Wargroove — cute dogs, boring war. Review
Genre Tactical strategy
Publisher Chucklefish
Developers Chucklefish
Minimum requirements Intel Core i3-530 2.9 GHz / AMD Phenom 9550 2.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphics card with 1 GB memory and DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD 6670, 1 GB on a hard disk, an Internet connection and a Steam account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-650 3.2 GHz / AMD Athlon II X4 610e 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card with 1 GB memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 / ATI Radeon R7 260X
Release date 1 Feb 2019
Age limit 16 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The game is tested on PC

A couple of years ago Wargroove became one of the most memorable announcements of a PC Gaming Show. Spiritual successor to Advance Wars with the cutest pixel art, interesting (on rollers) gameplay, and even with the editor to expand the game with their own scenarios. Step-by-step strategy do not go too often so wanted to believe that everything will work out. However, we must always be on guard — after all, nostalgia is nostalgia, and attempts to mow the old days may not work very well.

Ooty, how easy!

What Wargroove definitely not take, so it’s charming visual style. The game looks very neat (especially dogs), and the animation is just superb. Some heroes so valiantly waving arms or kicking that makes you wonder how much time was spent on the creation of these movements. However, to fully enjoy the efforts will not work — rollers in the game, and in battle uses only one type of attack, which quickly becomes boring.

One of the rare missions with unique conditions — here you need to put the dog on a hill to increase the review

Unfortunately, with the gameplay exactly the same story. How the strategy game works well, some time manages to entertain, but more immersed in the storyline campaign, the longer and become boring battle. The main time spent in thinking about future action, and a banal drag pack units from one end to another card, which may take a few moves. Then watch as the same deals with the computer.

Slowness and monotony beach Wargroove. Because there is no pumping, the active skill from the heroes of only one, and all units except marine opened rather quickly, it remains only to repeatedly replay the same scenario. You with the enemy throws at different angles locations and winning requires killing or commander, or to destroy the main building. On the map there are houses — if they are captured, each course they will fill the Treasury with gold. Neutral buildings “disguise” without difficulty, but if one of them already dug in enemy, you first have to smoke him out. Plus friendly buildings are for the money to pay part of their health units, which treatment is required, however, to make it better deep in their territory, and then on the front there is a risk of immediately lose part of the income.

From the numerical advantage the opponent does not remain also a trace

On the part of all soldiers not less than simply. Everyone — surprise, surprise — has strengths and weaknesses, but you need to consider not only that. The number of hit points the soldier is directly tied to the power of its attack — a warrior without damage will deal full damage and barely moves the feet becomes almost useless on the battlefield. This, perhaps, features and end.

Further, the project proposes to lazily crawl the units on the map, first building up the economy through free buildings, and then on the gold collecting an army to move forward. And if in the first third when it’s still being developed, and tasks are passed relatively quickly, in Wargroove fun to play, then it starts to fall apart. Butt for 20-30 minutes is still okay, but you spend half an hour — no longer. The farther climb into the campaign, the more boring it becomes viscous. Resources are not over, and the whole point is to crush your opponent a lot. I’m not against long mixing and happily poured hundreds of hours into Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem series and the film series Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, not to mention other turn-based tactics/strategies. However, many of them have been put in a difficult situation, offered some unusual jobs demanded to poraskinut brains and look at what is happening from a different angle. Not to mention the fact that the constantly forced to consider further action.

Here a universal recipe is pretty fast. Buy a pair of trebuchets, order a few units for protection, and then each turn to move forward on a couple of cells. Repeat until victory. When the flying units, the composition is added to the ballista. Or mages, even better, because they not only can heal, but “take out” the air clicking fingers. All the computer will be nothing you can do, and will only again and again to merge his army into the fortifications until, until you lose the numerical advantage. In General, the AI in the game is extremely stupid and constantly doing strange things — for example, by all means tries to destroy the commander. So it can be used as bait to put in an open field and throw from a distance everyone who gets to him and gets in the zone with long-range guns. Of course, this tactic will help to get the highest rank, he still needs to act smarter and faster, but for normal passage of a win-win option.

