Computer of the month — October 2019

“Computer of the month” is a category that is purely Advisory in nature, and all assertions in the articles are supported by evidence in the form of reviews, various tests, personal experience and proven news. The next edition is traditionally published with the support of a computer store “regard”. On the website you can always arrange delivery anywhere in our country and pay for the order online. Details can be read on this page. “Regard” is famous among users is quite adequate prices for computer accessories and a large selection of products. Besides, the store offers free Assembly: you are the configuration — employees of the company it is collected.

Computer of the month — October 2019

“Regard” — partner of the rubric, so the “Computer of the month” we orientirueshsya for the products that are sold in this store. Any Assembly that is displayed in the “Computer of the month” is just a reference point. The links in the “Computer of the month” are the relevant categories of goods store. In addition, the tables indicate the actual at the time of writing, the prices, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 500 rubles. Of course, during the “life cycle” of the material (one month from the date of publication) the cost of certain goods may increase or decrease.

For beginners who still can not resolve themselves to “make” yourself PC, went out for a detailed walkthrough of the Assembly of the system unit. It turns out that in the “Computer of the month” I tell you how to assemble a computer, and the manual how to do it.

Starter Assembly

The “entry ticket” to the world of modern PC games. The system will allow you to play all the AAA projects in Full HD resolution at mostly high graphics quality settings, but sometimes have to put and average. Such systems do not have significant reserve strength (over the next 2-3 years), replete with compromises, need to upgrade, but are smaller than the other configurations.

Starter Assembly
Processor AMD 1600 Ryzen 5, 6 cores and 12 threads, 3,2 (3,6) GHz, 16 MB L3, AM4, OEM 8 000 RUB.
Intel Core i3-9100F, 4 core, 3,6 (4,2) GHz, 6 MB L3, LGA1151-v2, BOX 7 000.
Motherboard AMD B350 Example:
• Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H V2
4 000 RUB.
Intel Express H310 Examples:
• ASRock H310M-HDV;
4 000 RUB.
RAM 16 GB DDR4-3200 for AMD:
• Patriot Viper Steel (PVS416G320C6K)
6 000 RUB.
16 GB DDR4-2400 for Intel:
• KLEVV BOLT (KM4B8GX1N-2400-0)
5 000 RUB.
Video card AMD Radeon RX 570 8 GB:
• Sapphire Pulse (11266-36-20G)
12 000 RUB.
Drive SSD, 240-256 GB SATA 6 GB/s Examples:
• Crucial BX500 (CT240BX500SSD1);
• ADATA Ultimate SU655 (ASU655SS-240GT-C)
2 500 RUB.
CPU cooler Deepcool gammaxx Deepcool 200T — for AMD 1 000 RUB.
Case Examples:
• ACCORD A-07B Black;
• AeroCool CS-1101
1 500 RUB.
Power supply Example:
• Be Quiet System Power 9 500 W
3 500 RUB.
Total AMD — 38 500 RUB.
Intel — 35 500 RUB.

Dear readers, please note that the starting Assembly is not changed for a long time. I recall that back in July in the configuration of AMD introduced a 6-core chip Ryzen 5 1600, which amid chips 3000 series fell markedly. In the Assembly as was used Intel Core i3-9100F, and is used to this day. The other components also changed slightly, so that you can open any issue (e.g. August) and meet with the justification of the use of certain components in the starting Assembly. Now I will tell you about something else.

Exactly a year ago, in his pocket 38 000, you could build yourself a system unit, which was used for Ryzen 3 1200 Quad core, 8 GB of RAM DDR4-2400, hard drive 1 TB and a graphics card GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. In the Assembly included Intel dual-core Pentium g5400 is Gold. Then we recommend this PC mainly for gaming using medium graphic settings. Last fall, if you remember, was raided by a real deficiency of Intel — as a result, last October we were able to buy a dual core Pentium Gold g5400 is 7 000. Six thousand rubles were worth one 8 GB module of RAM DDR4-2400, and the model GeForce GTX 1050 Ti cost an average of 12 500 rubles. The road was last year, and SSD.

