On Sunday evening the accident occurred with the participation of the Tesla Model X, which crashed into “several signs on the road” in new Jersey. The driver claims that the car was on autopilot, and he couldn’t disable the driver assistance system to take over.

The driver was not injured and the police have no claim to it. However, the car is reportedly “received significant damage” and was towed to the Parking lot.

As reported by local news media NJ.com in the police report stated: “the Car could go straight or be directed to the Adams exit lane, but instead chose the direction of the center, that led to the exit roadway and the demolition of several properties on the side”. Before settling, Model X shot down several road signs on the roadside.

“(Owner of Tesla) says that he has tried to regain control of the vehicle, but could not”, — noted in the report. When Autosteer, automatic steering system Autopilot is enabled, the driver, according to the company, simply applying torque to the steering wheel or hit the brakes to disable the function of driver assistance.

In turn, Tesla is in response to a request to comment on the incident, said: “the Driver can easily disable Autopilot, lightly tapping the steering wheel or tapping the brake. Since we launched (function) Autopilot in 2015, we do not know a case, when the Autopilot could not be shut down”.

Source: 3Dnews.ru

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