The first applications and services for accounting Finance simply replaces the old notebooks: allowed to keep records not only on paper but in computer. But electronic records are more, so soon, these services began to expand functionality: a hierarchical system of categories of expenditure and income, reminders about paying utility bills or debt repayment. Added analytic tools, budget planning, ability to keep a record shared with other users and so on. Many apps are cross-platform. But even

in the most advanced of them accounting required manual operation: the user had to specify the amount and category of each purchase or income. Therefore, the next step in the development of applications for tracking finances is to automate data entry.

Automation greatly helped by the development of payment technologies and, oddly enough, the regulatory framework. In any Bank you can now receive TEXT messages about purchases with cards, and programs accounting has evolved to handle such messages. Some applications even support direct integration with banks and linked to accounts. Due to the fact that people count cards, more and more, greatly reduced the amount of data about purchases that have to be made manually. In addition, the IRS has made mandatory for shops sending checks in on and now on every receipt there is a QR code, which you can use to e-receipt on your smartphone. It is even more automatiseret data input — the program loads not only the total amount of purchases, but the cost of each item. And no matter what method the user has paid in store by cash or card.

In the present review applications and services for personal Finance includes products of last generation, allowing to automate the data entry of purchases (and incomes). The survey does not include applications to banks, many of which offer similar features, but only for owners of their cards.

Alzex Finance

The application is available for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and PC. Database all of them common, so that the service can be used simultaneously on multiple devices.

The program supports all currencies of the world, the main cryptocurrency and precious metals. If necessary, you can add your own currency. Exchange rates are downloaded from the Internet.

The user can create unlimited number of accounts: credit cards, Bank accounts, cash, electronic money and so on. Accounts can be grouped. Transactions in the program are organized by categories, family members (when sharing), counterparties and projects. Each transaction can be assigned many labels. The scheduler of the software allows you to create recurring transactions automatically. The program also takes into account loans and debts.

To analyze their own financial situation, the user can through the reports. Scan the QR code check in the program is impossible: although the IRS and designed the app to check and download checks, but the API for third-party developers have not provided. Therefore, the method of download check by scanning the QR code the following: check you want to scan the official app on, download it into your phone and then send it to Alzex Finance — and it falls into the category of “Unconfirmed transactions”. Next, the program will need to distribute the goods (or services) in the check categories. In the distribution you can select multiple items in the receipt and assign them to one category. Besides, if earlier the user has already indicated product category, he will be automatically assigned the same category, and will only confirm the transaction.

Alzex Finance supports parsing of SMS from banks. This means that when you turn on the appropriate item in the settings all SMS about transactions on the card will automatically appear in the list of unconfirmed transactions, and the user will only specify the category of expenditure (or income) account and confirm the transaction. To separate the amount specified in SMS for a few categories cannot. So when you pay for multiple items and services of different categories in one transaction parsing TEXT is going to be useless.

The program supports password protection and allows sharing to cover some bills and expenses from other users.

Version of Alzex Finance for each platform sold separately. For mobile platforms there is a free version with limited functionality (it can not use the reports to maintain a joint account with other users, plan a budget, keep records of debts and so on), and for Windows — only the paid version with a 30-day free period to test. Android version worth 399 rubles, for Windows — 590 rubles for personal use and for commercial 990.


FinPix is a mobile app for Android for my money, a unique opportunity which the developers call the scanner checks that can recognize text on photos, and not just to download information by scanning the QR code. Application developer — the Russian company “Asgard”, so the text of the check that is recognized by the program should be in Russian.

The application is able to identify individual items in check, save for accounting for the product name, price, quantity, discount, and the resulting cost. The process of recognition check the photos may take a few minutes — it depends on the quality of the check and photos, as well as the performance of the device. When testing the app missed a few items in check, so the best option for entering data in database is still scanning a QR code.

The user can configure which categories are individual goods, and then FinPix will determine the category for recognized items automatically. Their own program can not allocate the product name, so if you want to save it you must manually specify a name.

The application supports the parsing of SMS banking.

Other possibilities FinPix — account of expenditure and income, transfers between accounts, debts, loans, deposits and transactions of currency exchange, instant synchronization of data between multiple user devices, the use of categories and subcategories for categorizing the expenses. You can also create hashtags to mark individual events (#Letnitza, #Wedding), projects (#Remont36kv, #House), objects (#BMW #Gazelle) and so on with the ability to track all income and expenditures. Finally, you can maintain several separate budgets within the application (personal budget, budget of the individual entrepreneur or small business) and to analyze the structure and dynamics of incomes and expenses on the appropriate charts.

