In “some parts” of the USA began selling Magic Leap One Creator

Edition is the first augmented reality glasses from an ambitious startup Magic Leap. CEO Rony Abovitz (Rony Abovitz) called the device a “full working product consumer class” and AT&T is going to show it in some of their stores. However, while glasses are designed mostly for artists and developers: they are available in a limited set of applications, and they can create their own.

The Value Of Magic Leap One Creator Edition — $2 295. The company will deliver the device free of charge and will help to set it up. For $495 you can additionally order the “professional development kit”: this includes a system that will allow for free to replace the glasses within 24 hours, if they are broken.

As told earlier startup, Magic Leap One consists of three elements: points Lightwear, a portable computer Lightpack controller. Lightwear uses a set of cameras and a special lens for projecting images on real places, and Lightpack are equipped with mobile system on chip NVIDIA Tegra X2, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB of storage, USB-C port and the battery for three hours of continuous use. Also has a headphone Jack, but the default is to use small speakers on the sides of the device.

Magic Leap One only supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is for home use. However, Abovitz says that “in certain conditions,” points can work and on the street. Among the immediately available applications browser, virtual chat, a system for placing virtual objects in the real world and demo games Dr. Grordbort”s Invaders.

Also in the digital store you can find a tool for artists to Create, preview app NBA and Tonandi musical project, created in collaboration with post-rock band Sigur Rós. The developers to create their own applications can use the source code of various projects Magic Leap.


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