Overview portable speakers Marshall Stockwell II: rock ‘ n ‘ roll around!

Since the creation of the first guitar amp Marshall has been more than half a century. Over the decades they have earned the trust of leading rock musicians of the world, and simple lovers of good music began to accurately recognize their original design, preserved since the 60-70-ies of the last century. Today to touch the rock legend everyone can — and it’s not necessary to play the guitar. Since 2010 under the brand Marshall, in addition to the legendary amplifiers, headphones are manufactured and monocolore – “little brothers” of those amps. One of these speakers came to us for testing. Guitar to Marshall Stockwell II to connect, unfortunately, will not work, but listen to real rock – it’s easy!

The package


Marshall Stockwell II: packaging and supplied speakers Marshall Stockwell II

Column comes in a compact cardboard box with a ribbed, protects against external factors pulp and panels inside. The package is concise and simple: together with column, the buyer receives a removable carrying strap, USB cable-C for battery charging and short printed user manual.


Marshall Stockwell II
Dynamics 2 × RF
1 × NCH
Power, W 2 × 5 watts for the tweeter
1 × 10 W for the WOOFER
Frequency range, Hz 60-20 000
Maximum sound pressure level, dB re 1 m 80
Amplifier Class D
Interfaces AUX (3.5 mm)
Bluetooth: 5.0 (range up to 10 m)
USB-A → USB-C (for battery charging)
Additionally Multidirectional sound (Blumlein Stereo Sound)
Simultaneous work with two devices
Protection IPX4
Codec aptX
Battery Built-in, lithium-ion
Time of Autonomous work, h 20
Fast charging function:
20 min – 6 hours; over 5 hours – full charge
Dimensions, mm 180 × 161 × 70
Weight, kg 1,4
Guarantee, months. 12
Average retail price*, RUB 18 990

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

In the base of the speaker Marshall Stockwell II are two tweeters with a power output of 5 watts each and one low frequency – 10 watts. The novelty is built on the class-D amplifiers, as also mentioned in the official specifications of the device. Claimed frequency response is from 60 from 20 000 Hz.

Two tweeters Marshall Stockwell II so arranged as to provide a multidirectional sound. This is one of the key features of this device, and we will tell you below about how it works. Meanwhile, note that the design is based on technology of Blumlein Stereo Sound, named after the English engineer who lived in the first half of the twentieth century.

For Autonomous operation at Stockwell Marshall II has a built-in battery, whose capacity is not revealed. But it is said that it allows the column to operate without recharging for about twenty hours, which can be called quite impressive. Again — check during our testing, the results described below.

Appearance and ergonomics


Marshall Stockwell II: exterior speakers Marshall Stockwell II

Externally Marshall Stockwell II is more like a reduced copy of one of the guitar amps of the brand, rather than the conventional column. What we face is the column, it becomes clear only after a cursory external inspection. However, users who are already familiar with alternative products Marshall (speakers and headphones), design model Marshall Stockwell II certainly seems familiar. With some changes of color and important details, which we will discuss below, it is borrowed from the previous generations.


Marshall Stockwell II: handle


Marshall Stockwell II: column with the removed handle

The novelty is compact, but not so much that it can be put in your pocket. But in a backpack it will not occupy much space, and especially harder will not make it. In addition, the column can be carried in the hand, for which she has a removable handle strap velvet smooth inside and outside made of soft artificial leather, very soft to the touch. Handle and even elements of its fastening on the body resemble, of course, about the guitar strap – another allusion to the famous Marshall combos.


Marshall Stockwell II: the body without a protective shell

Speaker enclosure made of plastic, outside covered with high-quality dense silicone coating with a tactile rough texture. The coating has grooves of fastening, thanks to which is very tightly held on the housing. Dust it can collect, of course, will, but from external influences column protects. The manufacturer claims that the device is certified according to protection class IPX4, that is, with Marshall Stockwell II you can get under rain or put it near the pool, which fly spray. Agree that this significantly extends the use of the device. That’s just to fill or to bathe the column is impossible.

Both the front and back at Marshall Stockwell II is intended for audio output. They are covered with a metal mesh silver front and Matt black rear. The grids stretched some sound-transparent material, behind which, unfortunately, to discern the internal device speakers is not possible.

