Video: Sony introduced the PlayStation brand Studios, which will be released exclusives company

Sony has released a short video demonstrating its new brand — PlayStation Studios. It was created in order to combine future exclusives from the Japanese company, and will be launched simultaneously with the PS5.

Presented video shows footage from The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and a few others, and at the end of the video there is a logo of PlayStation Studios. When you run the upcoming exclusives users will always see this teaser, but footage in it can vary. In place

of the old characters have a chance to get a new one, as was mentioned by Eric Lempel (Eric Lempel) — head of marketing division Sony Interactive Entertainment.

He also commented on the brand exposure in the following words: “We believe this is a good way to inform buyers that if they see the movie, then he will get a game with the quality that is expected from us. This brand applies to both the existing series and future of the franchise, which has yet to meet.”

According to Eric Lempel, PlayStation Studios also includes a third-party game studios, published by Sony as the PS exclusives and projects SIE, released on other platforms. However, in the PC version Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Part II and Ghosts of Tsushima mentioned roller will not introduce, as to the time of their launch, the brand is ready.


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