Nintendo has reported delays in the production Switch due to coronavirus

Japanese company Nintendo has informed consumers at its home market that manufacture and supply console Switch and related accessories will be delayed due to problems caused by a coronavirus, outbreak, which is currently seen in China.

In this regard, the pre-order version of the Switch in the style of Animal Crossing, which was officially launched last week, is postponed indefinitely. The company apologizes to customers for the inconvenience and says it will continue to closely monitor the situation.

It is not clear whether the production delays on the delivery of the consoles to other regions. In its report, Nintendo refers to devices that are produced in China and intended for Japan market. However, last year the company began to restructure its supply chain, creating several subdivisions in the countries of South-East Asia. New production facilities are used to create products for the US market, because such approach allows to avoid high duties, which the American authorities are imposing Chinese goods. According to available data, most of the consoles of the Switch created by the Taiwanese company Foxconn, whose factories in China are currently stopped due to the coronavirus.

Nintendo also warned consumers that the supply of controllers to Fit Ring Adventure, “a new kind of adventure game” will also be hampered. Popular fitness RPG, which uses the controller in the form of a ring, has already gained considerable popularity in the domestic market.


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