Genre Roleplay, action
Publisher Square Enix
Publisher in Russia “Buka”
Developer Square Enix
Release date 29 Jan 2019
Age limit 12 years
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The game was tested on PlayStation 4

Series Kingdom Hearts nearly two decades from just a cool idea, Tetsui of Nomura about the Union of the worlds of Square-then-else-soft and Disney has grown to a Grand crossover of many games with an exciting, interweaving story about friendship, reciprocity and the eternal confrontation between Light and Darkness. KH went so long for the third part of that at some point it seemed as though she never will. Or worse, give her in the bawdy hand of the people who killed Final Fantasy (rays of goodness to you, Toriyama and TABATA). Fortunately, all went well. Trikvel was no less unusual and colorful than its predecessors, and at the same time finally put together all the characters under one roof.

Without light there would be darkness

Quite difficult to explain to an inexperienced player appeal of Kingdom Hearts. It would seem, a mad mix of various disney cartoons, the heroes of “finalok” invented specifically for the series of characters won’t work even at the concept stage. Donald is the magician, goofy is the warrior and the boy, Sora saving the worlds from darkness? Ha ha ha are you using? However, it is exactly the same situation as Nintendo. Can be infinitely long paint-esteem, but will not penetrate as long as he doesn’t try.

Kingdom Hearts one screenshot

Thanks to the doers of crazy and familiar characters in a completely atypical role Kingdom Hearts turned out so distinctive and original. Well where still you will see how Scrooge McDuck along with the little rat from Ratatouille to open my own restaurant? Or side by side with Jack Sparrow fight against Barbossa and the cursed pirates? Or Winnie the Pooh, sing with the little Mermaid in a musical ride on a magic carpet? Well, the latter can be done in games Aladdin, but when there the last one came out? Everything described above may sound a little bizarre and “childish”, but works great and with a head plunges into a whirlpool of exciting events.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has stayed true friend since the first part of the formula. There is a global story, tied mostly on the original characters like Sora, Riku and members of the Organization XIII, which is punctuated with local events in the worlds of different cartoons. These local events often remain within a cartoon universe, will not move the main narrative and serve as good fan service. Very interesting to see how the writers play familiar stories including characters and enemies, which should not be there.

Nomura, apparently, has still not released Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Hi, new Noctis!

With such a disposition KH is fully revealed, offering to go with familiar characters in like and recognizable, however, alternative adventure, and not just to go and take part in it. However, in trikvele in some worlds something went wrong — the team of Nomura offers, um, almost frame-by-frame retelling of “Rapunzel” and “frozen.” It looks, of course, incredibly cool due to the beautiful graphics, to shout in all throat LET IT GO, too. But we are talking about long videos, almost no different from cartoons, which are replaced at least a long action, is not quite what I want from Kingdom Hearts. Sora companions in such a situation, be somewhere on the side and absolutely do not fit into what is happening. It is better to do cartoons to review than to do exactly the same, but with interactive panels.

Fortunately, in all other universes of interaction with the characters a lot more. Worth a trip to the toy store along with woody and buzz! And because we will not only fight against a variety of robots and other reasons, the vagaries of small children, but also to manage the plastic giants. But with some attention to detail assembled! For boxes with Board and video games drawn their covers, that’s where there is a brand new console, and in the corner is a large stand for Dissidia Final Fantasy. Beauty.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” in General, caught a strong tail-wind in this world, we are invited to explore the small archipelago on their own ship. In Kingdom Hearts 2, according to the map, the developers were already planning something similar, but then, apparently, did not have enough capacity or time. Now it looks like a separate game within the game, which is not inferior to the elaboration of a full project, built entirely on the circulation of the seas. And no one is forcing you to be a filibuster — a huge chunk of the content you can just skip going further on the subject. However, this is not worth at least because of the fact that the Islands hidden useful items. Not to mention the fact that Jack Sparrow — sorry, captain Jack Sparrow! — as always good, if not speaks the voice of Depp.

The game? Shot from a film?

In each world there is some kind of a unique feature that allows the game to constantly offer something new, to stay fresh and surprising. However, according to personal feelings, to Kingdom Hearts 3 “Disney” was too much, even though decreased number of worlds. If before all this colorful shed was crushed into several small pieces, it was interrupted by the global storyline and some interaction with characters from “finalok”, in trikvele from Final Fantasy there is nothing left, and the main narrative in the first half of the game is crawling too slow. Those who love the series for the opportunity to visit friends cartoons, will be very happy to stay longer in each of them. In turn, those who prefer the original KH story, one might get the impression that, while Sora runs here and there, all the fun is happening somewhere in the background.

After all, Riku and Mickey fighting in a dark world trying to return a lost Aqua, and even mocking from time to time report on its progress on the phone! Oh, and if you are not familiar with these names, you completely understand what is happening in the triquel will be very difficult. It starts after the events of Dream Drop Distance, and the prologue in the form of Birth by Sleep 0.2-fragmented passage-that brought the narrative to the finish line. Seven warriors of Light must face with thirteen pieces of Darkness that eventually will lead to the degeneration of the world through its destruction. And master Zienert driven heroes in a desperate situation — in any case they need to fight.

