Review headset Logitech Zone Wireless Plus: when work is a pleasure

We are accustomed to the fact that the office of the headset is simple and primitive. New technologies manufacturers are usually introducing in the gaming and consumer models, oblivious to the fact that remote communication in office environments are no less requirements. It’s not just about call centers, which use very expensive professional equipment, but also about conferences, remote meetings and other work in the office or at home, if in the modern epidemiological situation he was your second or even main working place.

Not so long ago we met up with original solutions for video conferencing presented by company Logitech. Video system, Logitech Rally and MeetUp depending on configuration can satisfy the needs of both the home-working freelancer and an employee with a large office. But often the employee has no possibility to get to the meeting room and to communicate with your remote source falls directly on a workplace. Here to solve this problem we designed a new wireless headset Logitech Zone Wireless Plus, which was at us on testing. In addition, it should assist in improving the mood of its owner, wrapping it in between work or during her music with decent sound quality. The headset comes in two versions: with a USB receiver is included (the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus) and without (model Logitech Zone Wireless).


Logitech Zone Wireless Plus
Type False
Emitters Dynamic
Frequency range, Hz Mode music: 30-13 000 (at 10 dB)
Talk time: 100-8 000 (standard TIA920)
Type 2 × MEMS
Frequency range, Hz 85-20 000
at 3 dB (frequency response ECM-microphone)
General data
Wireless interface Bluetooth 5.0 (Logitech Unifying)
Maximum range, m 30
Connector for charging the internal battery MicroUSB
Food Built-in Li-ion battery
Charging via USB
Wireless charging via Qi technology
The maximum time of Autonomous work in the talk mode, h 14 — with active noise reduction
15 — without noise reduction
Maximum battery life in listening mode audio h 14 — with active noise reduction
16 — without noise reduction
Features Active noise canceling
Microphone with noise canceling function
The connection to multiple devices
Mobile application Logi Tune
Certified to work with Microsoft Teams, Skype for business, Meet Google Voice
Compatible with Zoom, Cisco Jabber, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting
Official manufacturer’s guarantee, months. 24
Estimated price*, RUB 17 964

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not disclose virtually no details on installed speakers in the headset, restricting only the most important consumer data on the range of reproduced frequencies. It is not as wide as you can see in the specs of the headphones is (music) 30-13, 000 Hz.

Connection with Logitech Unifying software+Audio

The headset connects to the sound source solely via Bluetooth. Wired connector this is, and plug the USB cable only serves to charge the internal battery. Bluetooth 5.0, so it will be possible to connect to almost any device. To work with laptops or desktop PC, you can use either built-in Bluetooth and a proprietary Logitech Unifying receiver+Audio USB-A. it simultaneously, you can connect up to six Logitech peripherals, including keyboard, mouse and headset. With Logitech Unifying software+Audio connection with a headset is provided at a distance up to 30 m, which allows the employee to freely move around the workspace during a conversation.

Knowing that the user already may be another device Logitech with the Logitech Unifying receiver+Audio, the manufacturer has provided two versions of the new headset. The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus, which came to us for testing, this receiver is in the package. Well, the Logitech Zone Wireless without the prefix Plus differs only in its absence in box, and lower cost. The difference in price is about two and a half thousand roubles.

Set works from the built-in lithium-ion batteries. The stated battery life even with active noise cancellation is an impressive 14 hours of continuous playback. This is more than enough to work during the day. Still on vacation will be! And at night, the device can be charged. Both USB charging, and through wireless technology standard Qi. Charger in the latter case must be purchased separately.

The package


Packaging Logitech headset Wireless Zone Plus

The headset comes in a simple cardboard box without color printing on the lid of the box with the reverse side printed with all the necessary information on connection and operation. Very convenient for those who do not like flipping through a printed manual.

The supplied headset Logitech Zone Wireless Plus

Inside along with the headset were found to have the following accessories kit:

  • Logitech Unifying receiver+Audio;
  • cable for charging built-in battery MicroUSB – USB type A;
  • bag for transportation;
  • printed user manual in Russian.

