Computer month. Special issue: assembling a gaming PC for 100 thousand rubles (autumn-winter 2019)

A little over a year ago on our site published an article “the Optimum gaming PC for 100 thousand rubles (fall 2018): comparison of current AMD systems and Intel,” which, as you might guess, were considered performance relevant at that point in time configurations. Then, with about 100,000 rubles, we could buy a build with a 6 core AMD processor Ryzen 5 2600X or Core i5-8600 and graphics GeForce GTX 1070. A year later, the situation has changed quite significantly: in this article we will focus on configurations with 8-core chips and graphics cards whose performance is close to GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. As they say, life has become better, life has become merrier.

Computer month. Special issue: assembling a gaming PC for 100 thousand rubles

Advanced Assembly

For readers who are not aware, let me explain: every month on our website published an article “the Computer of the month” (all editions located here, feel free to add this link to your bookmarks if you are interesting to watch, how to change home systems over time) in which your humble servant is reviewing six relevant in a particular time categories. As a rule, in each category is provided in two assemblies, based on the popular AMD and Intel. In General, the “Computer of the month” never tied to a particular budget, but at this time the system unit cost of about 100 000 fits into the category of “Advanced Assembly” and will be discussed in today’s material. This system, which afford in most cases to run a particular game at the maximum graphics quality settings at a resolution WQHD. The same configuration is relatively well manifest itself in 4K resolution, however, in the case of so-called AAA releases often have to reduce the quality in these demanding aspects, like antialiasing, shadows and textures. The October issue of “Computer of the month” advanced Assembly is as follows:

Advanced Assembly
Processor Ryzen 7 3700X AMD with 8 cores and 16 threads, 3,6 (4,4) GHz, 32 MB L3, AM4, OEM 26 000 RUB
Intel Core i7-9700, 8 cores, 3,0 (4,7) GHz, 12 MB L3, LGA1151-v2, OEM 26 000 RUB
Motherboard AMD B450 10 000 RUB.
Intel Z390 Express 10 000 RUB.
Operativnaya memory 16 GB DDR4-3200 6 000 RUB.
Video card AMD Radeon RX XT 5700, 8 GB GDDR6
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super, 8 GB GDDR6
38 500 RUB.
Drives HDD at your request
SSD 480-512 GB, PCI Express 3.0 x4 6 000 RUB.
CPU cooler Tower cooler 2 000 RUB.
Case Midi-Tower 4 500 RUB.
Power supply 600-650 watts, 80 PLUS Gold 6 500 RUB.
Total AMD — 99 500 RUB.
Intel — 99 500 RUB.

Table with the list of components is, of course, well, but newcomers are not always able to imagine how it really will look and what will be able to their gaming PC. Therefore, for such articles, as before, I collect real system, and then test them. This time in the Assembly, in addition to chips from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA will be used components of the companies ASUS, Corsair, Deepcool and Samsung. CPUs to test we were provided with a computer store “regard”. Full list of iron listed in the table below.

Advanced Assembly. A good example
  AMD Intel
Processor Ryzen 7 3700X AMD with 8 cores and 16 threads, 3,6 (4,4) GHz, 32 MB L3, AM4, OEM Intel Core i7-9700, 8 cores, 3,0 (4,7) GHz, 12 MB L3, LGA1151-v2, OEM
RAM CMK16GX4M2Z3466C16 Corsair DDR4-3466, 2 × 8 GB
Drives 970 Samsung EVO PLUS (MZ-V7S500BW), 500 GB
CPU cooler Deepcool GAMMAX GT
Case Deepcool MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB
Power supply Deepcool GamerStorm DQ650-M, 650 W

As always, I remind you that all assemblies presented in the “Computer of the month” are purely Advisory in nature, and all assertions in the articles are supported by evidence in the form of links to our reviews, tests, personal experience and proven news. No one bothers to use in the system of other components. Want to build a PC in more expensive housing? Please take action, because you use this PC and not to us. However, presenting to the court our assemblies, we ensure that all the components in them are compatible and fully functional.

