Genre Shooter
Publisher Deep Silver
Publisher in Russia “Buka”
Developer 4A Games
Minimum requirements Intel Core i5-4440 3.1 GHz / AMD FX-8370E 3.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2GB of memory, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon HD 7870, 50 GB on your hard disk, Internet connection and an account on the Epic Games Store or Steam
Recommended requirements Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5 GHz / AMD R5 Ryzen 1500X 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 8 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX Vega 56
Release date 15 Feb 2019
Age limit 12 years
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Official website

Game tested on Xbox One X

Postapokalipsis — topic, to put it mildly, broken. A burnt-out radioactive wastelands is not easy to breathe a breath of fresh air. They managed to become “Metro 2033” is the debut novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky about how the few survivors after a nuclear war, huddled in the Moscow subway. This is measured, without any action, the story became an excellent basis for a series of video games. 4A Games managed to convey the dense atmosphere of the original, where a ray of hope barely breaks through the feeling of despair, laced with Patriotic flavor. Metro 2033 and, especially, Metro: Last Light — both were just a good adventure shooter. Unlike trikvela. Metro Exodus aiming higher — just in the category of the classics in the years ahead.

The country is huge

The first part willingly retold the events of the original book. Last Light continues the story, though not described directly in the books considered to be canonical. “Exodus” is at odds with the adventures of Artyom, described in the “Metro 2035”, although in the preparation of the script for the game trikvela Dmitry used some highlights from his latest book in this universe.

Wherever you may be on the horizon will always be something interesting. And dangerous

Artem is obsessed with the idea that somewhere on the planet still able to survive people. In the end, the Moscow metro is not the only in the world, and it did not found even a scrap of land untouched by nuclear war? Other characters, however, reasonable notice that in this case, surely someone, if not would come from the outside, at least responded on the radio. But often silence or noise.

Of course, in the end he was right the main character, and the reason for the isolation of Moscow it is revealed in the prologue. So we have to get beyond capital. Artem together with his wife Anna and a group of “Spartans” — a kind of underground forces — fleeing to the gold-domed old, but still strong engine “Aurora”. There is no turning back, and now just need to get into the country in search of a new home.

Despite the abrupt change of surroundings, the atmosphere “Underground” will not go away. Yes, not the whole world burned in nuclear fire, but the old way of life long gone. Rare plots of land suitable for survival, full of bandits and desperate. A new world confronts tough choice to save humanity or give him one more day? The heroes will travel across our vast Motherland, and they will see horrors worse than those that happened in the tunnels of Moscow: the fanatics and madmen, sins and vices, with people in all their ugliness, have to deal constantly. But amidst the gloom there is always something bright. Hope for which you want to go further.

Between stops you can walk along the “Aurora” and enjoy the wind of wanderings

“Metro: the Exodus” on the structure of the narrative — a real road trip in the world after the end of the world. And may the idea is not new, but its capacity is enough to throw us into a variety of picturesque corners of what was once Russia and the nearest abroad. The scenery in the game is fascinating. All locations, from the banks of the Volga to the Caspian coast and Kazakh hinterland, detailed and lovingly worked. Where will you adventure different from each other and terrain, and General mood and color scheme.

And now, these breathtaking beauty — not just a bright scenery, but a full-fledged miniature “sandbox”. Metro Exodus skillfully combines the linear approach of their predecessors with the fashion for open worlds. Some levels are made in the spirit of previous installments, where you have to race forward. But often, the Aurora will stay in the open, we are free to explore far and wide.

To be a man

Artem usually sent to get rid of the next enemies. You want — you can complete the task and then go further. However, in this case, you miss a lot of small stories, not to mention the new gear and different gadgets. Every remarkable place-tells about the events of the past using entourage, notes and audio tapes. Of course, it is possible for a few minutes to race through an abandoned pioneer camp. But if you for a moment stop and look around, it is easy to imagine how we lived here the children.

Metro left behind, but not once we again have to go underground

Even when the game draws a peaceful nature, do not be deceived — a danger lurks at every step. Already in the middle of should not expect a walk in the Park — will have to literally survive. Metro Exodus takes from “vyzhivalok” some mechanic that fit perfectly into the overall atmosphere.

