Canon i-SENSYS MF543x: review of MFP for office of any size

Monochrome multifunction printer i-SENSYS Canon recently got the updated lineup, which is referred to as small domestic high-performance devices and business class. Series Canon i-SENSYS MF540 is in this family an intermediate position, referring, however, to the corporate segment. High print speeds and built-in security features clearly hinted that a full-fledged business MFP, the relative compactness coupled with a simplified setup procedure allows you to use the device even at home.

MFP Canon i-SENSYS MF543x

The package

The device comes in a large cardboard box. With MFP we have found the following set of accessories:

  • power cable;
  • cables and plug for connection to a telephone line;
  • handset with cord;
  • tool tray for tube attachment;
  • adhesive hooks for laying telephone cable;
  • CD-ROM with drivers and software;
  • printed manual: getting started with your device in different languages and a warranty card.

Supplied Canon i-SENSYS MF543x

If not for the presence in our model of Fax machine, supplied with the device were a standard. However, the phone is not always possible to meet even the MFP with built-in faxes.


Canon i-SENSYS MF543x
Type MFP
Function Print / scan / copy / Fax
Print resolution, dpi 600 × 600, 1200 × 1200 image enhancement technology Image Refinement
Print technology Laser (monochrome)
The page description language UFRII, PCL 5e1, PCL6, Adobe PostScript
Speed single-sided printing, p. A4, min. To 43
Speed two-sided printing, p. A4, min. 36
Print time first page Not more than 5.7 in standby mode
Warm-up time, with No more than 14 from the power
The recommended volume, p./month 2 000-7 500
Maximum performance, pp./month 150 000
Loading paper, sheet. 550 (main tray)
100 (multipurpose tray)
+ up to 3 additional trays capacity 550 sheets
The ADF, sheet. 50
The output tray sheet. 150
Paper size A4, A5, A6, B5, Legal, Letter, Executive, Statement, OFFICIO, B-OFFICIO, M-OFFICIO, GLTR, GLGL, Foolscap, 16K, postcard, index card, envelopes (COM10, Monarch, C5, DL);
dimensions: min 76,2 × 127 mm, max. 216,0 × 355.6 mm
Paper weight, g/m2 60 to 199
Two-sided printing A4
Mobile printing AirPrint (iOS) and Mopria (Android), Canon PRINT Busines, integration with Internet services
Type Duplex scan, color
Resolution (optical) dpi 600 × 600
Opportunities Scan-to-mail (address book/SMTP/LDAP)
network folder, FTP, USB, cloud services
Resolution, dpi 600 × 600
Copy speed, p. A4, min., to 43
The speed of the modem kbps 33,6 (up to 3 seconds per page)
Receive mode Just the Fax, automatic switching Fax/tel,
answering machine manual
The Fax resolution, dpi from 200 × 200 to 400 × 400
Group dial/destinations up to 299 / 299
General characteristics
Display Touch LCD, color, 12.7 cm
Interfaces 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet;
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Wi-Fi Direct
2 × USB 2.0 Host type A;
USB 2.0 type B
The amount of memory in MB 1024
CPU frequency, MHz 800 ×2
Power consumption, max, W In: 1430
In idle mode: 13,6
In sleep mode: 0.9 m
Food 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (basic configuration), mm 494 × 464 × 452
Weight (basic equipment), kg 19,8
Guarantee, months. 12
Estimated price*, RUB 55 890

* Average price in “Yandex.Market” at the time of this writing.

Series i-SENSYS MF540 models MFP — MF542x and MF543x, and they differ only by the absence and presence of the second built-in Fax. Us on the test got the most equipped device. MFP operates under control of a dual-core processor, whose frequency is 800 MHz. Of RAM it is sufficient for multi-user is 1 GB.

Judging by technical characteristics, the new product provides its user with the full range of possibilities that can only be a modern office laser MFPs. Monochrome print resolution is 1200 × 1200 dpi, which should be enough to print any documents, graphics, and images. The scanning module allows to obtain electronic copies of documents with a resolution up to 600 × 600 dpi. For office documents, and graphics of any complexity, this will also suffice. Naturally, this model has duplex printing. The claimed printing speed is 43 ppm is a fairly large value, indicating the corporate purpose of our new model. On the same points and the maximum monthly print volume, which is estimated by the manufacturer at 150 thousand pages.

