Quadruped robot-baby-sized head of an ant runs at a speed of 134 meters per hour

A group of researchers led by Ryan St. Pierre (Ryan St. Pierre) in the laboratory of Professor Sarah Bergbreiter (Sarah Bergbreiter) Mariinskogo University has created four-legged robot the size of a head of an ant. The dimensions of the robot is 2.5 × 1,6 × 0,7 mm. a Weight of one milligram. The legs of the robot wheel. Like legs, for example, was used for the robot RHex. In 2016, the researchers have presented is built on the similar platform of the robot, but it was the size of about 20 mm long and weight 1.6 grams.

The new design became 10 times less, but the agility it does not hold. Miniature robot moves with a velocity of 37.3 mm/s, which when converted to more understandable numbers, the human scale corresponds to the motion velocity of 134 meters per hour. It’s a shot almost 15 corps of the robot in a second. Its engine robot not. In the movement of his legs causes an external magnetic field that acts on the built-in permanent magnets. Changing the orientation of the magnets and their position in the hip of the leg you can program robotic. In the video below legs configured to drill or marching step, which magnets are located in the same position. The diagonal arrangement of the magnets makes the robot run trot.

Direct applied purpose of this development is not. The design is intended to study the movement on your feet objects with minimum possible weight (in this case ― about one milligram), and in the General case to study the anatomy of the movement of micro-objects, including the structure and work of limbs in insects. But the practical value of such robotic platforms is and not to take away. It’s fun and military, and rescue workers, and doctors and a lot of people. Now only one small step in the right direction, but he has already cut the path to the necessary and useful decisions.

Source: 3Dnews.ru

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