As you can see, now things have changed. In October, for 8000 rubles, you can buy 6-core 1600 Ryzen 5, and 7 000 — 4-core Core i3-9100F along a cooler. The memory kit 16 GB costs around 5-6 thousand rubles. Instead of the hard disk I have long offered to use in starting the Assembly of the SSD. Drive class the Crucial BX500 with capacity of 240 GB in the same “Regarde” costs 2 500 rubles subject to rounding. Well, we clearly see that the system of 2019 with the same price is much faster — an average of 48 %. A good increase in performance, was it?

In General, I have repeatedly said that now, perhaps, came the time to upgrade components such as SSD and DRAM, they do cost a bit, if you make here are temporary parallel. So if your PC is set to only 8 GB of RAM, I recommend to buy more memory to make a nice gift for the New year, for example.

In the comments to a particular issue necessarily indicate that the starting build for the majority of Russians is still too expensive. I have several times in the “Computer of the month” noted that the Assembly in the articles are not tied to prices, they perform certain tasks. We 3DNews not to blame for this pricing. So the system blocks of the starting Assembly should pull a modern AAA projects at least using the medium and high quality graphics.

Save and lose in performance no one bothers. If there is no money for Ryzen 5 1600, you will have to choose among the 4-core models of AMD. Immediately reject in the direction of such chips, as Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 2500X 1500X 5 — they are the same. Perhaps, really drop in price will only allow the purchase of a Quad, and either Ryzen 3 2300X (he asked for 6 500 rubles), or Ryzen 5 1400 (6 000) or Ryzen 2 1200 (4 500 rubles). Agree, 4 000 rubles — this is a decent savings.

In the case of starting to build the Intel the question of the so-called downgrade CPU is not worth. Core i3-9100F is the cheapest at the time of this writing the Quad for the BOX version which “regard” is asking 7 000 subject to rounding. And if you ask for to save on CPU, you have to take a dual-core model, and it will be Pentium Gold g5400 is (4 500 rubles). But keep in mind that in modern games (e.g. Battlefield V) “stub”, to be honest, I don’t want.

Please note that in order for the motherboard identified the Core i3-9100F, you need to update its BIOS. With high probability in the “Regarde” you sell the device with old firmware version. Immediately after purchase, contact the warranty Department of the store and ask them to update the BIOS. And use the computer health.

Now the 8-Gigabyte version of the Radeon RX 580 can be purchased for 14 000 rubles. Paying 2, 000, we get on average +15 % FPS in games, which seems quite adequate.

The base Assembly

With this PC you can safely play the next couple of years all modern games in Full HD resolution at high and maximum graphics quality settings.

The base Assembly
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 cores and 12 threads, 3,6 (4,2) GHz, 32 MB L3, AM4, OEM 15 500 RUB.
Intel Core i5-9400F, 6 cores, 2,9 (4,1) GHz, 9 MB L3, LGA1151-v2, OEM 11 500 RUB.
Motherboard AMD B450 Example:
• B450M ASRock Pro4-F
5 000 RUB.
Intel B360/B365 Express Example:
• ASRock Pro4 B360M
5 500 RUB.
RAM 16 GB DDR4-3200 for AMD:
• Patriot Viper Steel (PVS416G320C6K)
6 000 RUB.
16 GB DDR4-2666 Intel:
• Patriot Viper Elite (PVE416G266C6KGY)
5 500 RUB.
Video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6 GB
AMD Radeon RX 590 8 GB.
• Gigabyte GV-N1660OC-6GD;
• Sapphire Pulse (11289-06-20G)
15 500 RUB.
Drives SSD 480-512 GB, SATA 6 GB/s Example:
• Crucial BX500 (CT480BX500SSD1)
4 000 RUB.
HDD at your request
CPU cooler DeepCool GAMMAXX300 1 500 RUB.
Case Examples:
• DeepCool MATREXX 55;
• AeroCool Cylon Black
3 000 RUB.
Power supply Examples:
• Be Quiet System Power 600 W 9
4 500 RUB.
Total AMD — 55 000 RUB.
Intel — 51 000 rubles.