Very pleased that the manufacturer took care of the transportation of the headset. With soft case, the user can wear the headset from home to work and back without worrying about scratches and damage to the soft elements.



Appearance headset Logitech Zone Wireless Plus

The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus universal is painted in gray color. Used shades is quite pleasing to the eye and not give the impression of cheap office products. On the contrary, in this case, felt a noble pedigree, style and dignity. All of these feelings only intensified when the headset is in the hands. Pleasant to the touch matte plastic cups, soft ear cushions made of a material that is as similar tactile sensations with the skin, silicone trim headband with metal plates at the base, the flat cables in two-tone woven braid – use materials of such high quality hardly someone will leave indifferent.


The headset in the folded state and elements of the castle

Headband is of foldable design. And the elements of the lock with swivel mechanism is made of metal, which should ensure a long life without breakdowns. Yes, and with metal plates on which are mounted the movable Cup, as well as over the years it is unlikely that it can happen. Note that the lock secures a full disclosure with a distinctive click. To put the headset can only with some effort that prevents accidental activation of the mechanism during operation.


Headband and connecting the speakers cable

The top part of the headband is made of durable plastic. Metal inside most likely is not provided, but the inner side of the headband closed soft silicone insert for a comfortable wear the headset on your head. In the area of the foldable mechanism on each side of the headband out of the dynamics connecting the braided cable. Length it is enough for everything to adjust the cups in any position.


Cup in the extreme positions of the adjustment mechanism

The mechanism to adjust the headset size is not very usual – almost like an old headphone or modern vintage style. The headband Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is not extendible and does not change length, but the cups have the ability to move around the metal plate up and down. The movement is smooth, without discontinuity, but with an effort. Themselves Cup while wearing just will not fall and will not rise. But to adjust the headset under the mechanism, it is possible in just a few seconds.

In addition to move in height, the cups have headset Logitech Zone Wireless Plus have the possibility to deviate by a small angle in either direction, automatically adjusting to the individual structure of the head of its owner. And they are not just hanging out, as is done in most similar headsets and headphones, and attached in the elastic suspension. In a calm state Cup segmentada in the middle position. When you put on the headset on the head turn the cups themselves.


Design left (left) right (right) cups

All control elements are positioned on the left Cup. The side has large mechanical buttons adjust the volume with the Central control button call and music playback. Here is the ring microphone, which can be rotated by about 270° in one direction or the other. Turn the microphone in the vertical position is complemented by a well distinguishable click. This triggered the button turning it off automatically. The microphone itself has plenty of holes on the inner side, and an anchoring ring made of soft plastic, so accidentally break it off even when passions in the acute working debate is unlikely to succeed. Well, actually the microphone has an additional button that duplicate the function of switching it on and off.

Also on the left Cup is a button with an led indicator that puts the headset in pairing mode, well perceptible to the touch serving control button noise-canceling and connector MicroUSB for connecting the charging cable built-in battery. The right Cup contains only interface for wireless charging Qi.

Ear pads

Ear cushions headset is not removable. As mentioned above, they are made of very soft and pleasant to touch faux leather. How this decision is durable, hard to say. But the fact that they fall comfortably on the ears, around all the contours of the ear, is a fact. The top and bottom of the ear pads have a barely visible hole for air release.

Logitech Unifying Receiver+Audio

Regarding the accessories supplied, they are quite simple. Logitech Unifying receiver+Audio are made of the same plastic material from which made the Cup of the headset. This device has a led indicator that informs the user about the current mode of operation.


Case bag

Pouch bag made of fairly dense synthetic fabric. It has a drawstring and a small pocket inside to accommodate transceiver — very nice attention to detail. In General, the design and design headset Logitech Zone Wireless Plus with accessories deserve the highest score on any scale. It is evident that the manufacturer has paid maximum attention to the user received from the device only pleasure.