The process of assembling the system unit, shown in the photo above, passed without any complications. Those who never independently collected PC, I recommend to read the following materials:

  • How to assemble a computer;
  • How to organize cooling gaming computer;
  • How to correctly and beautifully arrange the cable management in a PC game;
  • 7 tips how to build a beautiful PC with an RGB backlight.

Now let’s discuss the selection of all the components used in the system blocks.


Within the advanced build I have which will “revolve” around such models, as Ryzen 7 3700X and Core i7-9700. In both cases we are dealing with 8-core, but the AMD chip due to the SMT technology received a total of 16 threads.

The AMD processor has an unlocked multiplier means that, in theory, its frequency can be increased independently. Ryzen all chips have this capability. In this case, the key word here is “in theory” because a detailed review Ryzen 7 3700X we know that in AMD, it has squeezed out almost high, and this applies to all the currently available chips based on the architecture of Zen 2. So, my colleague Ilya Gavrichenkov managed to disperse the test sample only up to 4.2 GHz. The model provided by the “Regarda” in my arms showed similar results.

A lot or a little? Soon enough, as in most cases the frequency narisovano Ryzen 7 3700X changes in the range of 4.0 to 4.4 GHz. For example, after a two-hour session in the game “the Witcher 3: wild hunt” the average frequency of all eight cores was about 4 GHz.

Interestingly, a few to increase the frequency of the chip is possible by means of setting limits of the parameters of the PPT Limit, Limit TDC and EDC Limit (in the BIOS or in a program Ryzen Master), but even this approach to overclocking is at best “pull” from the CPU an extra 100 MHz. In General, we in the editorial was finally convinced that at this stage much sense to overclock processors 3000 Ryzen no.


Ryzen 7 3700X


Ryzen 7 3800X

Since we can’t rely on the acceleration, it is possible to considerably increase the level of productivity will be possible through the installation of another CPU, Ryzen 7 3800H? Yes, the older 8-core AMD running at a higher frequency, but the screenshots above clearly show that the difference between him and Ryzen 7 3700X is an average of 120 MHz. The difference is negligible, honestly. Interestingly, similar differences are observed in the chips AMD Zen 2 and in other price ranges: that is why the assemblies “Computer of the month” not recommended model Ryzen Ryzen 5 3600X and 3800X 7 — don’t know why AMD did this, but the purchase of these chips looks like (at least yet) a fool’s errand.

Advanced Assembly recommended Intel 8-core chip Core i7-9700. The multiplier it is locked so to overclock the CPU will not work. Alternatives Core i7-9700 are models Core i7-9700KF (29 500 rubles), Core i7-9700K (28 500 rubles), Core i7-8700K (28 000), Core i7-8700 (26 000) and Core i7-9700F (24 000 rubles). The letter F in the name of the device suggests that the CPU is locked by the integrated video core. Given the fact that our assemblies are always equipped with discrete graphics, there is nothing to worry. Therefore, in the advanced build is Core i7-9700 can safely take Core i7-9700F frequencies of these chips are the same.

Models with the letter K in the name are equipped with an unlocked multiplier, and therefore have to take if you really plan to overclock the CPU. In the article “How to overclock Core i7-9700K or Oh it” by testing just five instances of 8-core Intel, we demonstrated that for overclocking this chip need to use very high-quality cooling — supercooler or two-piece maintenance-free liquid cooling system. Therefore, 2 500 rubles the difference easily turn into 5-7 thousand rubles.

Core i7-9700K we must take it for overclocking, because when you load all 8 cores its frequency is kept the 4.6 GHz mark. Core i7-9700 in a similar situation operates at frequency of 4.5 GHz. Agree, 100 MHz will not make the weather. Now, there are some similarities between chips to competitors, namely between 7 and 3700X Ryzen Ryzen 7 3800X.

