Wireless headphones JBL LIVE 300TWS – convenient and safe

Last fall we met with the Bluetooth headphones JBL TUNE 120TWS. The model has proved very interesting both in terms of sound, and the degree of sound insulation. But the maximum isolation cannot always be attributed to the merits. No, of course, to get a very clean sound when the headphones noise the wind, hear other people’s conversations and the roar of jackhammers from the construction site, it is impossible. But, on the other hand, to talk about the high sound quality of any headphone used on the street at all difficult. Well, do not get there to fully enjoy the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven, alas. But to hear the approaching car or hail a passer-by is necessary and sometimes vital.

The engineers of JBL have tried to combine, apparently, incompatible with a couple of new technologies: Ambient Aware and TalkThru. Their work requires the presence of headphones built-in microphone, which as you probably guessed, she must capture and transmit external sounds along with the main audio stream. Ambient Aware technology allows headphones to pass the most loud noises on the street can be a signal of danger. When you enable this function, the shouting, the honking and other loud sounds will stand out and instantly transmitted to the user via a speaker. Technology TalkThru Aware Ambient works similarly, except that when it is connected to the user through the microphone are broadcast to absolutely all external sounds at full volume, and the main audio is muted. You probably will not again faced with a situation when I had to remove the earpiece from the ear to hear the question the passer or to pay at the checkout in the store. With JBL LIVE 300TWS this is not required. Simply hold your finger on the left earpiece will be connected as a function of TalkThru. It turns off just as quickly.


Type False
Emitters Dynamic, 5.6 mm
Frequency range, Hz 20-20 000
Impedance, Ohm 16
Sensitivity at 1 kHz, 1 mW dB 95
Maximum power, mW n/a
Version Bluetooth 5.0
Profiles Bluetooth A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.5, HFP 1.6
Frequency Bluetooth, GHz 2,402–2.48 in
Features Built-in microphone
Work Hands-Free
Technology Ambient Aware and TalkThru
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Goggle Assistant
Protection against splashes, moisture, perspiration (IPX5)
Hard case with charging function
Battery Headphones: lithium-ion, 55 mAh / 3.7 V
Case: lithium-ion, 450 mAh / 3.7 V
Time of Autonomous work, h 6 + 14 (when using the case)
Weight, g 67,3
Guarantee, months. 12
Estimated price*, RUB 7 990

*Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

The package


The packaging and the supplied headphones JBL LIVE 300TWS

Headphones come in a compact cardboard box, the traditional portable products the JBL. Inside, except the headphones, we found the following accessories:

  • charging case;
  • two sets of extra ear cushions of different sizes;
  • three sets of extra silicone holders in different sizes;
  • the USB-C cable for charging built-in battery case;
  • the printed user’s guide working with the device and warranty card.

The delivery was very pleased. Especially nice that the manufacturer has taken care to ensure that the headphones is guaranteed to fit any putting in the box is not only three sets of silicone ear pads, but also four pairs of holders with different sizes of rim.

External view

JBL products have always been bright, and sometimes even eccentric appearance, as well as a choice of colors. New model of headphones in this respect is no exception. First, the user can select one of the four primary colors that will be painted case headphone, silicone items and box. It’s black, white, pink and dark blue. Us on the test got the latest version.


Appearance headphones JBL LIVE 300TWS

The housing of each of the earphones is made in the form of a short barrel, tapering slightly to the outside, which flaunts the inscription “JBL”. They are quite compact, although the ears look quite massive.

Noteworthy is the combination of colors in each of the four possible for the JBL LIVE 300TWS color schemes. In our case, bright metallic blue blends in well with light blue edging and matte blue, which is painted with the inner surface of the headphones as well as silicone items. These headphones are very pleasant to hold in hand — the quality of the materials from which they are made, deserves top marks.


The inner surface of the JBL LIVE 300TWS

The outer panels of the buildings have no mechanical buttons, a touch pad that can recognize as pressing and simple gestures. The status LEDs are hidden on the inner surface, near the contact pads for charging and optical sensors monitoring the installation of the earphone in the ear.


Hole microphones JBL LIVE 300TWS

Microphone for set work as a headset is located below the headset. But on top of each case has one tiny hole. Most likely, they’re hidden additional microphones new features Ambient Aware and TalkThru.

Set of silicone earbuds


Headphones JBL LIVE 300TWS: with the removal of the ear (left) and with inserts of different sizes (right)

Silicone ear cushions headphones standard. They can be replaced, removing any other models, except to choose the color will surely get for the headphones only in black and white. But detachable silicone edges of the JBL LIVE 300TWS unique. That’s why the manufacturer put in the package four different pairs, so each user could choose a suitable size. One set of edges has no ear stops.


Charging case: outside

The charging case is made from the same plastics from which made and the earphones themselves. In our case, the outer surface of the case is made of plastic, painted in bright metallic blue, and the inside of the exactly the same as the internal side of the headphones – dark blue matte. Of course, such a body quickly collects fingerprints and small scratches, but headphones is generally a product with a very limited lifespan, so there’s nothing you can do.


Charging case: the view from the inside

The form of the traditional case for wireless headphones JBL. In this case it is more close to the classical block-shaped than oval stones. The removable cover features a magnetic holding lock and elastic silicone insert, tightly fixing the headphones during transport. In their places headphones also held individual magnetic fasteners.


Charging case with headphones

Charging case inside equipped with an led status indicator and a sync button. Outside on the lower surface of the port is a USB Type-C is used for connecting charging cable. Ringed connector led indicator that informs the user about the charging status.

In General, the model worked almost perfectly. It is felt that in hands you have a quality product in the premium segment, and not a hack of an unknown manufacturer. Now let’s see how this device will show itself in the case.