Whether resigned to the fact that everyone calls him Axel, and from time to time gently taps at the fourth wall

I suspect at this point, the unenlightened will begin to swell head. In General, I have often heard the opinion that the plot of Kingdom Hearts is very confusing, however I can’t agree with it. Sometimes, of course, twisted, but, first, to delve into this interesting, and, secondly, if consistently to take all the parts, noting the important points, gaping holes and big questions remains. It intelligently connects all of the events. Given the fact that all games in the series United by a common history, which widened and deepened for many years, it is not surprising that the final part of several plot branches converged at one point. This, unfortunately, leaves them unfamiliar with the people behind and does not allow them to fully enjoy all that the Kingdom Hearts 3.

History master Eraqus and wizard Seanora. Aqua, Terra and Ventus. Axel (okay, If), Roxas, Shion and Namine. Finally, Sora, Riku and Kairi main characters, with whom I started Kingdom Hearts. Trikvel brings all these lines quietly, without much drama and attempts deliberately to squeeze out tears. In many moments, like dots, but in some places still leaves for the future. And the finale, stretching for several hours a powerful battles with various bosses, became one of the most memorable moments of the entire series. However, those who’ve waited all these years unearthly epic, once markups in the narrative and some incredible revelations may be disappointed, for its magnitude, another Chapter ends quietly, but very much in the spirit of the series.

Since the release of the first part happened too much

Simply but with taste

Part of the battle, movement, and other gameplay activities Kingdom Hearts 3 was the most convenient and polished all parts. For example, finally, fly from world to world began to look disgusting mini-game and were pleasant! With boevka even steeper — from release to release, it did not change dramatically, and overgrown with a variety of innovations and changes that were supposed to make the fight more interesting and dynamic. And here mechanics reached a peak shape.

Now Sora can carry from three keyblade (keyblade), switching between them in the middle of combinations. Moreover, each of the blades has a unique form in which they can be transformed, causing enormous damage to everyone around. In General, a variety of area attacks with a great attention to the number of enemies in locations has increased significantly, so mess around with each of them individually would have had for a long time.

Especially looks great when the first giant yo-yo throwing all who are not fortunate enough to get into attack range, then throw them on the heads of goofy, and after also cause some attraction, to get rid of survivors. However, the latter have questions. All sorts of devices from amusement parks is so nice to break the balance, because not only hurting, but also make the character practically invincible during the execution of the reception. Too easy.

Wow, this should be fun

Especially in light of the fact that it’s the simplest part of the series. My opponents could easily take the unwary hero in a few strokes, especially if he is trapped in the corner. Now for death on the standard difficulty should be very, very hard, even when meeting with the bosses. Chopped a lot of fun, the vast majority is made great, but much of a threat they carry. Except that in the final couple of contractions can cause problems and those are solved by a trivial saving healing potions.

Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as any concluding part of a global story arc, will probably not suit everyone. After all that’s done KH before, the end may seem too simple, without the usual wrap and loud revelations. I spent the last month in another passage of the entire series, and, in my opinion, trikvel well made. Not Grand, not brilliant, but OK. Offered colorful new worlds, game mechanics polished to perfection, finally brought together all the heroes. It is unlikely that the franchise would end there, but as another interesting Chapter in the life of the heroes of the game was very entertaining.

No, it is impossible to resist…

Le-e-e-et it go-o-o-o. Le-e-e-et it go-o-o-o-o! ♬♪♫ ヾ(*・。・)ノ ♬♪♫


  • polished and enhanced combat system;
  • worlds became smaller, but they are much better designed;
  • finally, normal flights to and from the ship.
  • Gorgeous visual design;
  • a fitting end to a story arc.


  • global narrative in the first half of the game almost does not move;
  • -the rides are too strong and break the balance;
  • some worlds consist of frame-by-frame recreations of cartoons where Sora with his friends almost do not participate in the events.


By the end of the console generation started out incredibly beautiful game — Kingdom Hearts 3 is no exception. A huge number of effects and enemies on screen and some points to distinguish the game from the cartoon is almost impossible.


Classical melodies, good work of actors in mono, and as always the perfect opening and closing tracks.

Single game

Worlds of Disney is diminished in quantity but has grown in scope and quality, along with a bunch of different side activities and main “ridiculous” eat a lot of time. The gameplay is polished to perfection, the combat system works great, and the battles numerous bosses has turned hot.


Not provided.

Overall impression

Not Grand, not brilliant, but good the final long story arc. All the heroes finally meet under one roof to fold over in the final battle. The series has been building up to this moment for a very long time, but most of all, its straightforward interchange trikvel will divide fans into two warring camps.

Rating: 9,0/10

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