If you compare the Core i7-9700 model Core i7-8700, on the one hand, 6-core has a large number of threads (12 vs 8 with support for Hyper-Threading technology), but it works slower when loading all cores and their frequency is 4.3 GHz. However, let’s now compare all chips, which we just talked about.

C graphics GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER:

My colleague Ilya Gavrichenkov in the related CPUs use the fastest odnochipovogo gaming graphics card — GeForce Ti RTX 2080. The right decision, because in such articles it is necessary to determine the level of CPU speed. And yet in real conditions in most cases will use less expensive and fast graphics. At advanced Assembly, we orientirueshsya GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER — so that’s what we used for comparison of CPUs. This card is noticeably slower than the GeForce Ti RTX 2080, and therefore has less processorspecially. The stand was also used DDR4-3466. A list of all the components, and also the game settings are shown on the second page in the paragraph entitled “testing Methodology and benches”.

Let me remind you that the main solution for advanced build is GAMING, although testing was conducted in all three popular formats. We see that the system with Core i7-9700 consistently turns in front of the stand with Ryzen 7 3700X. For example, in processorsamsung Full HD resolution, the difference in FPS can reach 20 %. What does this mean? That in the upper price range of the LGA1151 platform-v2 is better suited for games.

Will point readers to one important caveat. Yes, in today’s article we are talking exclusively about gaming builds, but the review Ryzen 3700X 7 clearly shows that in resource-intensive multi-threaded apps 8-core AMD, pardon the pun, stone on stone was left of the Core i7-9700. This suggests certain conclusions. If you will not only play for so PC, but to work (and it is about demanding work, and not a Word document), the more harmonious will look AM4 platform. If you plan to exclusively play, it is necessary to stop the choice on the LGA1151 platform-v2 and 8-core Core i7-9700. Here, dear readers, you have to decide yourself.

In comments to the October issue of “Computer of the month” once commented: “the assemblies inflated, the same Ryzen 5 1600 with GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER will give the same effect as the system Ryzen 7 3700X.” Junior shestiyadernik AMD I have at hand was not, but the graphs present the test results of GeForce bundles with RTX 2070 SUPER 7 2700X Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 3600. Even they clearly show that now if we are talking about gaming the system, it is necessary to take the chip based on the architecture of Zen 2. Well, what Ryzen 5 1600? Are you talking about, guys? Look at Battlefield V system with Ryzen 7 3700X ahead stand with Ryzen 7 2700X good 12 %. In General, it is obvious that if you collect in 2019 gaming system based on the platform, AM4, then it must be the processor generation Zen 2 — the latest architecture from AMD has significantly improved in all aspects.

At the same Ryzen 5 3600 overall shows similar results, although in some cases there is a slight advantage of 8-core before the 6-core model. However, in my opinion, it all was so clear. Obviously, now six cores is enough for gaming. In my opinion, the era of shestiyaderny came pretty quickly, one might even say immediately. Look at the overview of the 4-core Core i3-9350K: when you use a powerful graphics card 6-core Core i5-9400F is faster 4-core in six cases out of nine!

Let me remind you, 6-core Intel chips for the LGA1151 platform was released just two years ago. Next year will be presented to the PlayStation 5, which will be used a modified version of Ryzen eight cores. If we draw an analogy, it becomes obvious that the purchase of a modern 8-core CPU now is a completely rational activity. Especially within the advanced Assembly, when budget allows.

As for the confrontation between the Core i7-9700 and Core i7-8700, when you use a graphics card class GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER these chips in General demonstrate similar results, although the 8-core is a little better. Thus we see that the Core i7-9700K, overclocked to 5 GHz, not really add to the system in FPS games. For example, in GTA V there is a framerate increase of only 6 %. This means only one thing: a chip with an unlocked multiplier makes sense to use a paired with a more powerful graphics card, or more processorsamsung conditions.