The handle to drive to the sights, no one will — interesting places have to look for using binoculars, climbing somewhere higher. Of course, no marker on the screen no — Artem makes a mark on the map that constantly have to get it for orienteering. Like anything complex, but as fine creates a sense of the study and no stupid moves from one icon to another!

Now you can gather the Essentials, like first aid kits and breathing filters on the go. For any manipulation of the inventory, whether it’s Kraft or choice of kits for weapons, Artyom takes off a backpack and digging in it. It does not take much time however makes advance to prepare for every encounter. As before, we are rarely forced to a certain style of passing by giving a choice to fight our way out, or slip past security unnoticed shadow.

The machine gun is the best weapon against the crowd of cannibals

This choice is often dictated by your moral principles. Here in the house sat like bandits. But if you sneak closer, the conversations will understand that men, in General, quite good — just survive as they can. Just as we are. And you wonder: “why don’t I get to listen, I could shoot these guys for a little trash,” and somehow ashamed of myself becomes. “Metro” teaches us to think, and then already to pull the trigger.

Unless, of course, this isn’t about mutants. Then the question goes to another plane — to shoot, shoot a lot, or run like hell. On the one hand, on the shooter mechanics, the creators did a great job, and to use the weapon as intended — a pleasure. On the other, ammunition is not much, and one skirmish with a pack of wolves-age is easy to leave most of your inventory. But here on the poor thugs that are sure to meet on the road, and the last bullet is not a pity. Sometimes the script skillfully plays on the emotions, forcing them to hate certain individuals.

Always in motion

The main advantage of the Metro Exodus that for several tens of hours, the game constantly surprises. She is admired for stunning visual performance. Not only adaptability, but also the care with which worked every inch of each location — this world is filled with hundreds and thousands of small parts.

You look at the sides we had!

Often the creation of 4A Games want to compare with Half-Life 2 — every level brings something new in terms of mechanics. Here there is everything, from trips on the trolley to the shootings in the dark corridors and drive through the desert on “the loaf”. Although you didn’t have to borrow from the work of Valve’s silent protagonist. Silent Tom, which constantly communicate and comrades, and my wife, it looks strange, especially given the very lively surrounding characters. By the end of the journey “Aurora” will become your cosy house, and her team — family, where you all will know by name and worry about the fate of each… in Silence.

In the end, “Outcome” surprising harmonious blend of staged action in closed rooms with open space, on which the game easily generates an interesting situation. I, for example, on the first map, still really without equipment, left side from the main job and came across a pack of wolves. Having spent all the ammunition began to run away to some abandoned warehouses in the hope of finding safe shelter and useful stuff. A good place to hide. Therefore, it is, of course, already occupied by a pack of ghouls.

I look at them. They look at me. A moment of silence, and so I climb on the nearest construction crane, bought a few second head start the last bottle with a Molotov cocktail. And from the height you see the noise from the neighborhood came running together a dozen monsters. They do not intend to wait downstairs, and the stairs that tenacious mutants are not needed. I miraculously survived. The scene is the same, remember, came completely random and therefore wildly atmospheric. Spoiled the impression that the pack of wolves, which began these misadventures, and then managed to revive.

Always nice just to relax and enjoy good company

* * *

Vibrant, exciting, fascinating, beautiful, detailed and — can be long to enumerate all the advantages of Metro Exodus. The peak of the series at the moment, and the shooter, which is equal.


  • a captivating story-style post-apocalyptic road adventure;
  • a charismatic and vivid secondary characters;
  • detailed locations interesting to explore;
  • a variety of game situations;
  • properly combined and well-thought game mechanics, be it crafting, shooter or stealth.


  • a silent protagonist does not really fit in the living environment;
  • some monsters respawn too often, disrupting the atmosphere.


Technically and from the point of view of design Metro Exodus — incredible achievement and one of the most beautiful games of our time.


The game sounds exactly as expected: the juicy weapons to shoot the scary monsters growl and chatter the teeth, and another bandit caught complaining of the olive. A good, professional job, though no frills.

Single game

Exciting shooter, which skillfully blends a variety of situations and mechanic a La Half-Life 2 with the modern trend for open worlds.


Not provided.

Overall impression

A vivid journey through a post-apocalyptic Russia, working equally well as on an emotional level, and in terms of mechanics and technology.

Rating: 9,5/10

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Metro Exodus — chug-chug, mutant damned! Review

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