Crackdown 3 — equity in each house. Review
Genre Action
Publisher Xbox Game Studios
Developer Sumo Digital, Elbow Rocket
Minimum requirements Windows 10, CPU Intel Core-i5 3470 3.2 GHz / AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM,
video card with support for DirectX 12 and 2 Gbytes of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon R7 260X, 40 GB hard disk, Internet connection and a Microsoft account
Recommended requirements Intel Core i5-4690 3.5 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphics card with 4GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
Release date 15 Feb 2019
Age limit 18 years
Platform PC, Xbox One
Official website

Game tested on Xbox One and PC

The first “greetings from the past” Crackdown 3 reports on the very threshold, even before the launch, tumbled to the library two customers separately for the single-player campaign and multiplayer. I confess, already can not remember the last time you ever see similar, although in this case it seems justified. The fact that the associated General title icons hiding not just two modes in one game, and completely different products, to the differing that and consider them the good, you have independently from each other. Well, will do so.

Mayhem for fun

First go through the multiplayer module Wrecking Zone, because only in it remained the main advertising feature of Crackdown 3, for many the only remaining reason at all to wait for a project — destructible environments based on cloud computing. Before release, however, it arrived in a fairly truncated form. A city that initially, the developers have promised to give at the mercy of the players, in the end had shrunk to three relatively spacious arenas. And the destructible is not so impressive as the first demo videos, — partly, perhaps, due to the primitive architecture of the levels. All the buildings on the battlefield is either a solid structure, collapsing, or as the faceless empty shell on the indestructible pillars which can perforate the walls and ceilings.

And it is not entirely clear what there appears the vaunted power of Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Damage look through the template, the wreckage never crush, and any attempt to approach it imaginatively doomed — to topple one building to another or to bring down the top floor on the bottom will not work. The result is a curious picture — a chip that had almost single-handedly sell the game, in fact, performs a purely cosmetic function, and even copes with it much worse for the elderly Red Faction: Guerrilla, at the time, somehow bypassing their own, without any help of the cloud.

Up occupied territory — the sight is still beautiful

But the most striking thing is that despite all the lameness of local destruction is the best part of the multiplayer Crackdown 3. Without it, the Wrecking Zone in its current state would not be worth and hour of time that it is out of interest you can pay. Three maps, two game modes (Deathmatch and fight for control points) is only 5 on 5, less than a dozen weapons (nearly identical to the guns and rocket launcher), no customization, no progression system and a complete lack of basic amenities like hitting buttons or the possibility to invite the other match — here and everything that made team Rocket Elbow, which worked not even one in five years. From a gross imitation of a training simulation for agents quickly begins to ripple in the eyes, matches turn into messy cluttered — and that’s if you’re lucky to get a full team (a week after release this is already a big problem). “Exciting” is not the word.

Came, saw, condemned

On the background of the calling of such lewdness, it is encouraging to see that Sumo Digital campaign performed on the conscience. Not outstanding and certainly very old-fashioned story about the confrontation between police organizations of the future, referred to as the Agency with the Corporation TerraNova turned out pretty to look at, lively in fact, and surprisingly solid in composition.

Not the slums and right a resort

The scenario is simple: there is a city full of enemies of freedom and democracy, is the hero who came to make some noise in the name of justice. Seizing the enemy’s property, undermining the activities of the enemies and freeing the oppressed, you will eventually demolish the structure of “Terra Nova” and through the bosses of the departments get to caricature the main villain.

In the world of Crackdown agents is a biologically enhanced soldiers who evolyutsioniruet on the battlefield. Simply put, the more you do something, the better it starts to turn. Shooting a lot? Bullets will do more damage. Love to wave fists? Will soon be able to throw right and left whole squads of enemies. In addition, each skill level opens up new abilities (powerful blow, resistance to harmful environment, double jump, etc.) or replenishment for Arsenal — in contrast to the Wrecking Zone, very impressive. The only skill that is not pumped of course, is agility. For its development you need to collect scattered abundantly around the city of green balls.

The threat from the sky!

In fact, nothing in the game anymore. Jumping from ball to ball, you are traveling on points of interest, casually smash the corporate infrastructure, are attracted to the person more and more attention and gradually become a real Superman. Compared to other projects with the open world, often overloaded with extra mechanics and ground third-party activity is not always appropriate role-playing system, gathering, crafting and other new Crackdown may seem too simple, shallow, unprincipled. However, at some point you realize that this simplicity is addictive. On the level of feelings the game is, oddly enough, is associated with platformers like Rayman, which are based on the “feeling of flow” — a smooth and rhythmic gameplay, which join and just can’t put down.

Competently to design and to customize all the components to this “flow” is maintained and not interrupted — is a big deal, but Sumo Digital has done very well. Jeweled bright holograms areas of new Providence are clearly styled, so that you always know where you are, even without looking at the map. The city itself is not small, but compact enough to avoid big, empty spaces. Agent is gradually moving on the outskirts to the center and the complexity of travel is increasing commensurate with their capabilities. Over leveling is not necessary to puzzle, but its effect is extremely obvious. With cars to not like — so be it, they would have to touch. The job does not require manual activation and do not stray long rollers — just to see you near the checkpoint or the monorail station, the game will offer to clean them. Do not want — your business, go ahead.

Tiberius? No, the local Mutagenic Green Crystal called “Chimera”

Many little things add up unexpectedly pleasant painting — rustic, naive but charming action, much not knowing and not able, but flexible. Yeah, Crackdown 3 is not mind-blowing insane frenzy, as a gorgeous Sunset Overdrive, but not sinking into despondency ugly in the manner of the last Just Cause. It is really plush game, missed all of the current trends. But if you leap across rooftops under the unobtrusive techno more fun and mass carnage no-no start to sweat hands, what the hell’s the difference?


  • stylish design;
  • nice acrobatics;
  • cheerful skirmishes.


  • Terry Kruse blasphemous little;
  • the lack of localization;
  • poor multiplayer.


Comic cel-shading well-suited to the selected style, but, alas, not able to disguise technical weakness and low detail of the picture.


Trumps the game nothing special, but to be ashamed of anything — music model, the effects of the model. However, it is a pleasure to hear Michael Mcconnohie in the role of Director.

Single game

Fairly short for the genre (about 20 hours) a sketch of the overthrow of another evil Corporation, without frills, bells and whistles and flashes.


Technodance cloud of destruction, which is why it is still possible to play. Possible, but not necessary.

Overall impression

Crackdown 3 is similar to the movie “the Expendables” — a visitor from a bygone era, simple and straightforward, but still able to entertain. And Terry crews appearing in the frame.

Rating: 7,0/10

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