Connect and configure the headset

We tested the headset with multiple smartphones Xiaomi and Huawei, and ASUS ZenBook. In the latter case the connection was used the Logitech Unifying receiver+Audio included, but, in principle, for normal operation only with the headset it is not required. Adapter is needed only for simultaneous connection to PC compatible peripherals Logitech, and to ensure the safe operation of the headset in the claimed range of 30 m from the source.


App features Logi Tune (mobile version)

Work with headset without installing any additional software, but for access to all settings on the smartphone, and on PC it is better to install a branded app Logi Tune. It has a simple and intuitive, though the English interface. In addition to the duplication of controls on the headset itself, the program allows you to control voice review that the headset accompanies every action, to adjust the transition time in sleep mode, and to select one of the preset EQ modes or create your own. Through the application interface the user can control the mute function of the microphone when it is turned to a vertical position.


The first thing that user encounters any headset or headphones is the comfort level when wearing. In this case, it is quite worthy of the beautiful appearance. Soft ear cushions coupled with the automatic adjustment of the angle of the cups allow you to forget about the headset on my head almost all day. Except that in hot conditions the ears still want to have a rest after an hour or two. Silicone insert on the headband good presses the headset to the head, but not uncomfortable. Well, the interesting thing is that Logitech Zone Wireless Plus provides pretty good noise isolation. The size of the ear cushions was enough to completely hide the ears under them. Well, the soft material of the filler is very tightly hugs the curves of the ear, creating a serious obstacle to the penetration of external noise.

Even off active noise cancellation with this headset can be quite comfortable to work in a large office. If it is activated, the external background disappears completely. Also becomes the noise of the street, coming from the window. But the conversations clearly audible, but muffled. In General, denoising Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is very gentle. It is felt that the developers felt the balance at which external sounds are muted quite heavily, but the pressure on the ears of the user is minimal. Perhaps it is one of the few headphones with this feature, when enabled, which the author of these lines does not arise discomfort.

On sound quality when talking active noise canceling is almost not affected. Companion to the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus heard excellent. The sound is crisp, bright. The same applies to the microphone, which has its own system of suppression of background noise. It really highlights the main voice, muting all other sounds. The voice identification in this case deserves respect.

But the amazing thing is that Logitech Zone Wireless Plus well suited for everyday music listening. Yes, it’s not headphone Hi-Fi, but not just an office headset with flat sound. The sound of Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is fairly large with deep clean bass and clear MIDs. For those conditions in which you want to use a headset, better sound quality is unlikely to be achieved. For many, this device could become a universal. Homes in these headphones will also be pleased to and music to listen and movies to watch. Here only the function of active noise cancellation when listening to music is still better off. With it the bass becomes flat, and MIDs lose expressiveness.

Headset control does not cause problems. The device allows you to instantly by pressing a single key on the left Cup, to switch between listening to music and answer the call by pressing a single key on the left Cup, and quickly mute the microphone by turning or pressing an extra button to parallel to speak with another employee. Management thought out in detail and very carefully.

As for the internal battery, it really is enough for 13-15 hours of continuous music depending on volume level and connected the active noise cancellation. This is an excellent result, guaranteeing the operation of the device for a day in the office and at home on vacation.


New Logitech headset Wireless Zone Plus sets a very high bar for all the same accessories in its class. However, we should not forget that the cost of this product is the smallest, but in this case absolutely clear, for what pays money to the buyer. Well, or the employer who wants to ensure comfortable working conditions for its employees and thereby to increase the effectiveness of their work.

The merits of Logitech Zone Wireless Plus a whole lot:

  • attractive appearance;
  • the highest quality of materials and workmanship;
  • comfortable when wearing and easy to control design;
  • adjustable Cup;
  • turning turning off the microphone;
  • the system of active noise reduction;
  • the ability to connect to multiple devices;
  • well distinguishable voice guidance;
  • a software application Logi Tune to adjust for smartphones and PCs;
  • very high voice quality;
  • high quality sound voice and music of all genres;
  • good soundproofing;
  • long battery life and customizable transition time to sleep mode.

However, as we tried, we were unable to find a single drawback — it is the best office headset that we’ve seen!


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