The head of the aerospace company SpaceX Ilon Musk (Elon Musk) has published in his Twitter-blog a photo of a new space rocket complex, which will allow to carry out manned missions to the moon and Mars.

We are talking about a system consisting of heavy missiles and spacecraft. The complex originally was called Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). Later, it was announced that he will include a rocket booster and Super Heavy space ship Starship.

According to Mr. Mask, at the launch site SpaceX in

Texas completed the Assembly test ship Starship. “This is a real photograph, not a render”, — said the head of the aerospace company.

Elon Musk also noted that the first test rocket designed for suborbital flights to test vertical takeoff and landing.

“Orbital version will be higher with thicker sheathing (no “wrinkles”) and with a smoothly curved nose section”, — added Mr. Musk.

Test flight of the new spacecraft company SpaceX is going to organize in the near future.


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