Pair of Intel Xeon processors Ice Lake-SP was able to overtake a 64-core AMD EPYC

Intel closer to the end of the year should represent the first family of 10-nm server processors Ice Lake-SP. The results of testing the system with two processors of this family were seen well-known network source with the alias Tum_Apisak in the database benchmark Geekbench 4. This allows at least to some extent to imagine what to expect from the first non-mobile 10-nm Intel processors.

Tested system consisted of two 28-core processors Ice Lake-SP, which gave a total of 56 physical

cores and computing threads 112. Volume cache of the third level of each chip was 42 MB. Each processor operated with a base frequency of 1.5 GHz and a maximum Turbo frequency 3,2 GHz. Such a low frequency suggests that testing went pretty early engineering samples. Anyway, I would like to believe that the final version of the Ice Lake-SP will offer much more impressive frequency.

The performance of a single core Ice Lake-SP test was estimated at 3424 points, while multi-core system performance was rated at 38 079 points. For comparison, a single 64-core AMD EPYC 7442 gains in these tests, 4398, respectively, and 35 492 points. That is, the difference is 28.4 and 7.3 %, respectively. Only in the first case the difference in favor of AMD, and the other in favor of Intel. Note that the AMD processor has a higher frequency 2.25/3.4 GHz and has a 256 MB cache third level.

Here I should add that the Intel Xeon family of Ice Lake-SP will be able to support AVX-512 instruction, which AMD chips is completely devoid of. However AMD is often much lower cost, and in this case, it is unlikely that all will be different. Finally, AMD chips offer higher density, where Intel can offer a couple 28-core chips, AMD is able to give two 64-core processor.

And of course don’t forget that one test to judge the performance of processors is not very fair, especially when we are talking about early tests of engineering samples. However, the above results have only fueled interest in Ice Lake-SP.


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