The Pedestrian — and-run, little man, run. Review
Genre Platformer, puzzle
Publisher Skookum Arts
Developer Skookum Arts
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with 1 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 5850, 4 GB hard disk, Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-2300 2.8 GHz / AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with 2 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
Release date 29 Jan 2020
Age limit 12 years
Platform PC

A small platformer-puzzles for several years building a small team of digital stores typed on a separate huge section. In such projects, where form prevails over content, where-on the contrary. There are those who offer entertaining and findings for the visual part, and quite a good gameplay. The Pedestrian is just one of those: here in equal proportions were mixed and sweet atmosphere, and clever puzzles, and the exact duration.

Stick, stick, ogurechik — turned out man!

The subtitle above perfectly describes the main character of the game. The Pedestrian offers to play the role of the schematically drawn little man, to escape from the plate on the table and go to travel around the metropolis. More precisely, by its various road signs, panels, displays and other surfaces to inform, hung everywhere. Moreover, they do not necessarily stay close so you can leave one character, get into another on the other side of a wide highway. Camera during traveling constantly grabs the beautiful cityscape, then basking in the sun, then soaking in the pouring rain.

Even the name of the game is stylishly inscribed in the environment!

Another dive works as a sense of presence in the virtual world (e.g., signs, inside which run, swinging in the wind), and the rhythm. The Pedestrian — the game is strictly linear, there are no piles of hidden objects, so she slowly guides you along. And very hard trying to constantly change both the settings and the terms of riddles, so as not to get bored during those 3-4 hours that will be spent on the passage.

By the way, the puzzles are missing, they are quite inventive, and some can even be called graceful. At the beginning all limited to a simple drag-and-drop panels and connection doors/stairs between them in order to be able to get to the exit or the right item. One thing is to fix the lines can be up to until will not use the United with them by passages. Having to break the “communication”, as the hero came back to spawn point. Further rules will be more. Somewhere, for example, will need to restore the power supply, closing the terminals of the individual sections. Somewhere will allow you to jump from surface to surface with the plates on top of each other. In the mid game conditions and all will become combined, forcing you to stop and think a little.

Simply, but with taste

But only a little. Desperately to sort through hundreds of options or poke their heads into a wall a few hours is not necessary. The solution most often lies in the mind, and if immediately needed to understand the sequence of actions does not work, then after two or three experiments light bulb over your head lights up exactly. The Pedestrian relaxed fit to their puzzle, but, interestingly, even in this case, the game almost always gives the pleasant feeling of the embodiment of ideas in life, when first I estimate the approximate path in mind, then try it in practice and you got it.

But the quality problems visibly floats. One room you can fly immediately, adjacent not being the example more complicated. Part of the puzzles towards the end for some reason turns out to be easier than those that were in the first half. In some places artificial limitations like the impossibility to move the sign to the desired position, from behind walls or pipes seem unnecessary. Some scenarios obviously turned out to be much more thoughtful of others.

Even sadder is when the game tries to build a full platformer. Such moments, fortunately, at least, but even in such a short time period, The Pedestrian starts to annoy, offering a jump between the lasers or to substitute for the falling of the hero plates. And indeed, in the case of failure every time you need to manually place all the elements of the scene to their original positions.

The rain, neon, concrete jungle, the tired hero… Hey, wait, we’re not cyberpunk

However, the most disappointing ending. For some reason, many small studios feel compelled in the final to put everything on the head, even if there were no signs. Sometimes it really works, sometimes it turns out as with The Pedestrian, where the last half hour just don’t understand why this is happening and why! The game changes its own wonderful visual style, desperately wants to sound not the way they were before, but their attempts is more laughter and bewilderment. That sweet — and not included in the release version! — a scene from the trailer when two of the painted man still occur, as the conclusion would be much more appropriate that the developers have clocked up in the end.

Well at least the finale is not need to get several tens of hours. The Pedestrian is perfect for the role of the interlocutor with whom you can spend a couple of cosy evenings with hot Cup of tea and leisurely solution even if not too complicated, but amusing riddles. The contemplation of the metropolis and pleasant music included. And then, after the credits, forever goodbye — for a measured time, the game manages to say everything I wanted.


  • cool idea with a tour of the city with the help of signs and panels;
  • entertaining and interesting puzzles;
  • short duration — the game manages to be everything but boring.


  • very strange finale;
  • the quality of the puzzles is floating;
  • platform section.


That moment, when styling is much more important than graphical bells and whistles. The whole environment looks very nice, but to move between the characters — a pleasure.


At the locations sound lovely melodies to help you create the right atmosphere, but they end much earlier than we move on to the next level.

Single game

A small atmospheric adventure drawn little man in a huge metropolis, spiced with entertaining puzzles and beautiful views.


Not provided.

Overall impression

The Pedestrian — the game with which to spend a couple of evenings with solving puzzles. The more it offers, but in this case it is not necessary.

Rating: 7,0/10

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The Pedestrian

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