In normal use MFP Canon i-SENSYS MF543x provides supply to 550 sheets A4 80g/m2. 100 sheets can fit in the bypass tray. If the device you plan to use in a large office, then it is possible to buy additional trays. All these trays can be set three pieces, each with a capacity of 550 sheets of A4 size as in the built-in tray. Thus, the total quantity of the filled sheets can be expanded to 2,300. In addition, different trays can be placed in different paper types printer is ready to accept sheets of a density of 60 to 199 g/m2. Paper size can also be virtually any length on the long side up to 355,6 mm, which is larger than the standard A4.

Scan documents in two ways. The first book in which the document is placed directly on the glass, under the lid. The second method involves using the automatic document feeder 50 sheets, which are stacked in separate documents. The scanning can be unilateral, bilateral in automatic mode.

Like any modern multifunction printer, model Canon i-SENSYS MF543x can connect to both the wired and wireless network. For the first variant, the novelty has a Gigabit network interface, and the second module Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with direct connect mobile and other devices via Wi-Fi Direct. To connect mobile devices on Board this MFP has a built-in NFC module. To connect your smartphone uses third party applications like AirPrint or Mopria and brand Canon PRINT Business. Possible integration with cloud services Dropbox and Google Drive. And of course, the Canon i-SENSYS MF543x can be connected directly to the computer via the USB interface, although this method in this case can only be considered additional, intended for the solution of any special problems or for maintenance.

Also the novelty has a USB Host port for connecting external drives from which you can print or scan documents. He and the other process can also be maintained with the use of network protocols that allows you to use remote network storage FTP and SMB, connected to the local network PC, cloud storage, and address book (IFIs works with the LDAP Protocol) and email. Built-in security features allow you to control printing documents using the PIN to authenticate the user for the password and connect to a wireless network WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. But for configuration and administration provides a web server.

Managing and configuring MFP possible way, not only through the network, but also directly from the control panel integrated into the device. It is, in fact, not even the remote and color LCD touch screen with a diagonal of 12.7 cm using a graphical interface, you can adjust the quality of printing or scanning, to carry out these operations with any remote storage or a flash drive, configure the network functions to send or receive faxes, and use your address book or even to configure it.

As for consumables, the toner cartridges for the MFP are supplied in three versions for 5 100, 10 000 and an impressive 21 000 pages of printing (ISO/IEC 19752). The device comes with a minimum cartridge capacity. Is this cartridge a little less than 10 thousand rubles, while the price of the most capacious is about 20 thousand.



Appearance MFP Canon i-SENSYS MF543x

The new MFP has a classic layout, but not quite the traditional appearance. Designers have tried to make Canon i-SENSYS MF543x, like its twin brother the Canon i-SENSYS MF542x, occupied minimal space and could be placed not only on a freestanding pedestal, but on the desktop. For the main part of the device housing is compressed to the minimum possible size. The scanning module with the ADF just physically impossible to shrink to the same size, so it made hanging over the main body. And visually, and in fact the model Canon i-SENSYS MF543x significantly less than most of its competitors, which gives her the advantage when placing in small rooms where there is no extra free space. With mnogoletnim feeder this MFP will still have to be installed on a separate pedestal. But in this case, the new product outperforms its rivals, this time just of fresh, modern appearance and even some finesse, which can not boast of a similar device.

The main and bypass feed trays

The layout of the Canon i-SENSYS MF543x follows the design of other IFIs. Main tray located at the bottom part of the housing. The optional trays are mounted below it. The bypass tray is located at the opening of the front panel. Like basic, it has a folding plastic elements for holding and positioning of different paper sizes. It only allows printing on paper of the smallest format, up to 76.2 × 127 mm, but the A4 sheets and more (up to 216,0 × 355.6 mm) may be placed in any tray.


The top receiving tray and the ADF mechanism

The feed tray originals to a copier and scanner also comes with controls of width and a folding mechanism. This module has a drop-down mechanism that allows to clean and to retrieve documents in the event of a jam or emergency stop.