Right now the market is a very interesting situation. In October you can buy 6-core Ryzen 3600 5 15 500 rubles subject to rounding. As you can see, while the chip costs more than the recommended price determined AMD. We cheaper models such as 2700 Ryzen 7 (14 500 rubles) and Ryzen 5 2600X (11 500 rubles). If you are using a home PC not only for entertainment but also for work, the 8-core of the previous generation still will not be much better, and in most cases even worse (link to a comparison of these chips attached). In General, in many areas there is an advantage Ryzen 5 3600 and it is especially noticeable in games. For example, when using the stand RTX 2080 GeForce Ti new shestiyaderny AMD is ahead in games processors Ryzen first and second generation (both six and eight cores) 10-15 %. It is clear that a reference Assembly recommended a much less rapid adapters class Radeon RX 590 and GeForce GTX 1660, and because the resolution of Full HD system Ryzen Ryzen 5 3600 5 2600X will show in most games of the same results. And still really want to see in the “Computer of the month” was presented as many of the systems that later would be easy to modify. In the same system with Ryzen 5 3600 quietly, you can install a faster video card — GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER, for example.

Total, in the presence of solutions based on modern and significantly faster architecture, it is necessary to take them.

Very likely the mother Board not the chipset X570 purchased now in the store, simply do not define a new chip. To update the BIOS version can be armed with a processor Ryzen first or second generation, or ask to do it in the warranty section of the store in which the purchase was cost. Before buying, always make sure that your chosen motherboard supports the new processors Ryzen! It is simple: search the device name; go to the manufacturers website and open the tab “support”. For example, the mother Board ASRock Pro4 B450M-F required firmware version 3.30.

A reference Assembly again recommended Intel Core i5-9400F and, unfortunately, there is no alternative, because we are dealing with the most cheap shestiyadernik for LGA1151 platform-v2. “Down” to the level of a 4-core Core i3 makes no sense — I want to believe that, on the contrary, Core i5-9400F will soon settle in the starting Assembly.

Obviously, along with graphics GeForce GTX 1660 configuration AMD and Intel will exhibit in most cases similar results in games, although we see that Ryzen 5 3600 today there is much more. However, the “red” build is much better manifests itself in problems of a different kind, plus it allows you to use high-frequency memory. It is obvious that the system Ryzen 5 3600 is promising. Subsequently, it will be even less processorintensive in games as the chip AMD has 12 threads and the ability to subsequently use the faster RAM. However, these aspects are relevant for users who are really doing the gradual upgrade on your PC. According to my experience, many take the system unit for 5-7 years and then change it entirely.

In the last issue at the starting, basic, optimal, advanced, and maximum Assembly recommended sets of RAM company Crucial. For example, dual channel kit Ballistix Sport LT and works well with chips Ryzen first and second generations, and Ryzen 3000. If desired, it can be safely overclocked to 3600 MHz. However, apparently a great demand for these sets leads to the fact that they appear in the “Regarde” and almost immediately disappear. Readers quite reasonably said that it would be necessary to offer alternative models of RAM for a basic build AMD (Intel is all right). Fortunately, the memory controller chip Ryzen 3000 is characterized by excellent “omnivorous”, but because in the Assembly you can safely take almost any modules of standard DDR4-3200, and even if you want to overclock them yet. For example, fit a set of Patriot Viper Steel PVS416G320C6K, if we talk about inexpensive options.

Anyway, now on the market of RAM is a very large variation in price. So, the kit DDR4-2666, as you can see, is not much less than the kit DDR4-3200. In the Assembly of Intel (because of the lack of tabs on the Z-chipset) it makes no sense to use high frequency RAM kit. In the Assembly, AMD makes no sense to use kits, working with an effective frequency above 3600 MHz without overclocking tires Infinity Fabric (which pursues not always, and if being chased, in the best case at 100 MHz) — more about this is written in the review Ryzen 7 3700X. So for the base, optimum and advanced assemblies are recommended not the most expensive kits of RAM, which has nevertheless good properties.

Later will come a detailed article on choosing RAM for a gaming PC.

