The Division 2: Warlords of New York — they tried. Review
Genre Action, role playing game, MMO
Publisher Ubisoft
Publisher in Russia Ubisoft
Developer Massive Entertainment
Minimum requirements: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD FX-6350 3.9 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon R9 270, 50 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and account in Uplay
Recommended requirements: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date March 3, 2020
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

Played on the PS4

Although The Division 2 liked it and the press and the audience, just a couple of weeks later about the game as if all was forgotten. The first part is also started not too well (this, of course, is not about profits, but about the quality), but the additions have breathed new life into it. In the case of the sequel is the DLC came out very quietly — no wonder, because it was free updates, so that to demand from them something outstanding takes. Ubisoft tried to fix it in the paid addition Warlords of New York — and the old, to please changes and content, and new audiences to interest, which in February purchased The original Division 2 for a penny.


One of the main disadvantages of a sequel called the change of scene — say, the Washington new York of the first part sloppy. Well, claims were heard, and we return to the largest city in the United States. But don’t blame Ubisoft lazy “copy-paste” — the areas are completely different. Will explore Lower Manhattan, including the financial district and civic center.

The scenery looks amazing when the textures have time to upload, of course

The city has changed beyond recognition, and it’s not just the change of seasons and lack of snow on the streets. Areas have experienced a hurricane, so part of new York in ruins. Destroyed buildings, damaged skyscrapers, and destroyed the asphalt, broken trees — the atmosphere is almost apocalyptic. The map Supplement is less than in the main game, but the points of interest, sights and do some interesting things due to this, located closer to each other, thereby continually stop and stare at the surroundings.

A far greater emphasis on the verticality of the locations. It’s full of secrets, places where to get hidden boxes and more. Containers with spetstekhnologiya needed to improve my skills, never lie on the ground — you need to look for ladders, rope, standing unusual machines and other ways to climb higher. Sometimes you have to shoot electrical panels, and some doors on the back side is closed, to get which is possible only from a certain point.

The latter is very often found in the story missions, which makes them especially fascinating when passing with friends. The scenery on these jobs, as always, is beyond praise: you can get into the courthouse, you find yourself in a Bank vault, trying to get out of the burning apartment buildings. In one scene, the character is sent into the subway, where it is necessary not only to skirmish with the enemies, but watch out for falling stones.

After the hurricane the city has become almost uninhabitable

Sorry, the plot is not something to praise — not for the first The Division was not able to do interesting, nor the second, nor in the Supplement. Even returned from the first part of the characters emotions do not cause. What do you remember about ray Benitez, moreover, that in the Russian version he is voiced Sergei Chonishvili? Nothing. Same with faye Lau, the same with the main villain Aaron Kinnear, whose agents pursued for several years. The ending was great and unexpected, but everything that happens to her, it is possible (and sometimes even necessary) to skip any empty talk or senseless saver.

No wonder were hunted

The passage of the story takes about eight hours, and in the process to leave new York is impossible. So if he bought the Supplement, will call you to take a job in Washington, they will have to refuse. The plot seems to be linear, but in reality you just choose the procedure: to calculate the location of Kinnear, you need to destroy four of his henchmen. Does not matter who you will discover hunting first, unless you want to get associated with the specific goal of learning a new skill.

These four exclusive ability of Kinnear handy actively used in battle. Someone puts on location own holographic copy, confusing you and hiding, and as soon as the boss will be defeated, just to fool opponents and so can you. Another set traps, amazing shock to them all approaching enemies. And the third and fourth use sticky bombs — one explodes, another burns goal. Yet none of the abilities — in addition to the holographic dummy and it is controversial — does not seem too useful.

Good old flamethrower

But even if new skills were not at all, for fans of The Division, the addition would still remain worthy of attention. Although the tasks in the missions are the same — again to clean up the room from the pile of enemies, again, something to protect, something again to destroy and re-shoot, to carry them into the new decor is more fun than repeatedly visit the old. In addition was back enemies from the first part, in particular convicts and cleaners. The latter just walking around with flamethrowers at the ready, and shoot the tanks on their backs can still be fun.

It’s only the beginning… probably

After the campaign the Warlords of New York can freely switch between new York and Washington. Ubisoft plans to add new content to both cities, so that users do not stay long just one of them. There will be additional missions and other activities are distributed over the three seasons, the first of which started on March 10. However, the disappointing season: the hunt for the first goal is to protect the nine control points, a second pass four old missions and three elimination. No new content there.

