Director at Epic Games called PS5 “absolutely phenomenal” and praised her SSD

After the demonstration of the Unreal Engine on the PlayStation 5 5 CEO Epic Games Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) spoke about next-generation console from Sony. He called PS5 “absolutely amazing” and praised the solid state drive (SSD) built into the device.

As the portal PlayStation Universe, citing the source, head like a high level architecture of the PlayStation 5. In particular, he praised the characteristics of the video card and processor, which was stated in the official specs of the console. Tim Sweeney also called a solid state drive, built-in PS5, “the best among the existing [SSD] on any platform”. According to the head of Epic Games, in this respect, PlayStation 5 much faster than a high-end PC.

Then CEO of Epic Games developed the Unreal Engine, told that the next Sony console will bring massive “change in game development that goes far beyond the limits of the jump in the schedule.”

Recall that in the framework of a fresh presentation of the Unreal Engine 5 the audience saw a demo of the game Lumen in the Land of Nanite, played on the PlayStation 5 in real time. Developers will have access to it at the beginning of 2021.


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