DOOM Eternal — and his revenge was terrible. Review
Genre Shooter
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Developer id Software
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 2220G 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with 4 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon R9 280, 50 GB on the drive, an Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0 GHz / AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz, 8 GB
RAM, video card with 6 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date 20 Mar 2020
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (release date to be announced)

Played on the PC

DOOM sample 2016 kicked ass in all directions. Crazy dynamics going on and heavy industrial Mick Gordon demanded a short respite after each battle to wipe the sweat from his brow and take a breath before again throwing in a bloody mess. The return of the king of shooters definitely succeeded — gut sluggish competitors, it, happy, once again sat on the throne. On the wave of success and very positive feedback from gamers was clear that sooner or later we get the sequel. DOOM Eternal promised to be even more brutal, meaner and better than its predecessor! Somewhere it happened, but somewhere, unfortunately, id Software is not able to reach the given previous release of the standards.



Although, in fairness, to compete with the nearly perfect shooter — that’s a toughie. You can do exactly the same a second time, but then the game will be too similar. Or to risk changing a lot of things, but trying to keep the brash atmosphere of the first part. id Software has chosen the latter option, so Eternal DOOM is quite different from its predecessor. However, not all the differences came to the court.

The desire to diversify the game in the first place affected its integrity. Instead of thoughtful Martian UAC severe complex our hero waiting for a lot of new places, but they are perceived as random and incoherent levels. And it’s funny that even part of one location may not be combined with each other. The gameplay dictates everything: here the need to let the user jump — then let go of the internal logic to walk and poke flying platforms and fire chains, magically floating in the air (and desperately reminiscent of the Mario series!).

The feeling that ran through here a mustachioed Italian

The same goes for useful items that are scattered across the worlds. They are now deliberately colorful, brightly allocated on the General background, and a huge question mark pointing to the secrets, and all sorts of 1UP, stumbles here and there, look very arcade and frankly distracting from the overall style of the game. An improvement, of course, but the solution is quite strange.

And after all the previous DOOM was much more grown-up and authentic — how can we talk about reliability in a shooter about the extermination of the hordes of demons that did not make him worse. It is not clear why id suddenly decided to take this art course. However, the gameplay is not overly affected — which is not true of the platform sections. If you don’t shoot, most often somewhere jump. In the beginning it is perceived as a cool complement to meat battle, interlude, diluting the bloody battle, but the more, the more questions arise to this element of gameplay. Especially in situations that require you to understand where to move further, otherwise the platform will fall and have to start all over again. Some places reaches almost to the acrobatic performances, a La “Hangman Du Soleil”. They are not that complex, just more like annoying.

Here are the bonuses look a bit strange on the background of the brutal environment

Thus the hero has become significantly more mobile. The increased dynamics is felt from the first minute, and when the opportunity to do dashes to the side (including in the air), then there’s DOOM Eternal is revealed in its entirety. Soldiers of the Rock responds to the slightest pressure and, it seems, is not controlled by keyboard and mouse, and the power of thought. Due to this, the battles are crazier and faster, and dormant reptilian brain instincts are awakened and cut your own primitive autopilot.


On the combat system of Eternal DOOM is to dwell, because it is the Foundation of the game, its the best and, paradoxically, the most controversial part. id like to add in more battle tactics, so quite seriously changed the very mechanics of the extermination of demons. Now in the arena lying minimum number of kits and cartridges — all you need to get your hands. To improve health, it is necessary to execute the enemy in close combat, and the ammunition fall out of the cuts with a chainsaw. Finally, to obtain the armor you must first set fire to the fiend, and then shot him. All this is clearly intended to make the collision more contact, violent and variable. It’s not you locked with monsters in the arena, and they are locked with a tireless Executioner of Rock!

In practice, however, especially given the long 10-hour campaign, it turned out not too great. After all, what good is DOOM battle in 2016? They adjusted to the millimeter, so that everyone, even the weakest enemy was dangerous and was in the right place. Helped design locations, not only smartly written in environment, but also properly combining the vertical with the location of objects. DOOM Eternal lost attention to detail. The arena is now just a set of elements that are really not attached to anything. Besides the first few levels it seems that the new part is just crazy because it constantly throws hordes of enemies, and brutal grind with all available means. But this is not true.

Shoot a giant from BFG? Yes please

The large number of demons, a screen behind which one is entertaining enough, but not too nice feature of the game. In battles you can not touch most smaller enemies, as they will still appear indefinitely. All of these weak demons, zombies, and the possessed soldiers are present in the arena with only one purpose — to provide the player with resources. Health, ammo. A kind of living walking chests, which necessarily need blood to kill, because otherwise vital things can’t give.

