Desktop processors Ryzen third generation, known under the code name Matisse, was previously the head of AMD Lisa su (Lisa Su) in its report on CES 2019 in the beginning of the year. However, the timing of the full announcement of these fundamentally new processors, which will find the use of microarchitecture Zen 2, was vaguely outlined by the middle of 2019. Now, there is more specific information about the dates, when should we expect actual occurrence 7-nm novelties. It is alleged that all of the details about lineup Ryzen 3000, AMD will officially launch at Computex 2019, which will begin on 28 may and the sales of the first representatives of this series of processors it will try to start in early July.

Information about the date of the announcement Ryzen 3000 appeared this weekend on the website RedGamingTech. Citing its own sources it is reported that AMD plans to launch anticipated new products in the sale on 7 July this year. This day is for the company symbolic meaning: two sevens (7.07.2019) should be associated with a 7-nm process technology, which will be used in the production of capleton, which is part of the promising processors. And, it seems that such a commitment by AMD to numerology is indeed the case, because the graphics card Radeon 7, which is the second reincarnation RX Vega, was released on 7 February (7.02.2019) is not accidental.

Future processors Ryzen 3000 can be attributed to one of the most anticipated products this year. The first acquaintance with the processors Ryzen 3000 occurred at the beginning of January, when AMD showed the 8-core and 16-thread chip of the next generation, able to compete on performance in the task of rendering with Core i9-9900K. However, many believe that a series Ryzen 3000 will include consumer processors with cores in excess of eight. For example, in an interview after his speech at Computex 2019 Lisa su said that in the new generation Ryzen “we can expect more than eight cores”. Given the same design Ryzen 3000, suggesting the possibility of accommodation at the processor substrate of the two crystals chipsetov with nuclei, enthusiasts hope that AMD will offer to the mass market 12 – or even 16-core solutions.

In favor of this, in particular, said the recent emergence of database UserBenchmark test results of 12-core sample Ryzen 3000, which worked with a base frequency of 3.4 GHz and 3.6 GHz in turbo mode. Although such indicators frequency is not too impressive, the benchmark demonstrated clear progress in the specific performance expected of the product. As follows from the results of the test, the indicator of the IPC (number of instructions executed per clock) microarchitecture Zen 2 increased by about 13 % relative to the currently used micro-Zen+.

It is expected that with 3000 processors Ryzen in early July at the shops flock is also a new Socket AM4-motherboard based on AMD Radeon X570. They will need to provide full support for PCI Express 4.0 and some optimization in performance. However, the performance of new generation processors are expected to be able to work after updating the BIOS and with earlier motherboards, at least those that are based on chipsets are the four series.

More details of future AMD processors and platforms can be expected starting in April. It was then, according to the plan, among manufacturers of motherboards will be subject to engineering samples promising Ryzen 3000, and by this time they prepare their designs for future products.

I should add that in the publication RedGamingTech mentioned that July 7 is the day of the beginning of sales of game videocards of the average level architecture Navi. However, the accuracy of this information is questionable, as previously mentioned about the delay of the announcement Navi at least until the fourth quarter of 2019.


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