the rug, and without it. In normal daily operation with it, too, will be very comfortable. The transition from games to work do not need to get another behavior, the Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC in this respect is completely universal. The mouse won’t take up much space in the bag with the laptop, if you want to carry it with you.

The buttons of the novelty can be called perfect. Wide main buttons are pressed almost the same anywhere, including corners and edges. Under the weight of the finger key is not accidentally pressed, but is too hard and switches also can not be called. The move feels very accurate, it is not necessary to get used to. This is true for all buttons Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC, except for the switch under the wheel. It is, as required, more stringent to prevent false positives when scrolling.

The wheel itself does not have to search long finger — at least for me it was just below him. The clutch is great, and the discreteness of its stroke does not cause irritation – stop scrolling in the clear, but at the same time not hitting on the toe. It’s very easy to spin the wheel in one fell swoop a dozen clicks forward or back. The clarity of fixing the wheel in any intermediate position also does not cause.

Overall experience with Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC strictly positive. Even ardent fans of the game manipulators of complex forms I want to recommend to try a little bit to use this rather simple but very high quality mouse. You might like it. This is an excellent opportunity to save money.


New game pad Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC is one of the best anti-crisis proposals of the season for gamers. For two thousand rubles, the buyer receives the gaming mouse is very high class. If you do not mind the lack of aggressive design, the new product can be a substitute even for models that are several times more expensive. In addition to low cost, the strengths of this mouse include:

  • attractive appearance;
  • – designed shape of the housing;
  • accurate optical sensor and a high maximum resolution;
  • flexible configuration options with the proprietary software;
  • the presence of adjustable RGB-illumination.

But significant shortcomings of the novelty was not found. Well, maybe the switch under the scroll wheel is a bit stiff, like cable without braid, but for the price this is real nitpicking. But the ratio of price and quality from the Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC on top.


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