However, as soon as I killed the last enemy larger, all small things will cease to fall into the arena. Will stay to finish it and move on. In fact, in Eternal DOOM every battle turns into veselchane “fat” opponents, but because of too severe restrictions of ammunition (e.g. shotgun without the improvements placed 16 charges), constantly have to pay attention to flickering under the feet of the enemies base.

And sometimes it turns out very funny — ammunition left, some grenades cast aside the demons out, so jump across the arena in search of some zombies, which can be chopped with a chainsaw and has to fill his pockets with cartridges. However, even its use is limited and if there are no cans of fuel, you will need to wait for the cooldown. In the end, the dead man you found, but to cut it can’t because the chainsaw on cooldown, and in the back breathing all sorts of bloodthirsty mancubus with the barons of Hell. That’s worn from all the brethren then, while the skill will not use again. Happens rarely, but still happens. And in new DOOM took let and weak, but endless gun! You can, of course, waving their fists, but they do such damage that the demons may die of old age than from the blows.

Exactly the same situation and treatment. You need to constantly be careful not to throw any random jerk in one gulp, otherwise to execute it and to get hold of the kits will not work. If DOOM in 2016 near the goal played albeit important, but not critical role, since it was always possible to decide whether the risk or not, Eternal DOOM, there is no choice. For survival to have to get in the middle, there is a quick gut of the downed demon, and then swiftly get back in the hope that the resulting health points will be removed for the second, that ubegaesh at a safe distance.

Plates not just for looks — they can even listen to

In General, all these innovations that were supposed to help the sequel be more diverse and aggressive, in fact, killed the variability of the first part, because all the battles are now held on the same scenario: killed a couple of “fat”, cut a devil with a chainsaw, rearm, made a couple of powerful enemies. Repeat until the last of them turn into bloody pieces.


However, even with such changes the dynamics of the fighting in Eternal DOOM is unthinkable. Moreover, the batches are held at crazy speeds, and the hero has extra funds the destruction of all evil like shrapnel or freeze grenades, flamethrower, blood strike thrower all around, and the sword. The latter, however, will accrue only in the last third of the game.

With all the controversial changes to the warhead, the new DOOM does not take away the main, overwhelming bloodlust. Similar adrenaline shooters now on the market simply no. Worn a deadly vortex around the arena, destroying everything somehow moves, bullets rip chunks of flesh from the bodies of the enemy, breaking bones and eyes reduce the stock of devilry in the scale of the whole of Hell. And all this under heavy and dirty riffs from Mick Gordon. But if the story stages was not enough, it is possible to escape in “the master levels” for a new portion of adrenaline and more challenging battles. Here it is, happiness!

The lack of any competitors playing Eternal DOOM at hand. I have the feeling that id Software really wanted to make “old new DOOM your dreams” and to party, bringing the integrity of the adventures in the sacrifice of fun. It turned out quite well, but the fresh part in all but the increased speed, though not strongly, but loses a reference “Duma” in 2016. Locations fragmented even within the same level, and the excessive emphasis on platforming and General arcade leave a dual impression. And the rhythm of the campaign some kind of uneven: the game from the first seconds throws in the meat, and then for ten hours really doesn’t change anything. From the endless action at the end may be corny to get tired, and during the passage of the previous part of these thoughts does not even arise. However, at least one adrenaline race games suffice. And this will be one of the most insane, brutal and bloody adventure of recent years. But the pull to come back as a returning DOOM in 2016? I can’t say.


  • crazy dynamics of battles;
  • a huge Arsenal of weapons and abilities;
  • and, of course, no less than the demons, both new and returning series.


  • clumsy platform section;
  • controversial changes to the combat system.


Eternal DOOM clearly has headroom for new generation consoles. The picture looks very juicy, and optimization is simply gorgeous — the game swears on dehghanian graphics card, but continues to give a smooth 60 frames per second!


Mick Gordon with us again and again offers a fierce and evil soundtrack, which is fun to scatter a Horde of demons.

Single game

Campaign, if not too much to bother with finding the secrets, enough ten hours. And it will be one of the most insane and adrenaline hours!


Unfortunately, the network mode to release unavailable. We update the material later.

Overall impression

Eternal DOOM is doing a lot right — he’s even crazier and more dynamic direct predecessor. However, the lack of integrity, the changes in the combat system and disadvantages less prevent the game to reach the benchmark in the face of DOOM 2016.

Rating: 8,0/10

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