By the way, about rationality. I always aim to provide the people of the system, the relevance of which will hold as long as possible. Let’s see how Ryzen 7 3700H and Core i7-9700 would behave if with them to use GeForce RTX 2080 Ti — the fastest gaming graphics card at the moment.

C graphics GeForce RTX 2080 Ti:

We see that the Core i7-9700 from Ryzen 7 3700X only increased if we take into account the resolution of Full HD and WQHD. The difference between the assemblies is observed even in Ultra HD, but this is not surprising. In principle, the results only confirm what was said earlier words: the LGA1151 platform-v2 at the moment, games are looking better. The Intel chip is higher margin, you absolutely can change over time, GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER to the video card of class GeForce RTX 2080 Ti — even if, probably, it will be a graphics accelerator of a different generation.

CPU cooler

We found that Ryzen 7 3700X and Core i7-9700(F) look in the advanced build. Intel CPU can not overclock, at the same time Ryzen 7 3700X to disperse does not make sense. And we use some pretty hot 8-core chips. There is clearly need a good tower cooler.


For example, such as Deepcool deepcool gammaxx GT. More precisely, in the sale you will find several GT modifications: GTE, GT BK, GT just GT TGA and they all have similar construction, but differ in the details. For example, the model deepcool gammaxx GT TGA made in the same style of motherboards ASUS TUF. Version deepcool gammaxx GT BK comes with a black profile cap and fan, equipped with a 12-volt RGB led. Backlight coolers Deepcool compatible with RGB technologies, all leading manufacturers of motherboards.

At the heart of any GT’s cooler is the heatsink consisting of aluminum fins of 0.5 mm thickness and four copper teplorulon. In the photo above it is clearly seen that uses the technology of direct contact. The height of the construction Assembly is 156 mm — this means that the cooler will fit in many cases Tower-type. Moreover, its thickness is only 79 mm (with fan) — Deepcool deepcool gammaxx GT does not overlap the DIMM slots of the motherboard. This is clearly seen on the pictures fully assembled system.

Included with the heatsink is a 120mm fan with a hydrodynamic bearing. His speed varies in the range of 500-1500 rpm. Even at maximum speed, “Carlson” is very quiet — from a distance of 50 cm the measuring device recorded a noise level of 39.1 dBA. It is obvious that in games most of the noise will create the cooler, not the processor.

According to the specifications, Deepcool deepcool gammaxx GT will cope with the Central processors, the TDP level of 150 watts. Indeed, used in the Assembly of the cooling system quite confident cool Ryzen 7 3700X and Core i7-9700. For example, in the first case, if you run the program 29.8 Prime95 using AVX instructions, the CPU temperature does not go beyond 90 degrees Celsius is quite a good indicator, because the new chips Ryzen already noted for his hot temper. This situation is connected not only with the level of processor power. The review Ryzen 7 3800X, we noted that the allocated chip heat simply does not reach the cooling system, as the eight-square crystal Ryzen 3000 is only 74 mm2, whereas, for example, a 12-nm eight-core crystal Ryzen last generation was larger than the 2.9 times.

Prime95 — loading serious, and the gamer is unlikely to load your system. In the same game Deepcool deepcool gammaxx GT works just fine, as the maximum temperature Ryzen 7 3700X not exceed 52 degrees Celsius.


Traditionally, advanced Assembly recommended RAM kit DDR4-3200 16GB. In 2017, on our website published an article “How much RAM is needed for games: 8 or 16 Gbytes,” in which it was clearly shown that 16 GB memory is enough in all game computers. Two years have passed and the situation has not changed. 16 GB of RAM in 2019 is a required minimum. Strictly speaking, therefore, there is nothing wrong if you with your build just buy a dual channel kit with capacity up to 32 GB.

