Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold opened a new category of smartphones

On the eve of the Samsung Unpacked, we learned almost all the details of the three flagships of the Galaxy S10, it is about a new flexible smartphone, the audience heard, in fact, the only thing than the Korean company chose to share. Now, finally, we waited for the official announcement of the Galaxy Fold, which promises to be among the first signs of the future flow of such a folding apparatus.

Galaxy Fold features the world’s first curved Infinity edge-to-edge screen Flex Display

with a diagonal of 7.3 inches, through which the tablet can be folded in a compact smartphone.

Galaxy Fold in fact stands as an independent category of devices, as indicated, even the price. He, as stressed by the Korean manufacturer, embodies innovations in the field of materials, design, and display technologies that have been developed for many years, suffice it to say that Samsung has released the first prototype of flexible screen back in 2011.

To make possible such a flexible display, Samsung has created a new polymer layer, which reduced the thickness of the panel half, providing the necessary flexibility, strength and durability. At the same time, the company has developed an innovative hinge mechanism, with which Galaxy Fold open smoothly and naturally, like a book. The connector that is hidden inside the body of the smartphone protects the internal display part and the flexion mechanism, ensuring smooth operation even under heavy use.

Interestingly, the built-in display, fingerprint scanner is not here: he, like the approach in Galaxy S10e, placed on the end of the body, where there is usually the thumb when holding the camera in hand. By the way, due to the design features of the device, the Samsung logo is also engraved on the end part.

The smartphone used a special complex power system using two batteries. By the way, Galaxy Express Fold supports wireless charging, and by analogy with the Galaxy S10 can recharge wirelessly batteries other compatible mobile devices.

New design can be useful when you need a relatively large screen. To make calls or reply to text messages enough to take out the phone from your pocket and use the separate touch screen on the front panel of the phone, but when you need simultaneous operation of multiple applications or the need to watch the presentation, magazine, film, and the like — you can expand your smartphone and use the large display.

Under such a device, of course, and created a unique user interface that allows you to discover new opportunities and to exploit the full potential of the smartphone. For example, a smartphone allows you to keep open up to three active applications at the same time. At the same time, the platform has support for two screens (similar, for example, YotaPhone): the interface allows you to conveniently switch from external display to internal and Vice versa. In particular, when the opening and closing Fold Galaxy apps are automatically transferred to the appropriate screen. Samsung promises to optimize popular applications and Google Android to new format the device to services like Facebook, WhatsApp or YouTube worked optimally on the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung announces high-performance Galaxy Fold. The device received a powerful 7-nm 8-core processor (probably Snapdragon 855) and 12 GB of RAM, making the promised performance level of the PC. The smartphone can be connected to the docking station, Samsung DeX to get a desktop environment on a large external monitor. Supported and other technologies like Samsung’s personal assistant Bixby, data protection technology Knox, the payment system, Samsung Pay and the functions of the monitoring of the health of Samsung Health.

It is also worth mentioning high-quality stereo speakers, tuned by AKG engineers, and a special universal system of six cameras. The whole bunch similar to the Galaxy S10+, but the addition of another front camera from the outside. This allows you to use multiple applications during video calls.

Specifications Galaxy Fold:

  • main screen: 7,3” QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED (4.2:3);
  • front: a 4.6″ HD+ Super AMOLED (21:9);
  • CPU: 7-nanometer chip with eight 64-bit CPU cores;
  • battery: total capacity is 4380 mAh with support for high-speed wired (QC2.0 and AFC) and wireless charging (WPC and PMA);
  • RAM: 12 GB LPDDR4x;
  • storage: 512 GB UFS3.0.
  • the front facing camera when folded: 10 MP f/2,2;
  • the front camera is in the unfolded state: 10 MP f/2.2 in conjunction with the 8-Megapixel RGB-depth camera f/1,9;
  • main camera: 16-Megapixel wide f/2,2; 12-Megapixel wide angle, OIS, f/1.5 or f/2.4; 12-MP telephoto lens, OIS, f/2,4;
  • Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie with its own interface.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will come in the colors Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Green Martian and Astro Blue. It will be available for pre-order in Russia on the website of Samsung in the second quarter of 2019. The smartphone will hit the market on 26 April at a price of $1980 in the United States.


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