Sony has already started to distribute developer kits for the PlayStation 5

Although it’s not officially confirmed, Sony is apparently already working on a console game of new generation, called PlayStation 5. And according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmed (Daniel Ahmad), the Japanese company has already started to distribute developer kits.

It is reported that several studios have already received kits to game developers for the new console. Equipment was provided by the studios working on games that will be released together with the console. It is worth

noting that according to the latest rumors, the future PlayStation 5 will get at least a few exclusives at launch. You may also see games that will be available first on PS4 and then PS5.

Unfortunately, the specifications of the developer kits are not specified, and in General, this equipment is only close to the characteristics of a future console. In the final version of the console, obviously we will see a slightly different configuration than you have now. However, it is worth noting that the developers themselves are very happy with the new equipment.

In the end recall that, according to rumors, the new console Sony PlayStation 5 will be built on poluzakonnoy the AMD platform, which will integrate eight cores and Zen 2 graphics processor architecture Navi. It is expected that the PlayStation 5 will be announced either at the end of this or next year. The second option seems to us more likely.


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