As for the frequency, all components in the Assembly are selected in such a way that we could use fast memory. The market situation has developed such that the difference in price between the kits of DDR4-2666 and DDR4-3200 is minimal (500-1, 500 rubles, depending on the compared models), but the kits running on the effective frequency 4000+ MHz, there are much more. But does it make sense to use them? Let’s check!

Core i7-9700 + GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER:

Ryzen 7 3700X + GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER:

A small test was conducted with processors Ryzen 7 3700X and Core i7-9700 and GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER in Full HD resolution. It is not surprising that more processorintensive system, the influence of the high frequency of “RAM” is stronger. For example, in the case of AM4 platform the difference between DDR4-2666 and DDR4-3600 reaches 11 % in the game “the Witcher 3: wild hunt.”

I specifically bring your attention to the standard DDR4-3600. The fact that to use along with Ryzen 3000 faster RAM makes no sense, although some motherboard manufacturers now do not hesitate to speak about the support sets of DDR4-4000+ within the device chipset, X570. The creation of the new processors at the expense of chipsetov led to the fact that the processor core and memory controller are now separated. The connection of capleton with each other provides well known to us the Infinity bus Fabric — its frequency for Ryzen 3000 default is 1800 MHz. Now frequency Infinity Fabric and RAM are not tied to each other, however, the frequency of the bus must be either equal to the actual frequency of RAM or less it. It turns out that when using sets of RAM running at an effective frequency above 3600 MHz clock generator of the memory controller begins to operate in mode 2:1, i.e. its frequency is reduced by half. As a result, faster (frequency) the RAM is inefficient — and this is clearly seen on the charts.

Frequency Infinity Fabric can be increased independently, but our tests show that the increase is a maximum of 100 MHz. It turns out, with an increase in bus frequency to 1900 MHz you can already use a RAM kit DDR4-3800. It is important to note that, first, to disperse Infinity Fabric will be unity users. Secondly, not every motherboard is capable of such Commission — we deal in some degree with the lottery.

Charts attached above illustrate that in the case of using the stand GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER difference from the transition, for example, DDR4-3200 DDR4-3600 is only 5 %. The result, in my opinion, clearly shows that in the case of advanced Assembly is not much use to pursue the purchase faster kit of RAM. For both platforms you should choose dual-channel kits with a capacity of 16 GB, running at an effective frequency of 3200-3600 MHz.

Ryzen 7 3700X + GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER:

For greater clarity, let us conduct additional testing in games, but using more gentle graphic settings. Thus, “the Witcher 3” is started with the preset “High”, Watch Dogs 2 is “Very high”, and in GTA V I have disabled anti-aliasing. That is, in these games we increased the effect of processorepiemonte and, consequently, “pamatizglitibas” too. In such conditions, to use the AM4 platform and chip Ryzen 7 3700X, the difference between DDR4-2666 and DDR4-3600 reaches 19 %, and this is a decent indicator. Please note that when using slow memory most affected the minimum FPS.

A little announcement: soon our website will be detailed, thorough article on choosing RAM for a gaming PC.


I think you noticed that even in the build for 100 000 rubles is the motherboard chipset, B450, although there are more functional and expensive solutions based on sets of logic X470 and X570. Any fee B450 on-a-chip supports CPU overclocking (although, as we have seen, it has no special meaning) and memory (but this is a very useful option). X470 from this set of logic is different, in fact, the inability to use SLI and CrossFire arrays in the mode PCI Express x8+x8. You know, not really necessary — build a pair of cards turns out to be inappropriate activity, even in case of extreme build. From X570 B450 chipset does not support PCI Express 4.0. Here I fully support his colleague Ilya Gavrichenkov, who believes that at this stage it all seems not so popular, although it should be noted that the device with support for PCI Express 4.0 gradually penetrate into the market.

