For the last time, AMD managed to push Intel in the key segments of the processor market, ranging from desktops to servers. Now there have been reports that AMD is actively increasing its share in laptops. As the industry sources in Taiwan, many manufacturers of mobile computers in the second tier are forced to switch to more active use of AMD in connection with the continuing short supply of Intel chips.

As reported by Digitimes, the four leading notebook manufacturers, including HP,

Lenovo, Dell, and Apple does not suffer from a lack of Intel, as the microprocessor giant is putting the interests of their largest customers in the first place. However, the shortage of Intel processors, caused by the lack of 14-nm production facilities, much effort by the manufacturers of smaller caliber. The number of victims in recent months, such companies as Acer and ASUS.

In the result, Taiwanese manufacturers are beginning to use their mobile systems processors Ryzen Mobile. The rate of adoption of these chips, manufacturers of the second echelon is much higher than the market leaders. And what’s more, because the shortage of Intel processors, apparently can take all the first half of 2019, the situation will only get worse. And here is very well presented new Mobile Ryzen 3000 with a Picasso design and processors A-series for chromebooks: this announcement can become another reason for the increase in the share of AMD in the mobile market in the coming months will continue.

The publication Digitimes States that the share of AMD processors in laptops until recently, fluctuated in the range of 10-15 %. Now, however, she became noticeably grow. However, analysts believe that to increase the degree of adoption of their mobile processors above 20 % of AMD will be difficult, because many users prefer the Intel platform, offering the best energy efficiency. And something to change here will be able only in case if AMD promptly bring to the market for mobile processors is a promising 7-nm design CPU.

However, to take this opportunity AMD needs to hurry up. The “window of opportunity” may soon be sprung, sooner or later Intel will not only deal with their production problems, but also will deliver a platform of a family of Ice Lake, where you will find the application of the new microarchitecture Sunny Cove, and will support new-fangled machine-learning techniques, and 3 Thunderbolt Wi-Fi 6. As follows from recent posts, this will happen by the end of this year. In addition, around the same time Intel will prepare and Lakefield Ltd a platform that can attract developers an ultra-compact mobile systems.


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