Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and again we are shoulder to shoulder. First owner
Genre Action
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Publisher in Russia Ubisoft Entertainment
Developers Massive Entertainment
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz/AMD FX-6350 3.9 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670/AMD Radeon R9 270 v2, 50 GB on the hard disk account on Uplay
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz/AMD R5 Ryzen
1500X 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date 15 Mar 2019
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4
Official website

Tom Clancy’s The Division came at a time when games-services is gaining momentum (outside of MMO, of course). The unique in the market, there was only Destiny and, to some extent, Warframe. The project has a Massive Entertainment was enough strengths: interesting world (USA, embarked on the brink of collapse due to the outbreak of the virus), wonderful appearance and sturdy mechanics of the role playing shooter. For three years these projects have become widespread. It’s time to contact corporate stunt Ubisoft, which the company loves to rotate — on the basis of a strong first part to create a truly outstanding second game. But judging from what I saw, the developers chose a different strategy.

Democracy is in danger

My acquaintance with The Division 2 began with a short presentation of where the game was presented by the Director of development Mathias Carlson (Mathias Karlson). He said that we are waiting for the first few story missions and a few areas of the open world to explore. Unfortunately, PvP, and a “Dark zone” beyond the scope of the event. But a few hours spent in the vastness of the deserted Washington, it was clear the main thing — we have continued made according to the classic recipe: pour more of the same.

The Division continues to be the most beautiful physics of the shot glass

The first mission was purely single player. The agent, whose role you take on, helps to repel the attack on the well-known White house — it is a base of operations Division. If you have missed or forgotten the first issue, recall that the so-called special corps of “sleeper agents”, which in case of emergency in the country should do everything not to let her fall apart. Seven months after the outbreak of the virus their services are still in demand.

Single task, unfortunately, does not Shine with performance. Ten minutes was enough to repel the residence of the President of the United States by local bandits. A here the base is not in the best shape — most features not available, lack of technology and expertise. Therefore, as in The original The Division, we have to establish the farm.

Washington is divided among several hostile groups, which hindered the peace of the people to restore democracy and civilization. At first, the main opponents will be the “Hyenas”. As you might guess from the name, these vultures had taken the last of the poor and infirm. Agents will not tolerate this, and now — in the composition of the team of up to four people will systematically clean up the streets.

Night Washington looks particularly atmospheric. And dangerous

New town, old cases

Structurally The Division 2 repeats predecessor. We can freely explore the extensive grounds — the developers say about recreated the capital of the U.S. the scale of one to one, with most of the attractions. As before, the map shows required and optional quests, and the path between them can easily get into random trouble: that civilian is attacked, then the radio will interrupt. Help is always only one way — shoot all the bad guys.

As before, the back streets are scattered audio that tell about the ordinary citizen, faced with the horrors of the Holocaust. The world of the sequel as the first part, developed in detail — the authors sequentially build a picture of events using everyday scenes and environments. It is easy to stumble upon some abandoned apartment or shop, which is one of its kind tells a mini-story.

In addition to the main base, in The Division 2 there were settlements of civilians. Some already exist at the time of our arrival, others first have to repel the bandits. Them, as the main operating base we need to develop as you progress. It is necessary to comply with the terms of “projects”. For example, having one of the minor orders, you will help the engineer to get back to work, and he will be able to create new equipment. Or, gathering certain resources will extend the range at a local shop.

The crossbow is so fit in the selected entourage that surprised by his absence in the first part

When the group is sent to perform a task, usually we are locked into a linear level that allows authors a little bit to direct the shooting. Conditions often vary from tight corridors to sprawling, multi-level arenas. The action often unfolds in an interesting and well designed scenery, whether it is destroyed a supermarket, laboratory, or office building. Each room through which agents make their way, carefully elaborate: full of detail and interactive things, scattering a hail of bullets.

Action is a little different from what we saw in The Division. The sequel — the role-playing shooter with shelters. Your skills is only half the battle, and the other half good equipment, appropriate to the level of the character. Of enemies still out numbers the damage, they easily “absorb” the clip from the gun. However, shoot nice, and the weapon feels different and has its own quirks. For example, the machine gun is very effective in order to suppress enemies while they are hiding in the shelter, the partners will be able to bypass them from the back.

At the end of missions we often are waiting for the next boss. They ingenuity not differ, and are usually just stronger versions of standard enemies. But in General, among the enemies become more diversity, and the manner of fighting among the various factions of its own. “Hyenas,” for example, can rush to you hand to hand that at first dumbfounded. Sit in cover, shoot back, and suddenly I see you run on the heels of the crazies! Shoot all not in time, have to retire immediately.

All equipment is displayed on the character

In a difficult situation, rescue gadgets. In the presented version was already familiar drones, turrets, and homing grenades. In the release range to increase to eight samples, and each device can operate in one of three modes. Their improvement and character development, technology spend points received for completing missions or exploring the world. Pumping became a bit more flexible, allowing you to shape your character by your play style.

The content after

Opening hours the impression, rather, The 1.5 Division than The Division 2. That is twisted here and there the original, only on a completely new, more lively the map is there even the animals running around. The game will certainly be interesting to go at least once. And alone, too — to explore the environment and examine the records found fascinating. In a rebuke to the predecessor often put the fact that she seemingly suggested race for the best gear after the main story, but it was made to run on old missions again and again.

In The Division 2, the developers are determined to impress and after dozens of hours of play. First, once the maximum character level of specialization open, with a specific weapons and skills. To activate only one, but as I understand it, in the end, one character can level all three — as many specializations from the start, and the same amount will be added in a future addenda.

The most part of shootings will continue to be held in shelter

Secondly, when you deal with all the local gangs, the game will take a new faction — the group “Black Ivory”. They represent the antithesis of “Division” — as cool armed, only do not leave a stone unturned. In the open world there will be new events, tasks, and secondary activity. To successfully confront a new enemy, you need good weapons.

I’ve had two missions where I had to fight with “Tusks”, and the contrast with the common gangs of new villains look menacing. In the midst of a bunch of armored soldiers and a variety of appliances, up-to-robots-dogs with machine guns on their backs. Unceremoniously to get them is very difficult, have to find weak points and focus fire on them — for example, the same dogs can be slow, ustralia a pair of mechanical legs. Teamwork becomes the key to victory.

Certain things the authors still kept secret. For example, I met characters that carried resources to the village, but why is it necessary, is unclear. The developers are talking about a living world that changes as a result of your actions and influence on the streets constantly fighting faction. Now it looks like possible, gradually opening to the completion of certain missions. Anyway, each player will reveal all the mechanics — it was in the first part. And if we can give users the feeling that the world really lives and without their participation — the big question.

With armored enemies without joint action very difficult to understand

* * *

Judging by the four hours spent in The Division 2, it is too strongly reminiscent of the first part. Point changes a lot: extended pumping, new types of enemies, more activities — but all this is more drawn to a scale Supplement than a numbered sequel. That can really change the game — a living open world. Could Massive Entertainment to adequately implement this interesting idea, we’ll know in March — for the few hours they do not understand. Well, a lot of what I saw, the owners of the pre-orders will be able to test personally on February 7, when starts the closed beta.



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