Microsoft: Xbox Series X will support surround sound on the basis of ray tracing

Blocks hardware acceleration in the Xbox Series X will be used for some very interesting challenges, including the technology that Microsoft calls tracing sound rays (Ray Tracing Audio). In a recent podcast, Director of program management for Xbox Jason Ronald (Ronald Jason) told me that the Xbox Series X will be able to calculate the sound using ray tracing, and it will be a new feature surround.

“With the introduction of hardware-accelerated ray tracing in the Xbox Series X we are, in fact, can use a completely new set of scenarios, be it in more realistic lighting effects, better reflections — we can even use it for things like surround sound with tracking audiology”, — he said.

Unfortunately, other details were not disclosed, but at the moment it is clear that the development of sound quality will be one of the areas of focus for the next generation console from Microsoft, and PlayStation 5 — talked about this architect platform Sony mark mob (Marc Cerny) last year.

Judging by the description of a Microsoft session at GDC this year, the company will tell us more about the hardware acceleration of sound in a new console during this event: “Learn from audio designers Borderlands 3 and 5 Gears on how the collaboration between Microsoft, Dolby and our partners in the software interface was the beginning of a revolution in the field of spatial sound that turns any pair of headphones into a multidimensional portal to another world. Participants will delve into the conveyor of sound design (Project Acoustics) and learn about his connections with dedicated hardware acceleration blocks on the Xbox next generation.”


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