*Results taken from the article “review of the AMD Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 3600X 3600 5: shestiyadernik healthy person”

When the chips Ryzen 3000 just came out, there were some concerns that they will not perform as well on motherboards with the chipset 300 and 400 series. However, the fears were only fears. Boards with the chipset B350, B450, X370 and X470 work well with the new “Ryazan”. So, in review Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 3600X 3600 5 we compared the performance of the system collected at different Machpelah, and the Assembly showed almost the same results.


I note that ASUS promptly updates the firmware of their devices. For example, for the ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING is already out the 2801 BIOS update AM4 combo PI patch ABBA, which pulls the peak performance of the chip Ryzen. Read more about it you can read here.

In my opinion, Board-level ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING is great for advanced Assembly. Yes, we are dealing with the decision on the basis of far the most advanced chipset, but with the functionality of the device is all right. Thus, the device is equipped with quality network Gigabit controller Intel I211-AT, and also audio ROG SupremeFX subsystem based on the Realtek ALC1200 chip and is additionally equipped with two operational amplifiers. The I/O panel has all the necessary connectors, including USB 3.1 Gen2.

Interestingly, ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING officially supports sets of RAM DDR4-3200, but with Ryzen 7 3700X absolutely consistently earned kit DDR4-4000 from G. Skill. The power subsystem of the motherboard consists of 8 phases. This arrangement VRM zone is quite enough to 8-core AMD kept the stated frequency. The hot spot of the power Converter under load in the program Prime95 did not exceed 80 degrees Celsius — it is the normal rate to pay the medium price range. This means that in games power Converter will warm up at least 20 degrees Celsius less.

Finally, the ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING is equipped with six connectors for fans connection. All ports are four-pin, the motherboard can control the fan speed with PWM and without. As you can see, the pads are divided into three groups of two slots each. Their location is chosen. Consider a typical situation: the upper ports to connect the fans of the CPU cooler (for example, in the case of using the system tower supercooler or two WCS), the connectors are placed closer to the I/O panel, connect the Cabinet the impeller, mounted on the rear, and the pump from the liquid WITH. The connectors that are soldered to the bottom of the Board, — case fans mounted on the front panel and working on blowing. So six connectors cooling system is enough for the average gaming PC.


To build the Intel tested together with motherboard ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING this device also suitable for our purposes. The functionality of the Board is about the same as ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING. So, panel, I/o has two USB 3.1 Gen2. For the LAN meets the Gigabit controller Intel I219V and sound — Realtek ALC S1200A. Finally, the Board has two M. 2 ports that support SATA, and NVMe drives formats 2242/2260/2280/22110.

Unlike ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING, TUF Z390-PLUS motherboards feature the five connectors for fans connection, but the principle is similar. The subsystem CPU power supply constructed according to the scheme 6+3, where most of the channels responsible for the computational cores of the processor, and the smaller the remaining nodes of the chip. Most importantly, this arrangement enables to stably operate our Core i7-9700 — more from TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING, in principle, not required. I note only that I quietly broke up with this boards Core i7-9700K to 5 GHz, but used the stand only in games. I will not be silent, for such overclocking 8-core and its use under heavy load (like Prime95 and similar programs) will require a fee some other level — for example, ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-H GAMING. The memory kit G. Skill Trident Z Royal F4-4000C17D-16GTRS without problems start after enabling XMP profile.

Video card

So we got to the most important component in any gaming computer. Of course, the graphics card determines the performance level in games, although we found earlier that the other components also have their effect. That is why it does not, for example, to save on CPU and RAM.

In the advanced Assembly is the most expensive component is the graphics card. In the presence of the designated budget we can count on the purchase of models such as the Radeon RX XT and GeForce 5700 RTX 2070 SUPER. Comparison of these cards can be found in the review GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER.

I will not allow the compared Radeon RX XT GeForce 5700 RTX 2070 SUPER — the results of the testing of these cards in the same conditions you will meet in the second part of the article. Want to touch another topic, which indirectly affected the level of performance of these devices.