Basic scanning module nothing different. The opening mechanism works smoothly and effortlessly. It should be noted that the cover can be raised above the glass to scan books or thick magazines.

The output tray

The output tray is traditionally placed under a scanning module. Capacity it is not as big as the competition, a total of 150 sheets. Most likely, this is done in favor of reducing the size of the device. The output tray has a folding limiter that prevents the loss of documents. To the left of this tray is one of the two USB ports for connecting external drives.

Control unit with touch display


The maximum angles of rotation of the control unit

Control unit with touch display located in the right side of the MFP. It has a swivel mechanism allowing you to comfortably use the device placed at any height. Below the screen are three buttons for controlling the mode of operation, transition to the main menu page and reset the job. The unit also features an led display, a speaker and a platform with built-in NFC module for mobile devices.


Cartridge compartment



To access cartridge for Canon i-SENSYS MF543x possible from the front panel. To open the door, press the square mechanical button on the left side.

Back cover

On the rear surface of the housing also has a door. It opens the access mechanism for the paper feed to remove the jammed sheet, if you will. The rear panel has most of the MFP interfaces: Ethernet port, connectors USB to connect the MFP directly to a PC and for connection of storage media, ports phone line.

Mount the handset

One of the latest connects handset supplied with the Canon i-SENSYS MF543x. The cradle for it is attached to the left side surface of the body. In General appearance the new model is attractive and modern. Is that a wired handset looks very archaic, but it allows for this very phone speak, whereas a similar model MFP Fax module such opportunities do not give.

Work with MFP


Installing drivers and connecting MFP

Drivers for MFP Canon i-SENSYS MF543x the easiest way to install it from the supplied CD-ROM, and then update them to the latest version. The fact that when downloading drivers and software from the site we found a single, common interface, and disk it is. The whole process of installation, you can trust the program. The user will only need to choose the connection type and, in the case of a wireless connection, choose network. To use the device will be immediately after installing the drivers.


Installing drivers settings

Even if the company does not have a network administrator, to cope with the connection therefore, almost any employee. If there is, then you can use the detailed setting. You can choose which drivers and utilities are installed.


The web interface

Common configuration for the MFP is possible through the web interface and using the built in touch screen. The first option provides the user with a familiar tree menu, with sections of certain settings. The interface is completely Russified and intuitive, with any user, not only experienced system administrator.


Settings address book


The integrated control unit

The second option settings, via the integrated control unit also allows the user to set any parameters, until the network. Through the menu interface, you can add contacts to your address book, configure the properties of the loaded paper, conduct routine self-cleaning internal mechanisms and even the automatic removal of condensate from them.


Main menu

The main menu is made multipage. With icons on the pages, you can delete, move and create a new one for frequently used actions. So, for example, to print with certain settings you can create your own icon. This greatly simplifies and accelerates work with the IFIs. By default, several of these transactions already recorded in the form of macros in the device memory. For example, in the menu you can find several icons for originals with different settings and a separate button to copy a passport.


Basic setup

When copying documents, printing, or scanning, the user can change all the same settings as when the software control panel. In General they differ little from any other settings MFP, so that a separate description do not deserve.


Configure MFP via the print Manager

Using software print Manager Canon i-SENSYS MF543x can not only customize the quality of the print, and the size and type of paper, but also to add the background image to resize the page.


The app to scan

For scanning there is a separate utility Canon MF Scan Utility. It is possible to select one of the preset scan modes, and you can access setting menu to set the parameters yourself.


Using Canon PRINT Busines

We also tested the possibility of working MFP with a mobile app Canon PRINT Business, which has been installed on a smartphone running the Android OS. The application is quite simple, has minimum settings, but for printing from mobile devices that is enough. Most interesting is that the Canon mobile printing allows you to print or scan using the remote cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

In General, the customization possibilities and options for working with Canon i-SENSYS MF543x the user very much. Well, simple and fast entry of IFIs into operation in combination with a flexible customizable interface should provide a comfortable and productive work. Importantly, the print quality is high. We’ll see about that.


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