A former engineer of the engine Frostbite: the SSD in the PlayStation 5 is not the best available

Former software engineer on the Frostbite engine Yan Chernikov (Yan Chernikov) has released on its YouTube channel a video with the analysis of the presentation of the Deep Dive. At this event leading architect PS5 mark black (Mark Cerny) explained in detail about the technical characteristics of the future Sony console. According to Chernikov, the SSD in the PlayStation 5, which have been praised by many developers, not the best available at the moment.

According to the resource Wccftech, with reference to the source, a former software engineer, Frostbite said: “Obviously at the moment it is a huge leap. You do not need to hear evidence from me — just look at the numbers. However I wish to say that the SSD is in [PS5] not the best. Yes, this is a big step forward and really good at what he does. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that SSD is not too good — it’s shiny, however, feel that way largely due to the performance of the current generation of consoles”.

Opinion Jan Chernikov based on publicly available information about the PlayStation 5. It is unlikely that he saw the developer kit PS5 in action, otherwise his words would violate the embargo, because Sony has not officially revealed its next console. Mark mob only spoke in detail about its technical characteristics, but the audience haven’t seen the demos and games running on the PS5, with the exception of technodance Unreal Engine 5.

According to media reports, Sony must provide PlayStation 5 to August 2020.

Source: 3Dnews.ru

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