Core i7-9700 + GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER:

Which month for an advanced build, I recommend to focus on the purchase of GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER — and mostly due to support for hardware ray tracing. On the charts above you see that the accelerator is able to provide a comfortable FPS at resolutions of Full HD and WQHD when you enable the maximum quality of DXR. If you do not have enough frame rate, it is possible to activate the intelligent smoothing of DLSS. However, how it works, very many are not satisfied. Yes, the FPS is markedly increased, but the image on the monitor in the most capable of the game becomes very soap — even in a corridor and easily predictable AI scenes such shooters as Control.

There is the obvious fact — the ray tracing has come to stay. Games that support this technology becomes more and more. Among AAA projects, available now, includes Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Control, Youngblood Wolfenstein and Final Fantasy XV, some of them even quite worth to play them. And in soon it will be Watch Dogs: Legion and, of course, Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that I personally very much forward to.

At the time when GTA V only came out on PC, I’m often asked to collect the system unit, so this is the game that is called fly. Sure, with “Cyberpunk” will be a similar situation. In the comments to the “Computer of the month” are already starting to ask what the PC will draw this game. All of these examples I cite to the fact that buying a GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER will allow you to try the “rays” for example the already released those games and wait quietly for Cyberpunk 2077. I can’t wait!

Sounds lame? Well, in that case, we have a worthy alternative — a Radeon RX XT 5700.



In the Assembly model was used ASUS DUAL-RTX2070S-O8G-EVO is a fairly affordable version of the GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER. The graphics, in my opinion, manifests itself very worthy. Thus, the frequency of which varies within the limits from 1995 to 2010 MHz. The GPU temperature does not rise above 67 degrees Celsius, the fan of the cooler start to rotate only when heated GP to 50 degrees Celsius. Under load the noise level measured from a distance of 50 cm, 36.4 dBA — the unit runs very quietly.

To achieve such results allows a rather large cooler — the accelerator takes up three expansion slots in the housing. The basis of the cooling system is a pair of 88-mm Axial fans-tech is the same impeller used in the video series ROG STRIX. They are a special shape of the blades and the presence of a closed ring around the edges. According to the manufacturer, this form of “Carlson” enhance airflow and reduce noise at high speeds.

The reverse side of the adapter PCB is equipped with a metal plate. It is not a part of the cooling system, but increases the rigidity of the entire structure and protects the elements from accidental damage and makes the device even more attractive.

The cooler consists of a fairly massive two-piece radiator. Through the aluminum fins are four copper Nickel-plated heat pipes. The heatsink and GPU contact through a flat polished base. For cooling the memory chips is a separate plate which, however, is also fastened to the radiator.

Further cooled and the elements of the power Converter. ASUS DUAL-RTX2070S-O8G-EVO has 10 phases, eight of which are reserved for the stable operation of the graphics core.



To compare the performance of ASUS DUAL-RTX2070S-O8G-EVO we will be indicators of the ASUS ROG STRIX-RX5700XT-O8G-GAMING — possibly the best custom version of the Radeon RX XT 5700. Really want to see what maximum pumped modification in this chip. Thus, the frequency of GP card games varies from 1848 to 2004 MHz. Here, the chip is heated to 68 degrees Celsius. ASUS ROG STRIX-RX5700XT-O8G-GAMING is very quiet — in the same conditions the measuring device recorded of 37.1 dBA.

For cooling the chip, memory and elements of the power Converter at the graphics card meets the overall 2,7-slot cooler. It is based on a cooler with six Nickel-plated copper teletrapami. Air flow same pump three fan Axial-tech, which I wrote just above. The power subsystem ASUS ROG STRIX-RX5700XT-O8G-GAMING has 14 phases.

Later our website will be a detailed review of this card.