Meanwhile, back to the base Assembly. In September it added cheaper Radeon RX 590 and GeForce GTX 1660 — both cards you can buy in the “Regarde” for 15-16 thousand rubles. 20 000 rubles worth of GeForce GTX Ti 1660, and 24-25 thousand — RX GeForce 5700. In opposition to the Radeon RX with GeForce GTX 590 1660 I would choose the first because it has 2 GB more VRAM — the additional VRAM is superfluous now, but you want to play comfortably for at least another couple years without an upgrade. On the other hand, the GeForce GTX 1660 on average faster by 8 %, and for the same cost, this situation will also become motivated to purchase. So, dear readers, here you have to decide for yourself, what kind of video card eventually choose.

Interestingly, 6-Gigabyte version of the GeForce GTX 1060 is the same as the GeForce GTX RX GeForce GTX 590 and 1660, but this card, as we know, has not yet removed from production (the same GeForce GTX and GeForce GTX 1070 1070 Ti have almost disappeared from store shelves). GeForce GTX 1650, which totally loses to the Radeon RX 570, is at least 11 500 rubles in “Regarde”. It seems that this year NVIDIA and Intel has decided to compete who have prices on their own products would be improper.

“Computer of the month” is, in fact, a set of claims, supported by evidence in the form of reviews, various tests and personal experience. The table in the “Computer of the month” is just a reference point. Topic always focuses on the purchase of new components, with warranty. However, no one bothers to look into the used-market. The main thing, that is, not to plunge.

For example, in the German shop Computeruniverse at the time of this writing, sold off the remnants of Radeon RX Vega 56 for 13 500 rubles per piece excluding shipping. Of course, this card is noticeably faster and the GeForce GTX 1660, and the Radeon RX 590. How to buy computer equipment in Computeruniverse and what challenges you may face, read our detailed article.

Optimal Assembly

System that is able in most cases to run a particular game at the maximum graphics quality settings in Full HD and WQHD.

Optimal Assembly
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 cores and 12 threads, 3,6 (4,2) GHz, 32 MB L3, AM4, OEM 15 500 RUB.
Intel Core i5-9500F, 6 cores, 3,0 (4,3) GHz, 9 MB L3, LGA1151-v2, OEM 14 000 RUB.
Motherboard AMD 350/450 Example:
• Gigabyte AORUS PRO B450;
8 000 RUB.
Intel Z370 Express Example:
• Z390 Gigabyte M GAMING
9 500 RUB.
RAM 16 GB DDR4-3200 for AMD:
• Patriot Viper Steel (PVS416G320C6K)
6 000 RUB.
Video card AMD Radeon RX 5700, 8 GB GDDR6 25 000 RUB.
Drives SSD 480-512 GB, PCI Express 3.0 x4 Examples:
• ADATA XPG SX6000 Lite
5 500 RUB.
HDD at your request
CPU cooler Examples:
• DeepCool deepcool gammaxx GTE
2 000 RUB.
Case Examples:
• Fractal Design Focus G;
• Cougar Trofeo Black/Silver
4 500 RUB.
Power supply Example:
• Be Quiet Pure Power 11-CM 600 W
6 500 RUB.
Total AMD — 73 000 RUB.
Intel — 73 000 RUB.

Last month at an optimal Assembly Intel capital “ran”. The main complaint of some readers has been that nothing to do with the Core i5-9500F in this system. It is sufficient to manage Core i5-9400F, which costs 3,000 rubles less. Well, when you load all six cores it runs at 4.2 GHz, which is 300 MHz more than the Core i5-9400F. It turns out, the first frequency is above 8 %, and the cost is 27 %. The claim is just, and therefore it was agreed to check this point.

I just had those chips. Radeon RX 5700 was not found, but was 5700 Radeon RX XT — it is faster, and hence more protsessorostroeniya. In both configurations, the used RAM standard DDR4-3200. Well, in the case of using a Core i5-9400F system unit issued 70/123 FPS in Battlefield V (Full HD quality setting — “Ultra”, are the minimum and average frame rate), 91/125 FPS in GTA V (the maximum quality, but no smoothing) and 75/111 FPS in the game “the Witcher 3: wild hunt” (the quality setting — “the beyond”). In the case of more efficient CPU results in these games were as follows: 79/123, 101/133 and 92/118 FPS respectively.

