For business use: top 20 add-ins for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office needs no introduction. For almost three decades is a software solution is widely used in IT environment and knows a wide range of users from small to large. Specialists of various professions, regular employees of large and small companies, individual entrepreneurs, owners of home computers and mobile devices everywhere are using this tool to work with different types of documents: texts, spreadsheets, presentations, email, databases, etc. Invaluable help of MS Office provides

students, graduate students and scientific leaders involved in the preparation of essays, dissertations and research works, as well as master’s and doctoral theses. The audience for the product is huge and, therefore, our selection of add-ins for Microsoft Office can be useful to many readers 3DNews.

Before proceeding to the review, let me digress and focus on two important, in our opinion, the moments. First, all of the following extensions is taken from the official app store Office Store (aka — AppSource), so their reliability and security can be no doubt. Second, to download add-ons from online store, and directly from members of the Microsoft Office programs using the menu “Insert → add-ins”. Both options do not take much time, easy to use and allow you to install extensions literally two clicks. For quick access to installed extensions, any of them can be mounted on the toolbar of office applications.

Adobe Stock. Add-in for PowerPoint that gives access to an impressive collection of high quality photos and illustrations. It allows you to search images by keywords or categories without leaving the presentation. To work with extension you must register an account on the same portal Adobe Stock and to issue any subscription option on the service.

With. The analogue of the above mentioned add-in, complimentary use for 30 days after account registration on the website of the Agency. A great option for those who need in a hurry and without financial cost colorfully to issue a document or presentation.

Modern Charts. Allows to extend possibilities of tabular processor Excel for data visualization. Contains more than 20 ready-made templates to create beautiful infographics professional level, including histograms, timelines, maps, charts, areas, and many other graphic elements. Features of the add-ins are built-in chart wizard and opportunities for their configuration.

Lucidchart. Another add-in that simplifies the process of drawing diagrams and charts in a spreadsheet. Available to the user samples, and examples blocks of system diagrams, UML and ER-diagrams, models business processes, organizational projects, different types of relations between objects and entities. Provided funds for the conversion of drawings into different image formats (including vector) and also export the finished layout documents in a professional editor charts and flowcharts Microsoft Visio.

Yandex.Translate. With the help of this tool easily translate words and phrases simply by highlighting them in the text. The translation can be edited in a separate window, and then paste back into the text. Supported more than 40 languages.

Translator. Another add-on that can be useful when working with documents in foreign languages. Works in tandem with the same translation web service of Microsoft, offers several variants of translation (if available) and allows you to professional translators who use the service of Translator Hub Category Service, to access the corporate repository or branch transfers.

Evernote. The extension for the Outlook integration with the service to create and synchronize notes to Evernote. Using this app, you can save the emails in Evernote to sort through the notebooks, labeled, edited, synced with connected devices and shared with other users of the service. Also available is the ability to quickly add notes from Evernote create in Outlook emails.

RMail. Outlook connects the same online service and adds the program features such as encrypted e-mail, mail tracking, automatic conversion of emails and file attachments in a PDF format and signing documents with the electronic signature that protects against tampering and unauthorized changes.

Wikipedia. The add-in, the title of which speaks for itself. Allows you to “befriend” the text editor Word and table processor Excel developed by enthusiasts from around the world free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. To work with extension, it is sufficient to highlight a word or phrase in the text, and the program will automatically display in a separate window suitable reference material from Wikipedia. Those who are on duty often have to work with documents with lots of jargon, this add-on will be very useful.

CompareDocs. Adds to the working environment of Word automated tool to compare two versions of the same document in different formats — standard wordscom (DOC, DOCX, etc.) and PDF, extract text from which it is sometimes not so easy. CompareDocs solves this problem and finds all mismatched fragments. A great option to compare legal documents and the search for inconsistent edits.

“Glavred”. The add-in to improve readability typed in the editor Word of the lyrics. Helps you find in the text and stop words: the language garbage, advertising and journalistic cliches, biased estimates, sweeping generalizations, pleonasms, misused borrowing, signs of bad syntax, and other office requiring attention verbal construction. Without these words the text is clear, short and informative.

To begin working with a “chief Editor”, it is necessary to select with the mouse the part of the text: the app will analyze the contents of the marked area to display it in separate panels, accentuate a suspicious place and will offer comments for improvement. For verification of the add-in transfers the selected text of the eponymous online service which, according to developers, does not save text on the server does not collect or store personal information about users. It is also important to remember that “editor” does not check spelling and punctuation for this kind of tasks in Word has built-in spelling checker.

Running languagetool. Add-on that extends the capabilities built into Word proofing tools. Is able to find spelling and punctuation errors, typos, and problems in stylistic literacy dialed texts. Supports Russian, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, German, Polish and other languages. A good choice for those who studies foreign languages and wants to be sure in literacy of your writing.

PayPal for Outlook. The expansion of one of the most popular electronic payment systems in the world. Allows you to pay bills and purchases, to send and receive money transfers directly from Outlook, in addition to work with electronic mail providing the organizer functions, calendar, task scheduler, address book and contact Manager.

Fax.Plus. Adds in text editor Word the ability to send Fax messages. Supported transmittal of documents in more than 180 countries and sending the schedule data. The data is transmitted via the same Internet service, why bother with the acquisition and connection to the computer Fax modem is not necessary.

Email Recovery. Setup for Outlook, the purpose of which you might guess from its name. It scans the mail database, analyzes the data structure and allows you to recover accidentally deleted mail. Loss important emails can ruin the mood and pretty Pat nerves any computer user, so to write off this extension is not necessary. SQL Queries. Another useful add-in for spreadsheet Microsoft Office from the same developers. When working with large Excel worksheets, tasks such as combining several tables into one, remove duplicates, complex filtering, grouping, sorting, etc., are transformed into time-consuming operation. App SQL Queries allows you to easily cope with these tasks. SQL Queries . Another useful add-in for spreadsheet Microsoft Office from the same developers. When working with large Excel worksheets, tasks such as combining several tables into one, remove duplicates, complex filtering, grouping, sorting, etc., are transformed into time-consuming operation. App SQL Queries allows you to easily cope with these tasks.

Scan&Paste. The add-in allows you to quickly send images from the memory of Android mobile and iOS devices in app Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Works in tandem with the installed smartphone program Scan&Paste for free which can be downloaded in Google Play and App Store. An interesting feature of the extension, are means of optical character recognition (OCR) allowing the conversion of images, photos, documents or PDF files into editable electronic formats.

QR4Office. Extension to convert URLS and small text entries in a two-dimensional QR codes, made in the form of a square with an intricate matrix illustrations that can one click to paste in Word documents, Excel and PowerPoint. Allows you to create QR tags are available in different designs and size with different styles and colours. QR4Office can be useful in the preparation of advertisements or in the preparation of presentations with a large number of links to network resources.

Mobile Data Collection — Scan-IT to Office. The analogue of the previously mentioned extensions Scan&Paste, only with more features. Includes features for scanning and forwarding with mobile devices, Microsoft Office documents, not only images, but also barcodes, texts, timestamps, GPS data and other information. Supports various operating scenarios, custom and standard forms for data collection and simultaneous data processing from multiple remote sources. Effective solution for mobile data collection in real time!

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