Over the past few years, compact MP3 player with flash memory made a big step forward, finally displacing the market devices based on hard and optical drives. While the first MP3 players were something like a USB drive with control buttons and indicators, it is now not uncommon for compact audio and video players are no buttons, but with a large touch screen. However, the hero of the review – iRiver L-Player – has no buttons, no touch screen coating. How to manage such a player? Very simple: the screen is a manipulator.


iRiver L-Player 8Gb
Display LCD, 2 inch, 320×240, 262K colors
Data transfer USB 2.0
Support audio formats MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, FLAC
Support for video formats MPEG4 SP, WMV9 SP, XVID SP
Support image formats JPEG
Support formats of text files TXT
Frequency range, Hz 20-20 000
Output power, mW Left:17 right: 17 (with a resistance 16 Ohms)
The ratio signal/noise, dB 90
Memory, GB 8
FM radio Frequency range: 76-108 MHz

Signal/noise: 50 dB
Food Li-polymer battery
Operating temperature -5 to +40°C
OS support Windows 2K/Windows XP/Vista/Linux*/Unix *
Dimensions, mm 60h43h13
Weight, grams ~41,2
Price, RUB. 4300

The package

The package is very modest – the player itself, sync cable, headphones, quick start guide, booklet with warranty and an 8-cm CD with full user manual and additional software.

Appearance and usability

The size of this device – no more than a box of matches, a player even smaller than its main competitor – iPod Nano. In addition, the player virtually weightless, so you can lose it as easily as mentioned and a box of matches, because no fasteners (e.g., clips or clamps) are not provided. There is only eyelet lace, but the lace fastening in package no.

Edge of the front panel is made of black plastic with a glossy surface, which, like the screen, instantly covered with fingerprints and small scratches, so that the protective film on the display is not excessive. The back of the case is made of thick black plastic with matte surface that is resistant to scratches, but also quickly covered with fingerprints. When trying to squeezing and twisting the body can not be completely and does not emit any sounds. This is not surprising because body parts just two.

As mentioned, the device has no buttons, or rather they are, but are responsible only for changing volume level and turn on/off the player. On the front is nothing but screen, and to navigate and control you need to click on one of the sides of the screen – a fun and convenient solution that also saves a free space, whose miniature housing quite a bit.

On the back side only installed the slider lock input.

The left side is a standard connector connect headphones, ear fasteners and lace miniUSB connector, an indoor rubber plug.

At the bottom is the following: power key-off, key-swing control volume level and a hole built-in microphone.

On the upper left corner is microcopy reboot, but to reach it it is possible only with a pin or needle, as neither the pen from the palm or the tip of a pen in such a narrow hole are not. Comes, with a need either to wear the pin (ladies in this case is somewhat simpler), or to see how “hanging” player. Fortunately, “hanging” occur very rarely, and over a week of continuous testing, the player “hangs” only once.

Source: 3dnews.ru

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