To participate in the seasons ahead during the year for those who want to dress up your character in an increasingly high-quality and fashionable equipment issued for each new level of the local military pass (free with a complement, of course). The Massive team has made a lot of changes to the production system (available to those who add bought). What’s really cool is how much clearer and simpler steel descriptions.

Scale of bonus health are filled — so, better option is to find. But the damage bonus is higher

Take, for example, high-level protective mask. It has one main feature and two normal damage from weapons, the damage skills, resistance to explosions, the boost to health — it’s not only very clear one glance at these lines, but indicated how close the feature to the maximum. If the scale is “damage from critical hits” are incomplete, so it’s even better. And it was not necessary to examine separately each item on the list of things features marked with a special icon, which becomes highlighted when it reaches the maximum rate.

Another change occurred in the talents that are now inherent only to bibs, backpacks and weapons. And the most important innovation — the ability to transfer some feature of the “stuff” in for recalibration for use on other piece, which had greatly lacked. No longer need to hold onto some thing, because now with its destruction useful characteristic will not be lost forever. Did not disappear and branded the kits — if you wear two or three items from one manufacturer, receive additional bonuses. And there is nothing that any brand produces only a backpack, bib and holster — each manufacturer has absolutely all the equipment, just need to find them and get a significant increase to armor, damage from specific weapons or something else.

At the same time not without disadvantages, which fans of The Division 2 already writing angry posts on social networks. For example, exotic things, why it has random characteristics, which sometimes drops gear worse than usual “legendarok”. One of the main goals of Massive was to make dropped items more rare, but valuable, however, the system works imperfectly. Exotic items in the end, fall down much less often, and that’s a shame, when you get armor or weapons with weak indicators.

One of the major innovations — the opportunity to pet the doggie

Another problem — the return of the unkillable “yellow” enemies, which have too long to shoot. The whole endgame in this Supplement means completion of this content in high complexity for the sake of obtaining better equipment and higher experience to unlock seasonal content. To this end the Directive — the possibility to complicate the gameplay on the entire map, and in a separate operation. The result is health from enemies very much, and going without a stop at the side of the player (and very much to throws grenades) they love. Enjoy the process in such a situation are difficult to obtain.

Over time, at least some of the defects are probably correct, as well as numerous bugs, of which there are a dime a dozen. The textures do not have time to get downloaded, then modelki opponents are similar to figures from action games of the era of the first PlayStation, they do not appear in a few seconds on the mini-map shows that they’re somewhere around here, but you have to wait until the enemies materialists. With a sound component issues even more — half if not. Replica played late and because of this are cut off at the end, shooting could be heard in the early skirmishes, sometimes the factions battle in the streets in complete silence…

When defending control points will have to shoot at the walls — they stuck opponents


The hope was that the Warlords of New York will be for The Division 2 what has become The Taken King’s Destiny — and large-scale work on the bugs, which has given a more distinct component of the story and plenty of entertainment, which is great to extend the life of the game. While it is difficult to say how things will continue, and whether the action to remain interesting to a large audience. The amount of bugs and weird solutions endgame indicate that Massive greatly hastened with the release. The merits of the additions and a revised mining system a lot, but some mistakes can greatly harm the game, if not corrected as soon as possible.


  • new atmospheric and beautiful neighbourhoods that are a pleasure to explore;
  • all the same entertaining mission in the luxurious scenery;
  • changed the production system and updated features to simplify life players;
  • combat pass with a bunch of useful inspiring awards (yet) on re-runs after the final.


  • the plot continues to spit;
  • seasons based on the old content apparently, new missions and fun can’t wait;
  • opponents are again ready to take on his chest pounds of bullets;
  • numerous bugs — some are forced to restart jobs from the beginning.


The scenery is still very beautiful, but textures often fail to load — see the square trees and awkward opponents.


The music is great, but, as in the case of graphics, a lot of bugs — sound is constantly late and/or missing in the dialogues, and in the shootings.

Single game

If you are used to play The Division solo, there is discomfort, too, will not. Is that the final boss can be a pain in the nerves.


Run together with friends (or even random fellow travelers) still fun. Yes, and the “Dark zone” has not disappeared — it now more emphasis on PvP, not PvE.

Overall impression

Supplement is obviously created in a hurry — the number of bugs and not the best entertainment in endgame point to it. Great innovation there, but enough of them — a moot point.

Score: 6,0/10

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The Division 2: Warlords of New York

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