In the comments to the previous issue of the “expert Committee” has said that between the Core i5-9500F and Core i5-9400F will not be 1-2% difference. In fact, we see that the larger chip is faster by 13% in the “Battle”, 11 % — in the GTA and 23 % in “the Witcher”. Yes, and visually to play on a system with Core i5-9500F is more comfortable. So that chip remains in the optimal build, but if you want to save — I will not object.

Comparing the optimal Assembly Intel base configuration consider the following point: for several months, I advise you to take this system cheap cost chipset Z370 or Z390 Express. Yes, we have a processor that cannot overclock. However, to expedite it we will be using the fast RAM. Our tests show that a bunch of “Core i5-8400 + DDR4-3200” level of performance is not inferior to the luxury “Core i5-8500 + DDR4-2666”. Therefore, Core i5-9500F will also become, shall we say, a step above. Moreover, such fees over time will replace Junior 6-core with something more interesting and productive. And in such a configuration PC with Core i5-9500F definitely not inferior to the system with 5 3600 Ryzen in games.


By the way, Ryzen. In the optimal Assembly recommended the same model as in the baseline. See “Overview of AMD Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 3600X 3600 5: shestiyadernik healthy person”. You learn from it that when you load all six cores the first model operates at a frequency of 4.1 is 4.35 GHz and the second frequency is 4.0-4.2 GHz. While both samples are almost impossible to disperse. We know that Ryzen 5 3600 is 15 000 rubles, but for Ryzen 3600X 5 asking 18 000. Believe that to pay 3000 rubles for an extra 100 MHz is not necessary. Therefore, the base and the optimal builds are only used Junior 6-core model Matisse. Interestingly, a similar situation is observed between such models as Ryzen Ryzen 3700X 7 and 7 3800X. So in advanced, and maximum assemblies also used a younger, more affordable model — only eight.

This development (the use of the same or similar CPU) leads some readers to a logical question: “is it possible to base Assembly install the video card from optimal configuration?” Answer tersely and succinctly: Yes, you can.

In fact, in the optimal Assembly, we again focus on the Radeon RX 5700, which in October can be bought for 25 000 rubles. Thus, as correctly pointed out by readers in the comments, in the case of the Junior representative of the Navi it is possible to do a version with the reference design — it is not as hot and noisy as the reference model Radeon RX XT 5700, for example. However, in the “Regarde” on sale there are already a lot of custom models of the Radeon 5700 RX, the cost starts from 500 rubles 26 and ends 34 500 rubles. The scatter is large, as you can see. To pay for a more quiet, cool and fast version of AMD — this is a personal matter, in my opinion.

In fact, an adequate competitor to the Radeon RX 5700 — GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER — worth a few more. For example, a good overall model ASUS DUAL-RTX2060S-A8G-EVO asking 29 000 rubles — and this is one of the most affordable versions. We know that accelerator NVIDIA is ahead in games the AMD in Full HD resolution on average by 5 %. Yes, GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER supports hardware ray tracing, but before you the case when the performance of RT-blocks of this graphics card is already short, what is called, a stretch in Full HD resolution. So, on our site out of a group testing the 34 cards in the game Control, support DXR. It GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER when using a high level of DXR in Full HD resolution demonstrates 45-48 FPS drop in framerate when using ray tracing is 39 %. The situation corrects enable smart smoothing DLSS — only the picture is already very soapy, I don’t like. In UHD, when using such graphics quality settings to play comfortably will not happen. Such authorization will not help even the lower quality effects of DXR to the parameter “Average.”

What am I? Yes to the fact that in two or three years, when Ray Tracing will firmly enter into our life (this is no doubt), GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER would be untenable on the background of Turing their older counterparts. This means that RTX 2060 SUPER GeForce and Radeon 5700 RX will be equal, because the accelerator does not pull, and the second can not.


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