Connectivity and control

We tested the JBL LIVE 300TWS with multiple Samsung smartphones and Xiaomi, and ASUS Zenbook. For each device the headphones were connected quickly and without any problems. It was enough to translate them into search mode, as in a couple seconds headphones already showed in the section of Bluetooth devices smartphone or laptop. Also when you first turn will require a pair of headphones between them. If something can not be done based on intuition and experience, always have a paper manual with pictures, where all settings are explained in detail.

The touchpad on the right earpiece controls the playable music tracks and phone calls. Well, on the left – to control the Ambient Aware and TalkThru and voice assistant. But there is a caveat. By default, the headphones work only with simple taps and swiping movements don’t recognize. By clicking and also by double or triple clicking, you can stop, start or rewind the played track, accept or end the call, connect or disconnect a microphone and to trigger voice assistant Alexa Amazon or “Google Assistant”, if it is installed on your smartphone. But the volume control on the right earpiece and control functions Ambient Aware and TalkThru on the left are like movements, which can only connect via a branded mobile app.


Mobile application JBL


Control settings in the app a little. For the right headphone can only connect to control the volume and to the left to connect one of the two functions or Ambient Aware, or TalkThru, depending on what is more important to you. However, both functions can be connected or deactivated directly through the app. For example, for most it will be easier to establish a connection TalkThru through the earpiece to quickly react to the world, and managing technology Ambient Aware to leave through the app. Went outside – including Ambient Aware and forgot about it until you return home.


Gestures settings


It is only strange that the default gestures in the headphones is not connected. Maybe it is because the developers want to require users installed it on your smartphone app JBL, without which the full range of capabilities is still not available. Also note that, despite the presence in the application interface the lines with the description of all other methods of control that are associated with depression, change is not possible. This is probably for the future.



But setting gestures capabilities of mobile applications are not limited. The manufacturer sold it very convenient electronic equalizer with several preset profiles, but also with the function of adding your own profiles. For individual EQ settings you need to specify several points on the graph and move them up, down or sideways to change the level of a frequency range. Very convenient and intuitive.

With a built-in optical sensor headphones recognize whether they are inserted in the ears or not, and because you can pause or resume music playback based on received sensor data. The same principle is based and auto-power-off. In addition, the mobile application can be connected voice assistant, and… “call” on your headphones! The dream of almost all the owners of the wireless headphone and any small portable devices that are always getting lost in the house, the JBL LIVE 300TWS fully realized! Call in the classical sense to do, of course, will not work, but when you press the corresponding button of the mobile app beeping headphones will be very loud. And separately you can call as the right and left ear.


Having dealt with running the headphones through a mobile application, you can start listening to music. There are no surprises the JBL LIVE 300TWS are presented. When playing rock, jazz and popular music sound the picture is the most bright and dynamic. Also nice speakers JBL LIVE 300TWS sounds calm instrumental music. No noise or the mixing of frequencies is not observed. But the special coloring of the sound is also not — it is clear that this model is not intended for audiophiles. After listening to nearly five dozen songs of different genres at home and getting the first glimpse of the possibilities of JBL LIVE 300TWS, we went outside.

Without the connected features Ambient Aware and TalkThru headphones provide excellent sound insulation. All the sounds around are pretty heavily muffled. If you enable Ambient Aware, intended for mixing in the main channel is particularly loud external sounds in the speakers of headphones there is a small hiss. When playing music the hiss is almost inaudible, and in urban environments it is unlikely to affect the perception of music, but in silence… If you are using headphones at home, then Ambient agent better off.

Technology TalkThru makes even more noise, but this is not so important because all the talk, street noise and any other sounds of the city become clearly audible in the background muted background music playing which does not stop. This function is very convenient to use not only when someone asks a question, but when you cross the road and you want to clearly hear everything around or are in an airport lounge and listen to the ads. In General, both technologies deal with its purpose almost perfectly. It is a pity that you cannot control and the other using the control panel on the headphones themselves.

When using the product as headset smartphone no difficulties arose. The other person can hear you as well as you do it. The only thing that this mode of operation in a mobile application, it is desirable to disable the automatic turn-off headphones.

The maximum volume of the JBL LIVE 300TWS high; even in the subway do not want to install it more than 70 % of the maximum. When listening at home in most cases is not required and 50 %. As for battery life, according to the manufacturer values of 6 hours plus 14 hours from the case fair when you set the volume to about half of its maximum. Charging headphones very quickly. For a full charge will take about two hours, but literally for ten to fifteen minutes can be charged earphones can work offline for an hour.

Despite the fact that sports model JBL LIVE 300TWS not intended these headphones in my ears is much better than many others. The thing, of course, in the elaborate geometry of the body and special silicone inserts, clinging to the ear. If you pick up the right sizes of silicone items, not only will not experience discomfort from extended wear, but you won’t lose your headphones while running.


Radically improved sound quality with modern Bluetooth headphone is very difficult, so JBL has chosen the right path of perfecting their new models. In addition to the traditional striking design, the JBL began to get very useful functions. Strengths JBL LIVE 300TWS should include:

  • catchy attractive design with a choice of colors;
  • very high quality workmanship and materials;
  • maximum wearing comfort and the possibility of individual choice of size;
  • high level of noise reduction;
  • the ability to quickly toggle audibility of the interlocutor and external sounds (technology TalkThru);
  • mode of hearing loud street sounds (Ambient Aware technology);
  • high quality sound;
  • the ability to work as a headset;
  • voice assistants;
  • fast charging;
  • mobile application for management and configuration.

Of the shortcomings can be noted only a large body sizes and the inability to reconfigure the controls in the application. Price of the JBL LIVE 300TWS big – eight thousand rubles, but these unusual headphones their money are exactly that.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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