Marshall Stockwell II: control panel

All controls are located on the top panel, slightly recessed inside the shell. The Central place given to the three cone-shaped handles, the volume controls the sound and level of bass and treble. The first regulator is responsible for the control of the feed of the column. To enable it you need to slightly rotate to the right until it clicks. Move all the controllers are a little tight, but very smooth. Button to set the device to pairing mode for Bluetooth. Well, right – the charge indicator built-in rechargeable battery, which consists of ten divisions, illuminated by red LEDs.

Marshall Stockwell II: interfaces

One of the side faces of the housing is AUX-in, made in the form of a 3.5 mm connector. Nearby is the USB-C port, used to recharge the internal battery. The control layout and interface in Marshall Stockwell II deserves the mark “excellent”. We note only the absence of this column of buttons jump to the next or previous track, and stop playback. Maybe the manufacturer decided that the presence of these buttons will prevent the column to be like a guitar amp, or maybe just found them not really needed.

In General appearance Marshall Stockwell II is that this column is difficult to treat with cold neutrality. Someone is just going to love her, for someone her design seems too pompous. But indifferent, this device definitely will not leave.

Work with the device

To connect Marshall Stockwell II to a smartphone or PC with Bluetooth is no more difficult than any other Bluetooth device. This does not require additional software installation. All you need is to translate the speaker in pairing mode and go into device Manager on your tablet or PC where to find and connect Marshall Stockwell II. In this action column will respond a pleasant complex sound. The manufacturer has provided a similar sound also on the connection to the speaker supply.

First, what pleases Marshall Stockwell II, this volume reserve. I can not believe that in such a compact column is concentrated such power. For the apartment it is clearly unnecessary, but for the outdoorsy type would be nice. Within ten to twenty meters from the speakers, you can not only dance and have fun, but also to listen to music. Adjusting the volume is uneven. First, the smooth rotation of the handle, the volume increases gradually, but towards the end of the scale divisions every slight turn of the regulator leads to a very noticeable change. The clarity of sound at almost any volume level sound allows you to rethink the big cost of new items, which provide not only famous brand and eye-catching design.

Another advantage Marshall Stockwell II is the Omni-directional audio pattern. Whichever side you turned to this column, the sound will be about the same. Stockwell II can be set away in a corner and make her the center of attraction for the lively company. Sorry, but we did not manage to disassemble the device and look at its layout — did not happen without damage squeeze latch plastic housing, securely retaining the parts in assembled condition.

Sound quality we evaluated when connecting Stockwell Marshall II to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xiaomi Mi 4 Pro (simultaneously), as well as a desktop PC, using a wired connection type. Any substantial difference in sound quality with the different methods of transfer, we did not notice. And in that and in other case, the sound was clean and rich, with dominant bass, which is audible in the songs of any genre. Even vocals and classic painted distinctive bass notes. The excessive bass can be removed by loosening the appropriate knob to the minimum. But the sound somehow becomes more dull, not so bright and saturated.

But rock, jazz, any electronic music, and more sound in this column just gorgeous. Deep rich bass combined with clean and clear mid and high frequencies. The sound can not be called extensive, but it completely fills all the space around the speakers. To adjust the frequency level is almost not required, although the mere existence of this possibility pleases. It is a pity that the manufacturer does not offer any software with the EQ settings and opportunities to save presets.

Regarding duration of play, then Marshall Stockwell II will give odds to almost any competitor. If you use the column on volume below the average, that is, to listen to quiet music, alone or in the company of several people, that device can last in continuous play until a day and a half! It’s just a spectacular result. When working at very high volumes, the speaker can ask to recharge after fifteen hours, which is also very nice. It is encouraging that the new product can be charged directly. Also, when you work to the column you can connect a smartphone and recharge it from her. However, for this you will need to purchase the appropriate cable.


Column Marshall Stockwell II was not universal, but it clearly performs the main task – to entertain its owner and his friends. And to entertain for very long. Yeah, she’s not so good for playing the classics, but for rock or club music, this model can be called one of the best options among monocolonal. At Marshall Stockwell II lots of significant advantages that are rarely found together in one device:

  • bright, expressive design;
  • highest quality workmanship;
  • splashproof IPX4;
  • multi-directional sound;
  • mechanical regulators of frequencies;
  • very high maximum volume;
  • long time of Autonomous work.

Among the shortcomings can be noted only the absence of Marshall Stockwell II any additional features. So, this column is not the control buttons track no microphone to answer phone call, no software to control the EQ, there’s finally a built-in assistant, which, given the considerable cost of the device, could also be present. But, in spite of everything, Marshall Stockwell II copes with its main task. If you do not mind the cost, then this column you can buy.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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