Quite a long time in the “Computer of the month” it is recommended that only one drive — the SSD as the main storage device on which you will install Windows and main programs, including the most frequently run games. To this solution I came last year, as the organization of space in a PC is a purely individual matter. Now advise the Assembly of some terabyte HDD in addition to SSD — so, it one is simply not needed, and the other from the previous system remained “a bunch” of hard drives. The third little one terabyte, and the fourth and three!

So I will just note that the testing I used the model 970 Samsung EVO PLUS is the review of this model, of course, went to our website.


Case selection is also highly individual question, as we all have different tastes. One like the strong enclosure with blind walls, others don’t care for the appearance — the main thing that set iron is efficiently cooled. Others want to be around beautiful system. The Russian representation of company Deepcool offered us to take the model MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB — we agreed, as this package is quite suitable for our build.


See all images (9)









See all
images (9)

MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB combines all the modern tendencies of corporate. The power supply unit and compartment for 3.5-inch drives are installed from the bottom. From the user’s eyes, these elements are hidden behind a metal wall. It turns out that in the main niche in which the motherboard is installed, there are no baskets. And if they do not, they do not interfere with the work of hull fans.

The case was quite roomy. It supports installation of CPU coolers up to 168 mm, graphics cards up to 370 mm and power up to a length of 170 mm. of Space behind the defensive wall is also plenty of clearance for cable management is 23 mm. At the same MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB support, among other things, the installation even motherboard form factor E-ATX. Finally, if you collect in this case the system with the DLC, then the device will allow you to install a 280 mm radiator on top, a 120mm radiator at the rear and a 360-mm radiator in front.

The front wall of the housing is a blank. It’s not very good from the point of view of the air intake, but MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB front fans are not close to her. So the cold air intake is performed through the perforations on the sides. The upper and lower housing equipped with dust collectors.

The same wall — glass. We are dealing with another modern trend, metal and plastic gradually replaced. Do so especially because in case it is possible to install fans with RGB led. Made of glass in MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB and the side wall — its thickness is 4 mm. So that during Assembly in such case don’t forget to pay attention to the right quality and the cable management is then more pleasant to watch, not to mention improved cooling.

As you know, MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB equipped with RGB-backlit. The front panel has a built-addressable led strip. As in the case with the cooler deepcool gammaxx GT case compatible RGB-technology, all leading motherboard manufacturers — including ASUS.

Please note that included with MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB no fans. Plus or minus the device — decide for yourself, dear readers. For me personally, this circumstance is not a disadvantage, because the fan with the desired characteristics, you can pick your own. Or to use an existing impeller left over from the last build.

Power supply

For most systems, “Computer of the month”, I suggest to use power supply units with a capacity of 600-650 watts — and advanced Assembly is one of them. It is obvious that the “breadwinner” of the components better not to save, so I recommend using an effective model with 80 PLUS Gold.

In the article “What kind of power supply necessary modern gaming PC” reviewed quite a lot of aspects related to the selection of this device. Above the chart shows the energy consumption advanced in the Assembly. As you can see, in games system with Core i7-9700 and GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER “eats” in the area of 300 watts. At the same time, we know that the most efficient power supplies operate at 50% load. While the less loaded BP — the less it is heated and rustles.

In General, the choice 600-Attica is in some degree the perfect solution. Such power is enough including to GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 5700 or Radeon RX XT over time to be replaced with something more productive and perhaps greedy.

In the Assembly model was used GamerStorm DQ650-M. This power supply supports the standard 80 PLUS Gold and fully modular cable management. The circuit design uses only Japanese capacitors. All this means that at 50% load the efficiency of the device reaches 90 %.

For the cooling of the mass GamerStorm DQ650-M meets the 120 mm fan. It works virtually silent and an advanced Assembly will not spin up to the maximum frequency at 1500 rpm.

Of the features I note that the tested model is equipped with two EPS 12V cables are designed for CPU power. In the case of our assemblies in the second wire is not necessary, but often the motherboard of the middle and high price range to supply extra power connectors.



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