Anthem farewell anthem? Review
Genre Action
Publisher Electronic Arts
Publisher in Russia EA Russia
Developer BioWare
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-3570 3.4 GHz/AMD FX-6350 3.9 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2 or 3GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon R9 280X, 50 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and an account on Origin
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz/AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5
GHz, 12 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 6 or 8 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date 22 Feb 2019
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

About some of the game say that it is enough to spend about an hour and all will become clear: nothing new will appear, the gameplay will remain the same, and the story is not worth for her to stay. The most glaring and recent example — Just Cause 4, where after the first movie interesting to follow the plot, but the introductory missions are so stupid that much more fun to just run around and blow up the red barrels and tanks. The same can be characterized and Anthem — after the first two or three jobs, you will see almost everything the game can offer. And this is no exaggeration.

Not destiny

The main problem of the Anthem lies in the fact that since the first Destiny it’s been almost four and a half years, and the BioWare team if he did not know about the existence of the shooter and did something similar, along the way repeating the same mistakes that made Bungie. After all, despite the difference in the gameplay is the same: you go through the storyline, then go to the “Dungey”, put increasingly high level of complexity, try to buy the most powerful gear and wait for the next update with additional trophies.

Fly in Anthem damn nice

If you passed the first Destiny, you probably remember there problems with the design of the mission. Approximately every second job was required to bring the Ghost to an object and defend it from waves of enemies until he had there scans or hacking. We all stepped on the same rake, so to protect the objects for several minutes in Anthem have to constantly. Does the game have something other than this? Is. In some jobs you offer to pick up the pieces, using the radar, and take them to a given point, while others ask you to fly through hovering in the air stuff and just deliver them to the right place. Of these orders consist of absolutely all the local mission.

Even in the final battle, which supposed to be the epic conclusion of the story, are asked to collect these damn fragments! In some episodes you must also solve puzzles, but even in God of War they were harder. Here only it is necessary to find on the wall a huge symbol and turning a figure on a pedestal or in time to stop the wheel with the picture of the icons. Any spectacular scenes of memorable battles and impressive destruction. Just fly from one marker to another and try not to yawn.

At some point, the game tries to offer something new: asks to visit four fortress and to run a few errands. Sorry about not warning you in advance, because Anthem requires you 50 kills with melee, 15 collected in the open world chests, 5 random events and more on what you eventually spend two hours. One hundred and twenty minutes of dull flights search of enemies, treasure chests and resources. And to do it in co-op very uncomfortable — the chest shall be counted only to those who opened it, so four people in one unit only interfere with each other. The funny thing is that in the end, it is generally not worth it — “fortress” is a crypt, where next to the corpse is a stupid note. I spent my time to save you, dear readers.

Such variants of the answer even waste time on the dialogue do not want

So fun!

Boggles the mind how developers and testers can play with this and think that someone is in the process seem fun. However, this problem only Anthem begins — repetitive tasks could be easily ignored if there was a gripping story, but there is no and. You’re a freelancer, a kind of boy that all the requests nods and never complains when in the same mission he is asked to fly from one corner of the map to another. “Oh, I forgot, we have to fix something in another area,” — said on the radio issuing the job. “Great, now go there,” the cheerful meets the main character, and the player sits in front of the TV and wants to get it over with.

The pace of the story constantly strays, the characters seems to be charismatic, but their names you won’t remember after a couple of days — so they are useless to the plot. The dialogues are tight, everyone wants to tell you some personal stories, remembering past events in the world Anthem, which you’ll learn only after reading the local encyclopedia. To choose a replica in the storyline, the dialogues not only in conversations outside the main story. The impact of the choice of future events is minimal — except that the following phrase will change. Seems to have added a “chip” simply because it would expect from a BioWare game.

Oh well, the Studio did not return, and the new Anthem is not the one from Mass Effect and the previous games of Canadians. What we returned to Destiny and were willing to replay the same quests and raids many times? For the sake of quality trophies. In the first RAID in Destiny had gorgeous guns: the revolver, blowing up enemies when hit in the head, special and powerful “skauda” exotic fusion rifle, the likes of which never happened. In Anthem there are no unique weapons, and their appearance does not change throughout the game. In Destiny, even the “green” guns that you use from the power for about 15 minutes and then change to a more powerful, was a special appearance options.

To hang above the ground and throw your enemies abilities is priceless

The reason is simple — in Anthem the weapon is not the main item of equipment of a freelancer. Much more important is the ability of its javelina on which is built the combat system. You can throw grenades, create energy fields to set the flamethrowers, and it is important to combine all this in combination — that is, to cover enemies with ice and pour the fire, or to combine other elements. In this case, the damage will be huge that will be useful in the fight against powerful opponents. That’s just improving javelina don’t do it to others and not much changing the gameplay, and only affect performance. You can reduce the cooldown, increase the damage, but all this seems utterly humdrum, boring and “interest”. To return to the same locations for this? Oh, no.

