Apple plans to whet curved displays, so they don’t crack in the cold

The past month has shown that one of the trends in the smartphone market will be the release of the folding devices with bendable displays. Such models already announced by Samsung and Huawei, many other manufacturers have stated that it is ready to soon introduce a similar solution. Apple such statements not yet made, but one of its patent applications indicates that a development in this direction is underway.

This, however, at this time of the patent is not on the folding phone, and

one of the technologies developed by the cupertinos for flexible structures. It involves heating of the screen is repeated in the event that that is not cracked in the cold. It is assumed that the heat display will be along the line of folding by the inclusion of illumination of pixels or using the built in device is a heating element.

In addition, the patent describes a locking mechanism that will prevent bending / unbending of the gadget in that case, if the temperature of the screen is below a certain threshold.

Of course, the appearance of this patent application is no guarantee that Apple will implement its technology in the next commercial products. However, the document indicates that the direction of bending mobile devices have long been interested in the “giant Apple”, because the application was filed in December 2017.


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