Windows 10 appears the access Linux files from Windows Explorer

In the April update of Windows 10 will be a new opportunity related to the Linux subsystem. This subsystem appeared almost immediately after the release of “tens” and actively developed. Now, however, is expected to be added to support file access and file system directly from Windows Explorer.

At the moment this functionality is already implemented in Windows 10 build 18836, which, in essence, is a preliminary version of Windows 10. She needs to get through spring 2020. However,

Microsoft claim that the corresponding ability will appear in April.

The company said that to use this feature very simple. You need to enter explorer.exe in a suitable Linux distribution that is installed in Windows 10, which opens an Explorer window with the files Linux. Thus, the user can access almost all the same features as in the baseline system. These include copy, move, insert, and so on.

The company specifies that this feature is still in the early stages of development, so that in the future there will be additional opportunities, although it is not clear what. Finished implementation will be available in Windows 10 build 1903. However, Microsoft States that this feature is still in its early stages, and some of the improvements already in development, so the experience should be significantly improved, when in April will the version of Windows 10, 1903.

Until you clarify how this implementation will increase the system requirements for the OS, but it seems that the changes will not be too great. The Windows 10 upgrade April 2019 Update will be completed in March, after which it will begin to deploy around the world.


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