But to fight with the enemies very exciting, even if they are incredibly stupid. To hang in the air, unleash a barrage of ice shards, combine all this with powerful explosions, observe the five words “COMBO” for each kill is fun. The local system allows you to transform into Iron man, which at any moment can fly up high, driving in circles over the battlefield and spectacular to deal with opponents, standing on a nearby rock. However, at high levels of complexity to fly will not happen — there are enemies to deal massive damage, so quietly hide behind cover much more reasonable (and boring).

In search of meaning

It turns out that reason to linger in Anthem simply no, the more developers have not yet much interested in this. After completing the storyline they offer, or go back to your old job and over and over again to clean up the three fortresses (which is so out of balance that it is better to undergo the same, simple, and not to suffer in hard) on different difficulty levels, as well as to perform tests for the sake of worthless awards. Because you complete 100 events in the open world, go 25 fortresses, and 25 contracts 25 random missions, you will be given paint and a small handful of coins, which even resources not buy. What can we say about the change in appearance — for that ask a fabulous sum.

The game almost always looks beautiful

This, incidentally, is another drawback Anthem — items to change the appearance of a one-two and obchelsya. You can buy one extra helmet, change the arms, legs and torso javelina, and that’s it — nothing new for the passage of missions will not fall in an ordinary shop, nothing to buy. But to buy cosmetic items in donation shop, where the passage of the plot will be able to buy a set just for javelina, and next to the cost of each item will indicate how much it costs in another (paid) currency. The store is updated once a week and goods in it is so small that you choose and really have nothing.

At such moments there is a feeling that in fact, Anthem was supposed to be not the game that eventually became. There is no motivation to collect quality trophies because they are all dull and not interesting it will become. A Central location where you return after each mission, there is no player, respectively, and social elements in the project a little. A cooperative screwed so crooked that during the missions you must always fly next to the unit, otherwise at the bottom of the screen will constantly show a warning about teleporting to allies. Constantly pulls like a dog on a leash, even using a loading screen.

But that’s not all

Loading screens that are not cursed just lazy, never cease to cause confusion until the final. Each job is loaded approximately on the minute, every cave and Fort are accompanied by these screens. In addition, menus if kept on parole and are opened with a creak and slowdown. And what are they uncomfortable! Suffice it to recall the map of the open world where you can’t put labels. But the players held it against Bungie many years ago! Why repeat the mistakes of others, and those stupid?

Endgame content for those who behaved badly

It’s a shame that all this happened, because the universe BioWare has turned out incredibly beautiful. Yes, the world is rather monotonous and consists only of jungle and rocks, but how luxuriously they look like these spaces! They fly through the waterfall, rushing to the sky, then bend down to reduce the temperature and avoid overheating, is to move here is very nice, especially with such high-quality animations javelin. Around warp cute animals, flying Wyverns, weather phenomena transform the atmosphere, the leaves on the trees swaying… Just Paradise.

And then you start to take some task and stumble about the gameplay. Same opponents, almost not reacting to shots. The incessant meaningless chatter on the radio. Job in the spirit of “hold “square” and shoot the waves of enemies”. The inability to change equipment in the middle of a job — did something stupid and got the shotgun with the gun, then torture continue and quit on his team. The lack of proper training — no one will tell you how to make combos, and nobody will explain that “Multisystem” in one of the tests means the simultaneous elimination of five enemies, not three or four. Teleports and disappearing when firing at adversaries. And after going through the story things get even worse when you realize that endgame simply no.


Probably in a few months, Anthem will lead in order to offer any large-scale raids, will increase the number of fortresses, will introduce new weapons. But the game has problems that can’t be fixed content updates. I want to believe in a bright future for BioWare, and certainly the Studio would be happy to take an extra year if it weren’t for Electronic Arts to appease investors. However, if we evaluate the project here and now, not arguing about the history of its creation and potential innovations in the future, it is a disappointment. Even for those who are from it did not expect anything good.


  • a fantastically beautiful location;
  • to fly, to combine the ability and spectacular to sweep away the crowd of enemies interesting;
  • the servers are running much better than in “beta.”


  • empty story and lengthy dialogues;
  • only a couple of types of missions that bored already in the first two hours;
  • dull trophies, for which you do not want to overcome the high complexity;
  • little types of weapons and items to customize the javelin and did almost no;
  • permanent loads there is no end;
  • after the completion of the plot to do nothing really;
  • idiotic design decisions and bugs.


Part of the graphics scold Anthem, almost not at all, although sometimes there are stretched textures. The rest of the time admire how great it looks open world.


Musical compositions are not many, and we have all heard in promotional materials. Actors that are pleasing to the emotions, the dull chanting that every time jarring.

Single game

All missions can be played solo, but the game this is simply not designed — and more boring and longer.


All here allow you to play with friends or random fellow travelers, even at the highest difficulty levels. The selection of companions is very fast, but sometimes people climb on a difficult mission unprepared.

Overall impression

From Anthem has a chance to become a good game, but so far this is one big disappointment.

Rating: 4,0/10

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