Zombie Army 4: Dead War is not need brains. Review
Genre Shooter
Publisher Rebellion Developments
Publisher in Russia “Buka”
Developer Rebellion Developments
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-6100 3.7 GHz/AMD FX-6200 3.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with DirectX 11 support and 1 or 2 GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030/AMD Radeon R7 260, 50 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and an account in the Epic Games Store
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz/AMD FX-8370 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date 4 Feb 2020
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

Played on the PS4

Some studios occupy a specific niche and not strive to go beyond it. Naughty Dog creates popular entertainment action, third-person — why would she suddenly be working on a competitive shooter or racing? Team Rebellion is also cultivated approximately the same field — even when the British are trying from time to time to step back, turns out another co-op game in which the plot does not care, but fun to shoot. That Sniper Elite that Strange Brigade that Zombie Army — if at least one of modern gaming studios don’t fell like you, others will not like. But if such projects are fun, and Zombie Army 4 will be no exception.

War never changes

The plot is almost the same as before: at the end of the Second world zombie Hitler was defeated by the resistance forces, but the hordes of the undead once again filled the streets of European cities. What else could we need, and is unlikely to grasp the sense of want is, as written in the press is zero, the real “spinal action”.

The first meeting with each new type of zombie is accompanied by a short video

Series Zombie Army won an unexpected popularity, the branch of Sniper Elite, but because the gameplay recognizable notes of “realistic” adventures of Karl Fairburne. However, if in the case of living people, he tried to keep his distance, aiming a sniper rifle and masking shots ringing bells and sirens, then a zombie ceremony is not necessary — we take the same rifle or shotgun and beating at least without stopping. Sniper Elite melee like specially made uncomfortable, but here to find fault with him difficult.

The undead meets the most different from the usual walking dead, with outstretched hands approaching the hero, to the exploding suicide bombers, armored, burly men and officers of the necromancers. New types of enemies appear with sufficient frequency to dilute the process of shooting, but the monotony still emerges, since the passage of the campaign takes about ten hours. Partly to blame, boring tasks it is necessary to kill everyone to open the next door, then (again) to kill everyone, to not let anyone to the generator for a few minutes.

Zombie and in Europe zombies

But sometimes the level design shines more bright colors. One of the first mission sends the player to Venice with all its attractions: travel through the channels, the beautiful falling from bridges and houses, zombies, and poor gondoliers who even after death continue to row the boat. Some episodes are especially beautiful: worth at least shooting hordes coming out of the fountain a zombie or a moment where in the arboretum of the bushes out of small ghouls, and you’re firing machine guns blindly. There are references to horror movies, funny “Easter eggs” and the creepy décor items like tiny dolls — when interacting with them expect some kind of “response” sounds kind of ominous and spinning heads.

The Boxing match did not take place

Zombie Army 4 offers enough diverse opportunities for the destruction of vermin. In the Arsenal player has three weapons: rifle, shotgun/machine gun and pistol — the latter is useful when dragging some canister and can shoot with only one hand. Cannon vary in damage, accuracy, rate of fire and reload speed, but as leveling any weapon will be able to make a powerful. Mosin rifle, for example, will get explosive bullets to 20-th level character begins to heal his critical hits, while shotgun will inflict electric damage to transmitted nearby zombies when firing on the crowd.

At every step the scattered crates with grenades — incendiary, electric, fragmentation. There are mines, the approach to which the undead explodes, there are streamers and flares. A first aid kit to take with you only one, so at higher difficulty levels save the Holy grenade is to throw them on the ground, how is the healing pool, the duration of which high-level players can doubled. Add to this temporary body kits-amplifiers, numerous of the perks, several types of attacks in close combat and other useful things — the longer you play, the more opportunities will unlock.

Don’t think, shoot

Zombie Army 4 — the game is solely about the gameplay. The rollers at the end of missions is even worse than Sniper Elite. If you ask for something to blow you after the job to see a couple of seconds on the explosion, you will see fast heroes, and this was immediately followed by care in the blackout, and climbs the statistics screen. To think about anything it is not necessary to remember names is not required, the goal is always shown on the screen. One of the innovations of the fourth part are placed at each location traps like zombie sharks, devouring all those around him, when the shot button. But even their search is not necessary — they are highlighted in red when aiming.

Shoot hordes of zombies in narrow corridors never get tired of

You have to take care only about survival (which, to be honest doesn’t cause problems, but more on that later) but on the number of points in the passage depends on final evaluation. As in Sniper Elite, here the reward for inventive killings like hit in the head or in the eye. The luckiest will even see the bullet flying into the skull of the walking dead with the traditional “x-ray” which is in cooperative mode, not so often. The faster you kill zombies, the higher the combo multiplier and the more points will be awarded — preferably less often and miss often blow up entire groups of enemies.

All this, of course, much more fun to do with someone, not alone. Kits in boxes always four bullets extracted from the infinite “zinc”, so anybody each other does not interfere. Sorry, most tests count only performing their person — for example, if you need ten times to kill two zombies with one shot each should do it yourself, that is not always. But the rest of the co-op works great, although without additional setup process is too easy. If they play together, I recommend to set number of zombies for four, then many of the episodes are much more intense. This opportunity I would like to see more often in other action the joint passage.

A bonus is the mode “Horde” where the passage of one of the four cards begin with a simple gun, and new weapons give each overcome by the wave. There’s more to it than the campaign, because all sorts of stretching and mines play a bigger role. You can simplify your task and did not complete the wave as long as you are ready to the next, leaving alive a couple of helpless zombies. But even so, this mode may ruffle some feathers, but with friends it will get a lot of pleasure.

Without cultists is not done


Call Zombie Army 4 compulsory purchase, of course, impossible. This is one of those releases, the existence of which, remember when scrolling through the games list discounts — buy with friends, defiantly runs a “campaign mode” and switch to something else. This game fits perfectly: and funny moments here full, and pumping offers a lot of options, and nice to shoot as a rifle and melee. The audience, which the series lived up to fourth, just be happy.


  • nice shooting any kind of weapons;
  • extensive customization of the character that opens the passage;
  • new types of zombies are constantly appearing, and not bored;
  • good design of locations, situates the player in an interesting situation.


  • at some point, shooting thousands of enemies boring;
  • uninventive tasks like protecting objects from zombies;
  • the story and setting leave much to be desired.


Outwardly Zombie Army 4 not amazing, but the locations are drawn nicely, and zombies beautifully fly to pieces when shooting and explosions — more is not needed.


During the shootings, sounds catchy music, and beyond them heard a strange second losses on the guitar — they do not interfere with, but without them it would be a little better.

Single game

Alone you can get pleasure from the game, but something will be missed. It’s something called co-op.


Decent shooter for the passage with friends with at least one, at least three. The finale will come in ten hours, and then you can go to beat the waves in the mode “Horde”.

Overall impression

Fun co-op fun, requiring nothing but shooting zombies. If you and your companions enough, a couple of funny evenings provided.

Rating: 7,0/10

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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