I — turtle, I can swim through half of the map, and good luck to you to look out for my kill zone, a-ha-ha-ha-ha!

And one in the field — quite a force

By the way, about heroes. Unique units alone can mow a considerable part of the troops, have insane defense and regenerate a small percentage of health each turn. They can be safely sent to the front — we won’t forget the time to treat, cover from air attacks and withdraw from the environment. Developers, of course, tried to stop a blood bath the condition that the loss of the commander, the battle is lost, but careful commander, he never dies. Especially the advantage of these fighters in those rare tasks where the groups battle on an empty map without any buildings and the economy.

In addition, Wargroove missing important genre elements. For example, the interface does not show who of them is still free. You cannot switch between soldiers, they must first find on the battlefield and then click on them. In conditions, when the map is three dozen soldiers to do such a fuss uncomfortable, especially because of this forever lost any dragon that is two missed progress could happen and not be forgotten somewhere in the corner. There is no possibility to see the affected area of all the units at once — this is especially critical with the advent of ships, which hurts shooting almost the whole screen. You have to click on all of the enemies in turn and look out of the cage, which none of them can reach. All this makes the already tedious process in a very boring routine. For Nintendo Switch from it to escape, sending the console to sleep, but on large platforms have to finish fights to the end.

And well if the story motivated you to get through battles, but it turned out quite funny. Come to a new region, you are not allowed to insert the word, immediately attack, then the parties reconciled and together they run to save the world. Come to a new region, you are not allowed to insert the word, immediately attack, then the parties reconciled and together they run to save the world. Come to a new region, you are not allowed to insert the word, immediately attack, then the parties reconciled and together they run to save the world. Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah, enough! After a few dozen hours can not remember even the names of characters, not to mention the lack of desire someone there to help.

In fact, computer (red) against such a composition impotent

Outside the campaign you can try arcade mode — with exactly the same mournful battles, but for different characters, and at the same time to stretch the brain in puzzle mode. There is one course you want to end the party, and the decision is not that simple as it might seem at first glance. It’s funny, but it is much more interesting to command his troops, than in the “campaign mode”, and that says a lot.

The situation somehow saves the multiplayer still these people play is not an example of fun. Especially after his move to escape, and the same Steam carefully alert when a rival will give you the right to act. However, lately it’s been harder and harder to find any match (or late in the evening nobody wanted to play with me). At the same time you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of custom creations — there are already enough decent jobs. Try, for example, a compilation from the PC Gamer.

Wargroove — not a bad strategy, but it desperately lacks variety. Campaign story turned out so long and indistinct as part of the narrative and part of the job. Over and over again to repeat the same thing, but longer and more monotonous, tiring. All races of men do not differ anything, except appearance, and the greater part of the army you can not use some units are frankly stronger than others. However, the community I’m sure with time will offer some much more interesting scenarios, and spend dozens of hours on battlefield with friends (casual gamers try to find), but the rest of the game does not offer anything outstanding. So that the final has to get in through force.


  • beautiful pixel art;
  • the presence of the map editor and the individual scenarios;
  • convenient asynchronous multiplayer.


  • boring story campaign;
  • the game is a combination of three to four units, making the rest of the army completely useless;
  • lengthy battle with monotonous tasks;
  • the inability to switch between free fighters and watch the affected area of all units of the enemy;
  • the story is that it is not.


Cute pixel art looks nice, the animation of attack performed just fine.


Music m-m-m-m, there are, however, so the background and faceless, that at some point just turn off all the sounds and start your playlist.

Single game

The endless quests of the “gored commander on the other end of the map”, which led to a half hour tedious drag-and-drop units on location. Rare mission where the squad operates without databases, can entertain, but the whole campaign turned out excessively stretched and boring.


With people to fight is always interesting — at least locally, at least on the Network. However, if there are no friends with the game, then find a random opponent complicated.

Overall impression

Wagroove offers is too lengthy and repetitive battles, which are no different from each other. And all of the wealth of units are really useful only a few. That’s not a bad strategy, but worthy representatives of the genre she is very, very far away.

Rating: 6,5/10

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