It is worth noting the ability to export (and import) data in file format. xlsx it can be used for creating backups and for sharing data in a joint household budget, several members of the family. In the file created from summary table on expenditures in terms of categories and periods.

Pricing FinPix somewhat unusual for applications of this class. The service is completely free when using it online (i.e. if the database will be uploaded to the company servers). And when using offline, the cost depends on the number of product names in the file when exporting to xlsx. If to unload the goods, the file is not required, to use the program is also available for free. The most expensive version of the program (removed the blocking of exports of goods names of all previously recognized the checks and six new) available for only 232 of the ruble.


CoinKeeper offers users applications for mobile platforms and the web version, which you can use on your PC. A unique opportunity for application developers think interface that allows you to quickly add income or expense using “coins” on the main screen of the program.

Main features of the service standard for all applications of this type — the user can set monthly budgets, plan expenditures, to accounting, to use to account for multiple devices (cloud sync is supported), save the money for a desired purchase, to convert into other currencies, and so on. Supports reminders for regular payments, statistics and reports, excluding debt, data export to CSV, protect apps with a password.

CoinKeeper automatically recognizes SMS messages from any Bank (only on devices with Android OS).

Scanning QR codes checks in the program itself no, but the opportunity is implemented in another program developer — “Buy and checks CoinKeeper”, where scanned checks can be downloaded in CoinKeeper. Scanning receipts in this app is working worse than in the official program, on (some checks are not loaded). As a variant — at first to scan the check in app on, and then — in “Purchases and receipts CoinKeeper”. By the way, accounting can be conducted and in the scan program checks, however, the functionality of the main program is much higher.

The basic version of CoinKeeper is available for free, the Premium version (work with multiple devices, add categories, advanced statistics, period budgeting) is from 75 rubles a month, and the Platinum version (there is a possibility of import of Bank transactions) — from 250 rubles per month.

“Zen money”

The developers of “Zen money” offer your product in the form of mobile applications for Android and iOS, and the web version.

The functionality of the service standard for applications in this category are: budget planning, accounting, recurrent expenditures, maintenance of a joint account, the distribution of spending by categories, support for multiple accounts, currencies, reminder about the debt and so on. The app tells when the user is approaching the upper limit of limit set for a particular category of goods and services.

The software supports parsing of SMS (for Android) and sync with certain banks — Sberbank, VTB, “Tinkoff”, “Rocketboom”, “AlfaBank” and others. For synchronization, you must install the plugin and give access to their online Bank (for example, “Sberbank online”). The program will automatically download a list of transactions. This synchronization eliminates the need to connect a so-called mobile Bank card because the cash flow will be included in the “Zen money”.

Scan the QR code of the check is available in the program, but the developers warn that sometimes to load the data of the check, you must scan it through the app on. “Zen money” independently allocates the goods from the check categories, but allows, if necessary, to adjust the distribution.

Free version of “Zen money” has limited functionality (reports are not available, management accounts and categories, a recognition TEXT). Distributed as a paid subscription (from 42 rubles per month) and a permanent license (1 249 rubles).


Application for devices with Android, other options as the web version, no.

One of the main advantages KeepFinance developers think the app’s interface. On the main page, specify the current balance summary of income and expenses, reminders about the mandatory payments. When you swipe to the left appears a list of all transactions in the current reporting period, when you swipe your finger fast payment. On the lock screen of the smartphone indicate how much money is available for expenses

Opportunities KeepFinance standard: automatic accounting of expenses and revenues by analyzing SMS from banks, a manual method of entering costs and revenues, budget planning and monitoring its implementation, the reminder about the mandatory payments, the accumulation function, a joint account with other users, support multi-currency, several accounts, categories, and so on.

The app supports scanning the QR-code check — the scan button is inside the app. KeepFinance remembers the goods distribution by category, and the next time it is already happening automatically.

Also KeepFinance can be password protected.

The basic version is free but with limited functionality. The premium version allows you to scan the QR code checks, tagging, export to CSV, password protection, syncing between devices, and so on. License premium is constant and is 399 rubles.


Applications and services for accounting software market offers a lot, but products with a flexible and feature-rich accounting system and fully automated data entry on the Russian market a little. So when looking for a good app of this type, it is sufficient to test only a few products.

The next step in the development of services accounting Finance I would like to see a fully automated data entry system that does not require any user intervention (when non-cash payment). But this requires that banks have full access to goods in check, but even prerequisites for that are not observed. However, perhaps this functionality will appear within the next three to five years.


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