The release of new gaming consoles no competitors will force NVIDIA to doubt their own leadership

In the fall the market will be a new gaming console Sony and Microsoft using AMD graphics with the architecture of the RDNA 2. The nominal performance data of new products is already known, but representatives of NVIDIA the prospect of competition from new gaming consoles not worried. They believe that in ray tracing, the NVIDIA will not be equal.

Image source: NVIDIA

This week NVIDIA has replaced the traditionally spectacular presentation with open GTC-hour audio feed with the performance of the CFO Colette Kress (Colette Kress) and senior Vice President of the company Jeff Fisher (Jeff Fisher), who oversees the direction of personal computer products. Communication with investors and analysts occurred in remote mode, each of the two speakers were given 30 minutes to speak.

Jeff Fisher has performed second, behind a lady, and it analysts asked questions related to possible overestimation of the competitive situation after the release of gaming consoles Sony and Microsoft in the second half. Senior Vice President of NVIDIA calmly stated that by the autumn the company will have two years to attend the market with their GeForce family, the RTX, which has opened access to ray tracing in games, but because in matters of rendering effects NVIDIA should significantly outpace all competitors.

On the other hand, Mr Fischer welcomed the appearance on the market of game consoles with support for ray tracing. The expansion of the user base will be attracted to the visual effects of this type a greater number of game developers. According to him, NVIDIA is not afraid to “overflow” of the user base after the release of new game consoles, because the supporters of games on the PC are quite loyal to their platform.

To compare the performance of new game consoles with existing graphics cards in teraflops is not quite right, according to the representative of NVIDIA. The company estimates that the new gaming console Sony and Microsoft in real terms will be able to compete with existing NVIDIA graphics cards from the middle to the top level in his performance. Fisher’s confidence in the superiority of the NVIDIA products supported by the fact that the company is developing hardware for the next generation. When it appears on the market, it did not specify.

Failed participants broadcast and pull of the representatives of the NVIDIA recognition regarding the timing of the transition of products to new lithographic production rates. Jeff Fisher only repeated the known thesis that the optimized design affects consumer quality graphics cards much stronger than the most advanced lithography. Then made a statement about the superiority of the existing 12-nm NVIDIA products above the 7-nm products of a competitor “all the criteria”. The only thing mentioned Fisher in the context of future projections is confident that the transition to the new process technology will only increase the advantage of architectural solutions NVIDIA.


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