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Today your action Cam have different manufacturers — even those that are not spetsializiruyutsya in this area. Panasonic, however, stopped its work in this area, but Sony, Xiaomi and DJI are actively developing this niche. And even DJI have achieved notable success company in response to bad experience with drone GoPro Karma showed that for her to go to a foreign market is not too difficult.

But the market record your exploits for athletes ekstremaliu like no one else. Here the

technical characteristics have less sense than a reputational trace, the word “koproske” means much more than the word “action camera” and mount accessories — the cornerstone. Nevertheless, even in such favorable conditions, when nothing seemingly do not need, GoPro still suffers losses and achieves reductions primarily by dismissal of employees, and no obvious successes in the technology field.

This is, apparently, still not satisfied with the company, so this year she moved, suggesting the fall from a conceptual and a new camera Hero MAX with the ability to record 360-degree video (a few words about it and a couple of examples of video at the end of this review), and is the biggest in many years, the updating of its main product — Hero Black. This is the eighth generation of action Cam, in fact, become a symbol of all of such gadgets. Its main differences from its predecessor: built-in right into the body mount (finally without binding case, kill all attempts to record the normal sound), transferred to a lateral side of the battery compartment and memory card, and a new stabilization system HyperSmooth 2.0 — the best in the world, as, of course, says the manufacturer. Whether this will be enough to revive the already saturated market, or soon we will be talking about the agony in the last ten years of the legendary brand?


GoPro Hero8 Black
Image sensor CMOS 1/2,3″
Effective sensor resolution 12 MP
Image stabilizer Digital stabilization
Processor GP1
Lens ƒ/2,8, fixed focus
Video format MP4 (H. 264/AVC), MP4 (H. 265/HEVC)
Photo format JPEG
Frame size Up to 4000 × 3000
Video resolution Up to 3840 × 2160, 60p
Focal length (35mm equivalent):
video 16 mm
photo 16-34 mm (with digital zoom)
White balance Auto
Memory card Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card not lower than class 10
Interfaces USB Type-C, microSD, micro HDMI (with mediamodul for HERO8 Black)
Wireless modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Food Li-ion battery with 4.7 WH, 1220 mAh, 3.85 In
Dimensions 66,3 × 48,6 × 28.4 mm
Weight 103 grams (without battery)
Current price 34 990 rubles

An important point for understanding the essence of GoPro: on the official website there is virtually no technical information — no one’s authorship sensor, nor what size, nor what focal length or what aperture. Nothing. This information is necessary to collect the crumbs somewhere on the side. GoPro deliberately ignores these figures, as long tried to do Apple – but to continue to infinity the creators of the iPhone couldn’t and now we see in their press releases and promotional materials and megapixels and inches, and other numerology. GoPro has been kept: everything you need to know the buyer, is the resolution and the maximum imaging frequency. The rest — a great set of marketing names (up to “Supervote” for one of the shooting modes). One thing is clear — the image sensor and processor of the image has not changed compared to what it was in GoPro Hero7 Black, so there may be progress in terms of image provided solely by advanced algorithms of software processing.

The design and construction

GoPro camera the main series do not change (any regularly appearing and collapsing branches like Session or the new Max does not count). Form factor specified times and, I think, forever. The company began its journey as a manufacturer of mounts for cameras third party manufacturers to outfit athletes ekstremaliu — and built on this reputation: even the first fastening fit any camera, if not to take cases directly. Dimensions everything has changed, including due to the emergence of full LCD screen with touch surface.

In any case, GoPro Hero8 Black recognizable, although it can mix with any other action camera — Chinese manufacturers copy the “horoshki” without false embarrassment, it concerns including DJI. But the style is familiar: the body of rubberized black plastic, with two large buttons, a logo on the front surface (and a smaller logo on the back) and two display — monochrome, full-color touch front and rear.


But there are a couple of major changes, significantly affecting the perception of the gadget. On the bottom face has a recess into which the small bolts planted a double eye — if necessary it can be folded, but generally here it is now installed, all fasteners, do not need to use a separate case. The class of moisture protection along with a number of specifications did not disclose the manufacturer — stated only that the camera without the case able to survive at depths of up to 10 meters. That is at least about splash and dust can not worry. Also, the case needs to withstand a drop from a small height is provided by the purpose of the camera. And Yes, I checked — at least if you drop the camera from a height of human growth on the ice, she continues to work.


The second change is a new compartment for the replaceable battery and memory card. It is located on the right side and gives access to the battery and the memory card (microSD, of course) at any time. Remove the device from the holder and remove it from the case just to replace a dead battery, no more. One small step for GoPro, a giant step for all fans to record their exploits.

And fastening ring and the lid are made to last, like all action camera — quality materials, the stub command respect, but I cover all with a loop when trying to open it. Don’t know, so conceived, or my instance Hero8 Black some problems, but I would not say that it is very convenient. In addition to these slots, this compartment is also a USB Type-C to transmit the information via cable or charging device. A separate charger for the battery included is not provided. By the way, the battery is the same as in Hero7, they are interchangeable.


Photo from the official website of the manufacturer

Third major update — mods that are installed directly on the camera without additional fasteners. Presented mod with external microphone, HDMI and 3.5 mm plugs, as well as two “hot boots”, mod lamp permanent light and mod with a swivel screen. They are all compatible and will be available for pre-order in either December of this year (microphone and light), or in February 2020 (swivel screen).


The rest of the design elements and design Hero8 GoPro Black perfectly familiar from past models. LCD screen with a diagonal of two inches, but its resolution, like a number of other key characteristics, the manufacturer does not name. It is clearly low, but sufficient to use the screen as a viewfinder and main controls. Key information (operation mode, capture resolution, the number of captured videos/photos, the rest of the space for the battery and memory card) is duplicated on the monochrome screen on the front.

Dimensions GoPro Hero8 Black – 66,3 × 48,6 × 28,4 mm. Weight somehow indicates without the battery — by the way, the camera can indeed be used without a battery by connecting a cable to an external power source, and is 103 grams, that is, it was a little easier than Hero7 Black.

Management, application

The control circuit GoPro Hero Black has not changed since the days of the fourth version, which became the first with a built-in touch screen. All in the spirit of the company — the settings a bit, three modes — time lapse, photo and video, there is the possibility of creating your own “scenarios” for both photos and video to quickly switch between them without constantly digging in the settings. To switch between these modes by swiping across the touchscreen (with gloves on to do it will not work) and a single press of the side switch. Long press on it will turn the camera off. Button shutter release/record a single, it is located on the top panel.


To control the camera even from a smartphone screen. To do this, use the GoPro app, available for both Android and iOS. The camera will be connected quickly using Wi-Fi, and access point creates herself — and with this there are problems. The first connection seamlessly, the app looks beautiful, everything is great, but, for example, to update the firmware to the camera via the Android app I have never got — “the signal strength of Wi-Fi” indicated too low, including when the camera is laying on the smartphone. Transfer photos and videos from the camera this did not cause difficulties, also managed to use a smartphone as a remote viewfinder, although the delay in the update the picture was quite noticeable. In the iOS app no problem — even such. However, nothing new about that, as developers make apps for Android or iOS, we of this story do not know.


GoPro app for Android


GoPro app for iOS

In the application there are opportunities not only for remote shooting or viewing of the footage, but also for mounting the rollers, and even publish to their own social network. Installation, by the way, you can instruct the application itself — it copes with this task surprisingly well, at least if you take his creation as the basis for your own and make changes.


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